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Title: Vis viva vs. vis mortua...
Post by: iacob alex on December 24, 2008, 11:29:57 PM

......that old manner of thinking about gravity,can be a simply and "illuminatory" view regarding our topic,as quickly as possible you can move an on-off power switch of an electric light.

     The pattern of energy transformation within a system has a dictum,a well-known saying:  with no move(flow,fall...),no power.

      So,it seems that for our issue at hand,the key word is move,fall,vis viva ...but this is a part only,of a dual phenomenon: gravity.

      Gravity can be manifest as a potential(vis mortua,doing no active work,but pressure only),as we know in statics.

      In the same time,the gravity can be manifest as a continuous move(fall,flow,vis viva,moving against resistence,doing work,kinetic energy of a moving body) as we know in dynamics.

      Now,without a doubt,it's your round to choise if an "obsolete" point of view(Leibnitz and others) can be useful .

      Sometimes,when all is said and done,the ancient times come to the rescue of the still alive.

                       All the Bests!  /  Alex