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Author Topic: cold fusion is actually harnessing casimir cavities in skeletal catalysts  (Read 4736 times)

Offline froarty

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I propose that anomalous heat readings reported in failed cold fusion experiments and seemingly fradulent claims of HHO devices supplementing automtive fuel systems are being generated by casimir cavities. These cavities are formed inadvertently thru chemical leaching of metal plates and beads immersed in electrolyte to form primitive skeletal catalysts. These cavities allow gas molecules to form with novel electron orientations only sustainable while longer vacuum fluctuations are restricted inside the Casimir effect. When these "untwisted" molecule exit the cavity the vacuum fluctuations can either stress the covalent bond to form something like the hydrino cited in a recent Cal-Tech patent and long claimed by Black Light Power to form a fuel or depending on how untwisted the molecule is it can bend the electrons back into their normal orientation by ripping the covalent bond apart and generating heat in the electrolyte supplied from zero point energy.

I employ my own Gravity- time model for investigating Zero Point Energy because we need a visual model to guide our efforts to harness this energy or risk overlooking the secrets otherwise burried in the math where a single bad assumption often hides the greatest discoveries. I consider vacuum fluctuations as virtual particles squeezing through a nuclei wide mesh of all matter in the "Present" sinking forward in time. The net appears flat from the perspective of the time axis but in normal space appears to stretch infinitely to trace out our macroscopic 3D illusion of reality much like an electron traces out 2d image on a TV screen or better still a 3d corragated model where the scaffold is time. Trailing behind this nuclei mesh as seen from the perspective of the time axis, our electrons exist knee deep in the past, attracted forward toward the proton in the nucleus they are forever pushed back by virtual particles squeezed thru and around our nuclei in the "Present". Recent work by Christian Beck at the University of London and Michael Mackey at McGill University may have resolved that dark energy is nothing other than zero-point energy. In Measureability of vacuum fluctuations and dark energy and Electromagnetic dark energy they propose that a phase transition occurs so that zero-point photons below a frequency of about 1.7 THz are gravitationally active whereas above that they are not. The smaller virtual particles above 1.7THZ go thru the nuclei which we sense as time. * The larger virtual particles below 1.7THZ are displaced around our nuclei which we sense as gravity. The two types of particles reassemble behind the "past" side of the nuclei and displace the electrons into the familiar shells of standard theory with which we are familiar. The electrons then oscillate between mutual repulsion of other electrons and the virtual particles in the time stream trying to push them back into the shadow of the nuclei. It is this time stream that science seeks to harness called zero point energy.

The hydrino capitalizes on the absence of large VP in Casimir cavities to allow covalent bonds to form while the electron orbits are shielded from the full stream. The electron orbits of the mon atomic hydrogen "untwist" into an orientation that would normally be perpindicular to the time-gravity stream. If it forms a molecule with another "untwisted" atom while inside the cavity the orientation will be preserved by the covalent bond forming a "straight" molecule. when this new hydrino exits the cavity the covalent bond is stressed because virtual particles are trying to twist both electron orbits back to normal but discover that their orbits are braced one against the other thru the covalent bond. The molecules' electron orbits remains "straight" and the entire molecule is reoriented by the stream into an angle of least resistance but the covalent bond becomes an energy transport conserving the normally chaotic virtual particles in a "stressed" condition where they must remain organized as potential energy until combustion in your home or car occurs allowing the VP to shove these arrogant little electrons back into normal space.

I approximate "NOW" to be about one nuclei wide because the uncertainty principle proves that electrons are already knee deep in the time stream. The principle states we can only know either the position or momentum of an electron but not both at the same time. We also know temporal anomalies are subjective and that someone standing on the electron would move smoothly from one location to another by simple physical displacement in the time stream totally aware of both his momentum and position. This suggests that the electrons are outside of the single time frame we call the "present". The pressure of virtual particles squeezing through and around our nuclei in the "present" time frame increases with matter and has direction that we commonly call "down" but from the perspective of time stream is actually the past. All matter would simply aggregate if not for this stream of virtual particles we are sinking through creating positive pressure that keep our electons from reaching their protons and constantly rebounding those same electrons against themselves forming orbital clouds.

Gravity has an average like a child sweeping a fish net thru his aquarium to clear out little squares of paper. The bigger the paper blocking the pores the more resistance or gravity we feel. From the perspective of the Time Axis electrons trail behind the nuclei, They are pushed back by the virtual particles in the time stream into the shadow of the nuclei. Molecules retain the "folded back" orientation which becomes incorporated into their bonds. untwisted or "straight" molecules such as hydrinos can only form if their atoms bond while the normal pressure from the time stream is restricted such as is the case in Casimir cavities. The more restricted the time stream the "straighter" the electrons can untwist suggesting that the "tighter" the casimir cavity the "straighter" the resulting molecule. This may explain the black light plasma associated with the Black Light catalyst modified Rayney Nickel... If the molecule is "too" straight the time stream may "break" the covalent bond as I suggested regarding failed cold fusion experiments but on a much larger scale producing visible plasma.

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Offline TechStuf

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Re: cold fusion is actually harnessing casimir cavities in skeletal catalysts
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2008, 09:51:52 PM »

Wow.  This is all over my head.....can you explain it in simpler terms and provide step by step instructions that will enable me to build a Holodeck with fairly common parts that can be found at the Goodwill store?  I'm on a budget here.



Offline spacetrax

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Re: cold fusion is actually harnessing casimir cavities in skeletal catalysts
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2008, 10:28:18 AM »
I also think that sonofusion works that way. In the process, bubbles are formed and they are COLLAPSING, maybe to the point in which they have nm-dimensions, thus allowing Casimir Effect to take place inside them.