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Author Topic: water fuel cell utilizes Casimir effect  (Read 11920 times)

Offline froarty

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water fuel cell utilizes Casimir effect
« on: December 30, 2008, 08:25:14 PM »
I propose that anomalous heat readings reported in failed cold fusion experiments and seemingly fradulent claims of HHO devices supplementing automtive fuel systems are being generated by casimir force Instead of just pushing microscopic plates together and extinguishing the exclusion field, we utilize Casimir cavities where permanent exclusion fields exist because the plate geometry is fixed. This creates a "safe harbor" where longer vacuum flucuations are restricted and the ratio of short to long flucuations is different than normal space-time. These cavities can occur naturally in metals and semiconductors but occur most frequently in electrodes with high surface area and skeletal catalysts like Rayney nickel used by Black Light Power to produce hydrinos. They can also be formed inadvertently thru chemical leaching of metal materials immersed in an electrolyte to form primitive skeletal catalysts. These cavities allow gas atoms to relax their electrons into novel orientations only possible inside the Casimir exclusion field. If however two of these relaxed atoms happen to <a href="">form a covalent bond while inside this exclusion field </a> then the novell electron orientation can be preserved outside the field with one atoms' orbital leveraged against the others' through their molecular bond.
  When this new molecule exits the casimir field the stream of normally chaotic vacuum fluctuations must align in an organized boundary of potential energy waiting to sweep these arrogant little electrons back down into their normal orientation of least resistance. Depending on the type of gas atoms used it can form a molecule like the hydrino cited in a 5/8/2008 CalTech <a href="">description</a> and <a href="">patent</a> and long claimed by Black Light Power as their energy transport, or, depending on how "stressed" this molecules' orbitals become may have its' covalent bond ripped apart supplying heat into the electrolyte and accounting for the anomalous readings often associated with cold fusion. Black Light Power takes its' name from the plasma color generated by these tearing hydrino bonds which are just the same as those in cold fusion anomalies but on a scale magnitudes higher <p></p>

I employ a simplified visual model of space-time. It is not a detailed theory but I find it a very useful tool. I consider vacuum fluctuations as  virtual particles squeezing through a nuclei wide mesh of all matter in the universe. This "Present" time frame is being pulled forward in time. The mesh appears flat from the perspective of the time axis but in normal space appears to stretch infinitely to trace out our macroscopic 3D illusion of reality much like an electron beam traces out 2d image on a TV screen. In normal space electrons orbit around the nucleus but,from the perspective of the time axis, our electrons trail behind in halo shells and orbitals occuring knee deep into the "Past". They are tethered to the "present" by proton attraction but are displaced back into the shadow of the nuclei by virtual particles in the time stream. These Virtual particles already squeezed thru and around our nuclei in the "present" to form the classical wake pattern reflected in orbital shells. they also provide the energy that keeps all matter from agregating and the rebounding force against which electron orbitals experience pendular oscillation. Virtual paricles form a stream that pushes orbitals straight downstream like the tail of a weathervane but orbitals forever rebound back out into the stream due to mutual repulsion. <em>Recent work by Christian Beck at the University of London and Michael Mackey at McGill University may have resolved that dark energy is nothing other than zero-point energy. In Measureability of vacuum fluctuations and dark energy and Electromagnetic dark energy they propose that a phase transition occurs so that zero-point photons below a frequency of about 1.7 THz are gravitationally active whereas above that they are not.</em> I suggest these larger gravitationally active virtual particles below 1.7THZ are displaced around our nuclei too large to squeeze through. I further suggest that smaller virtual particles above 1.7THZ are able to permeate the nuclei and are more temporally active. The two types of particles reassemble behind the "past" side of the nuclei and displace the electrons into the familiar shells of standard theory with which we are familiar.  The electrons then oscillate between mutual repulsion of other electrons and the virtual particles in the time stream trying to push them back into the shadow of the nuclei. It is this time stream that science seeks to harness called zero point energy.

I approximate "NOW" to be about one nuclei wide because the uncertainty principle proves that electrons are already knee deep in the time stream. The principle states we can only know either the position or momentum of an electron but not both at the same time. We also know temporal anomalies are subjective and that someone standing on the electron would move smoothly from one location to another by simple physical displacement in the time stream totally aware of both his momentum and position. This suggests that the electrons are outside of the single time frame we call the "present". The pressure of virtual particles squeezing through and around our nuclei in the "present" time frame increases with matter and has direction that we commonly call "down" but from the perspective of time stream is actually the past.
the stream exerts pressure on all matter like a child sweeping a fish net thru his aquarium to clear out little squares of paper. The bigger the paper blocking the pores the more downward pressure we feel. This downward orbital orientation is only slightly mitigated to a "folded back" orientation when these atoms form bonds like wings on a butterfly they minimize resistance to the time stream. Less folded back molecules such as hydrinos mentioned previously can only form in Casimir exclusion fields. To account for why some hydrinos become stable molecules while others rip apart immediately I propose that smaller cavities form more exclusive fields resulting in "straighter" molecules which accumulate more force against the orbital boundaries than the bond can resist.

Offline Gwandau

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Re: water fuel cell utilizes Casimir effect
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2010, 01:16:15 AM »
Hi Froarty,

The Casimir force is an undeniable fact, indicating a presence of field inevitably calling forth the Eather concept back into the light of science,
and the connection mentioned in your topic regarding this Zero Point energy involvement in Casimir effects caused by Planck scale cavitational
phenomenom in water cells sounds both intriguing and plausible to me.

And I really enjoyed your colorful and visual description of vacuum fluctuations as virtual particles squeezing through a nuclei wide mesh of all matter,
stretching infinitely to trace out our macroscopic 3D illusion of reality as experienced by the limited human senses.

However, we have to be aware of the fact that the Casimir effect is a real and empirically defined force, which certainly not is the fact with the theory
of Quantuum mechanics which are just mathematical derivations created by our great thinkers long before the Zero Point energy was discovered.

The discovery of the Casimir effect and Zero Point energy has forced the Quantuum theory to adapt this effect into the dynamics of the Quantuum mechanics.

This was done by incorporating the theory of virtual particles, which is still just a theory.

Zero Point energy and The Casimir Effect are not theory, they are fully detecable phenomena.

Quantuum Theory is nothing more than a far out guess full of contradictions and paradoxes.

What I am trying to say is there are other possible explanations to the Casimir Effect than the theory of virtual particles.

One is that there is no attractice or pushing forces applied to the Casimir plates at all. Instead the resulting effect between the plates
is caused by a differential in the very underlying field being responsible for the existense of our universe.

The critical distance between the Casimir plates is here resulting in a field differential in space and time, causing space to decrease between
the plates relative to space outside the plates, due to the inhibited frequency range of the underlying field in the Planck scale range.

Imagine Zero Point energy being not only equal to the so called Dark Matter, but indeed being equal to the very Underlying Field
responsible for the sustenance and projection of space, time and matter into our Universe.

Then the Casimir effect becomes just a detectable response to this field, just as any other detectable physical force from this viewpoint merely
is a response to the condition of field.

By understanding universe as being projected and sustained by one and only one basic underlying accellerating field, from which all other detectable
forces emanate, such as gravity, electromagnetism and so forth, we are treading into a deeper level of understanding than what is served us by the
paradoxes and contradictions in the wake of the Quantuum theory.

Personally I am a little surprised that so many people "buy" the Quantuum theory so easily, just because our greatest thinkers are backing it up.

Maybe they are all wrong, just like we were 500 years ago when we studied the strange movements of the celestal bodies from a fixed viewpoint of a flat non moving Earth.

Personally I believe we are in the same situation again, even if this time we are dealing with more complex matters.

Could it be that mankind’s experimental results and observations are accurate, but wrongly interpreted when explained?

What if our nicely defined forces like gravity and electromagnetism are not even forces at all?

What if even light itself is not a wave or particle that travels from A to B?

Our present concept of universe being here by its own means as physical matter in vacant emptiness may be a major misconception.

The life long efforts invested by our brightest physicists are all based on a few untouchable fundamental concepts,
being the very base for their complex models.

But if the foundation of the base is at fault, the rest of the structure will falter.

So maybe contemporary science has got it all wrong from the very start.

According to the paradigm shifting relativity theory of David Barclay, this is the unfortunate situation.

Froarty, I really enjoyed reading your post, and realizing your clarity of thought, I just wanted to say that here you have a really
nice idea about water cells and The casimir Effect, so why incorporating it into a theory like the contradictory Quantuum theory that seems
to have nothing fruitful to contribute.

We have to get out of the box, there are alternative and far more unified ideas about our universe presented today.

Give yourself the opportunity to check David Barclays relativity theory "Unity". It is downloadable for free as PDF-files at  or as a hardcopy at

Since his theory is so totally off all conventional outlooks on the world of physics, there is an initial hardship in assimilating his groundbraking
view of our universe.

Therefore I have made an attempt to describe his theory in a hopefully more easily understood context, in my paper called "The Casing Theory", which
is a theory regarding the connection between the multilayered Roswell casing fragments and the Casimir Effect seen in the light of David Barclays

In my foreword and introduction to The Casing Theory I am making a serious attempt to reach out to the reader about what David Barclay
has come to understand about our reality.

A small but intriguing effect of Davids Theory is that it easily explains why the Voyager vessels and the Explorer vessels are deccelerating,
a mysterious fact creating big questions at NASA.

In the light of David Barclays worldview, the Casimir Effect seems less affected by contradictions than in conventional physics theories.

I am writing all this, since you seem to be on an unfortunately rarely treaded path parallel to mine and Davids, and would like to have your opinion.


« Last Edit: April 15, 2010, 02:49:00 AM by Gwandau »

Offline froarty

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Re: water fuel cell utilizes Casimir effect
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2010, 01:51:15 AM »
Hi Gwandau, Thank you for the citations and kind words. I hardly remember writing this thread so long ago and look forward to reading your paper this evening. I would like to point out that my work has grown more refined and judging from your comments we are even more on the same page now then when I wrote this thread.
I am convinced that catalytic action is actually a form of relativistic time dilation based on Casimir geometry but not the normal dilation of matter approaching C on the spatial axis but rather a stationary spatial axis where the rate of the time axis intercepting the Spatial axis in the Present is modified inversely to the cube of the distance between the walls of the cavity as in the Casimir formula for non ideal metals.
see Relativistic interpretation of Casimir Effect at
or my full list of Scienceblogs at
Best Regards

Offline lightend

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Re: water fuel cell utilizes Casimir effect
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2014, 03:34:44 AM »
is the casimir effect makings an electro magnetic current bounce around?? if so could we just drop a few wire coils in the water around the places and expect to harvest current??

sorry, im just moving off from mechanical OU to,,, well this type, so my questions are just about as basic as they come :-)

Offline profitis

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Re: water fuel cell utilizes Casimir effect
« Reply #4 on: September 04, 2014, 08:21:18 PM »
Work function is going to fit very mathematicly here somewhere for sure.

Offline MarkE

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Re: water fuel cell utilizes Casimir effect
« Reply #5 on: September 04, 2014, 09:07:18 PM »
is the casimir effect makings an electro magnetic current bounce around?? if so could we just drop a few wire coils in the water around the places and expect to harvest current??

sorry, im just moving off from mechanical OU to,,, well this type, so my questions are just about as basic as they come :-)
The Casimir Effect occurs when two surfaces are so close together that there are enough high frequency wave modes excluded between them that there is a noticeable difference in force from the outside where no wave modes are excluded.  The resulting average force drives the surfaces towards one another, excluding even more wave modes between them until they contact each other.  So the behavior is a lot like a spring.  When the plates contact they are at a potential energy minimum.  You have to perform work to pull them back apart.