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Author Topic: Facts and hints put together  (Read 4810 times)

Offline spacetrax

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Facts and hints put together
« on: December 22, 2008, 08:22:21 PM »
Regarding the way the Great Pyramid worked, here they are very important facts and hints put together:

1. In the Great Pyramid, hydrogen was produced. See stone plugs with electrodes found in the tunnels going from Queens Room: 
 Also, water was pumped inside the pyramid from the underground well, for hydrogen production via electrolysis and/or for producing sounds of different frequencies in a water whistle which was comprised of the Kings Ante-Chamber and the Great Gallery. Maybe the huge granit stones from above the Kings Chamber helped producing specific sound frequencies, by resonating to the prime sound.

2. The Kings Chamber + Great Gallery were designed as a very good resonator for specific sound frequencies. The Kings Coffer resonates at 438 Hz. I suppose that thy pyramid was NOT collecting Earth`s vibrations for transforming them in sounds, as Christopher Dunn proposes, but sounds produced in the pyramid caused the vibration of the limestone blocks for the purpose showed a little later.

3. The recently published work of Doctors Haisch and Moddel, the device proposed by BlackLightPower as resumed on the website  speak for the production of energy from the ZPE quantum field via 2nm calcium spheres shielding hydrogen molecules from the action of the virtual particles of the ZPE field.

So, I propose that the way of extracting energy in the Great Pyramid was something like this:

a. hydrogen was produced by chemical reaction or by electrolysis in the Queens Chamber and was diffused through the tunnels inside the limestone blocks of the pyramid body, thus enriching the blocks with hydrogen and pressing many hydrogen atoms inside the calcium spheres. I remember that Thomas Trawoeger said only once on his forum that only pyramids covered with gypsum plates will work. Gypsum plates contain calcium.

b. in the same time or after the production of hydrogen, strong sounds came into play comprising many frequencies at the same time. Lower frequencies caused the whole pyramid body to vibrate, thus creating the sensation of a vibrating magnetic field which came from the Earth magnet field. Higher sound frequencies were maybe used for the extraction of the hydrinos formed inside the calcium spheres. More explanations of the process:

c. somehow all these actions caused the creation of an immense HEAT inside the pyramid, especially in the Kings Chamber. Remember the meaning of the greek word PYRA-MID: pyra=fire and mid=middle. So, PYRAMID means FIRE IN THE MIDDLE, the ancient greeks knew that. I don´t know how the builders of the pyramids collected and used the energy thus created. If I remember well, it came to my ears that Thomas Trawoeger once said to a private group that he first built an accurate modell of the Great Pyramid and by touching some inside part, he got his finger burnt. After that, he found a way of transforming that heat into electricity.

I hope that someone with more technical knowledge and financial means can make a working modell based on this assumption. And please, post the results here. Normally when somebody has something of great value, he tries to sell that thing to the highest bidder, as Thomas Trawoeger did. Let`s hope that the "next Thomas Trawoeger" will make the sacrifice and post his results for free, for the benefit of the Nature, if not for the benefit of the mankind.
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Offline spacetrax

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Re: Facts and hints put together
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2008, 09:22:57 PM »
Maybe the DOTTO  RING  is the best mean of high efficiency transformation of HEAT into MAGNETIC FIELDS an then into ELECTRICITY.  Not only for medical purposes...

Offline nitinnun

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Re: Facts and hints put together
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2009, 08:54:08 AM »
i suspect that the pyramid broke up all those hydrogen atoms, into protons and electrons.
and it used the electrons to generate electricity.
just like a hydrogen cell does on a modern car !

i also suspect that the pyramid was sucking positive magnetism out of earths ionosphere, and negative magnetism out of earths ground.

the "chemical solution" floating in the kings chamber, might have IONICALLY ATTRACTED positive and negative magnetism, into the pyramid !

for example.

the ionosphere is EXTREMELY positive. so there must be vast amounts of negatively charged electrons floating in it.

if the solution in the grand gallery had diamagnet atoms such as copper and bismuth floating in it,
that made the solution positively charged enough,
than the electrons would constantly be flowing into the pyramid, from the sky.

possibly to the effect of lightning bolts constantly striking the peak of the pyramid !

the sand in the desert is negative. or paramagnetic.
the desert is also much flatter than the pyramid is.

so a huge bucket of positively charged liquid,
connected to a tall antenna pointing up into the sky,
would be an EXTREMELY powerful attractor for electrons !

compared to a flat, negatively charged desert.
which would actually repel electrons.

the pyramid would be collecting electrons for miles around, since the pyramid is the only positive polarity to attract them !

i got this idea when i read that the single-polarity of the bedini motor, was bringing dead batteries back to life.

and when les brown got hadokened by his pyramid, when he connected the metal peak and the ground, with his body.

and from people mentioning that pyramids have recharged their batteries.

all 3 of those things involved diamagnetic/paramagnetic metals/water,
(in batteries AND in the human body !)
and electron transfer creating electricity !

the frequencies that the pyramid created, likely excited the atoms.

causing the atoms to be even more diamagnetic/paramagnetic than they already were.
which caused the materials to attract EVEN MORE electrons from the ionosphere !

Offline nitinnun

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Re: Facts and hints put together
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2009, 09:37:53 AM »

lets say that you have a 333 foot tall pyramid, sitting in a field.
under the open sky.

the pyramid is made of copper pipes.

there is a vast amount of positive magnetism, and negative electrons, in the ionosphere.
this positive magnetism constantly wants to touch the ground. and it will take the shortest path to get there.

the 333 foot tall pyramid, is the shortest path. so the positive magnetism is constantly flowing into it.

the negative electrons are attracted to the positive magnetism. so the negative electrons FOLLOW THE POSITIVE MAGNETISM, INTO THE PYRAMID !

but when the positive magnetism and the electrons reach the pyramid, there is a problem.
they have FOUR POSSIBLE PATHS, to reach the ground !

the electrons/positive magnetism are pulled in all 4 directions at once, yet can only travel in one direction at a time.
so what do they do ?
build up from the peak down !

negative magnetism and spare protons are doing the opposite.
they are sitting in the negative ground, and are attracted to the sky.

so the negative magnetism and its protons, climb up the pyramid. because the pyramid is the path of least resistance, to the sky.

the negative magnetism and protons build up, above the peak of the pyramid.

the negative magnetism above the peak, also helps to hold the positive magnetism in the middle.
and visa versa.

and who knows about the protons above the pyramid, and the electrons inside the pyramid.

Offline nitinnun

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Re: Facts and hints put together
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2009, 09:50:39 AM »

i'll mention yet again that glue is made of carbon and hydrogen.
both of which are diamagnetic. which means they attract negative electrons floating through the environment.
we can agree that free electrons are floating around everywhere, through the air ?

i think the glue attracts the electrons, and stores them in the copper on my glue cells.
when the glue is dry, voltage is still produced.
so the glue is still entrapping electrons from the air.

even when the cell has been shorted out for a year straight, the glue cell still works.
though it takes several hours to build back up, after being shorted out for so long.