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Author Topic: Australian Prof Heinrich Hora : A Pulse to change everything  (Read 931 times)

Offline ramset

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Australian Prof Heinrich Hora : A Pulse to change everything
« on: April 19, 2020, 10:23:25 AM »
shared by open source researcher rensseak. Snip
The method is called chirped pulse amplification (CPA), for which its discoverers, Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland, were awarded with Nobel Prize in 2018. With the help of CPA, it's possible to concentrate sufficient energy into an ultra-short pulse so that it reaches powers in the range of petawatts (a million billion watts). That is more than 100 times the power of all the world's electric power stations combined – albeit only for a tiny instant of time.

Chet K

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Australian Prof Heinrich Hora : A Pulse to change everything
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2020, 10:35:31 AM »
I mean that I make part "from everything" and before someone/somewhat will change me I want to before
becoming asked if this do pleasure me ! :o >:(
Not a possibility, a DEMAND,by law - obligation constitutional saved - my standpoint !

Genf/Lausanne,Switzerland locality from ex-Voelkerbund ,today beside New York U.N.head quarter

and the Convention related A,B,C and D weapon and instruments , D for sonic-Ultra-Sonic

D instrument/weapon installation and use :

Peru,Praesident Fujimori,Japanese Embassy,hostage by "sendero luminoso",in german called in media  Leuchtender Pfad
Loudspeaker with sonic wave-walls frontal attack during siege ( sonic Stalin-organ,wavesgenerator,pulsepump)

Technics in Medicine : (kidney,...) Stone/boone smasher

Next stage ,: smasher to smelter

High pressure : quenching   high density
                             swirling       low density

Okay,but the use from this method ?

Material,liquid becoming boiled,material in a tank with a volume like the Neutrino-trap in the St.Bernardino-Massiv in the european Alpes  ?

More or less all atomic/nuclear plants are boiler with turbines ,HOTWATERREACTOR

We are on the way for Hydrogen-Reactor !?

Water dissoziation/fission  to  Hydrogen/Oxygene  ?

1 Kg pure hydrogen gas for 0,1 US$ per Kg=37,58 KWh energy storage (compressed Liquid hydrogen) fob rafinery !?

US natural shale gas actually,37,58 KWh in MMBTU, in the  25 US$cents= 0,25 US$ range !

0,1 US$/Kg hydrogen estimation based from calculation mix based by russian water-electrolysis method and israelian David Judbarovski his developments(artificial/prototypes) x above method material/space/time/volume= density savings !

Not Peta-level but down to private household level : KW heater ?

 cold from heat technology !?

What differs this australian scientifcal disclosure from the

                                                   Usherenko-Effect ? Same,similar ?

What is possible : mining method instead "Untertage/subsurface"- "Ober-/Uebertag/on surface"-exploration
Layer by layer

Building a channel ,bringing such a Peta-device or less to the end from this channel and

             Ulra-smelter in action  ,hypersonic technology

 ( like the ancient dynamite bore-holes method in railway and highway straith construction  line mountain destruction )

Fast river channel smelting ,PACIFIC-ATLANTIK-PASSAGE,after Panama- now extra Nicaragua ;

About this, a beamer : espacenet advance

Manfred Alexander Gregor( ex-G.D.R. DD - patent) Elektronen,-Wechsel(~Gegen-Kreu(t)z-) Strom-Strahler

and Gerhard Foppe "deep rock drilling"/PHOTONICS

Who wants more about this Peta-device technology potentials and capacity :
espacenet advanced search and entering with

         Winfield Salisbury



Comparing and understanding best/worst cases view

"Verbrannte Erde"- high risc : oxygen combustion ,nascent oxygene to mortal oxygene O2 to O to .....

next elementar table transmute element ? Element/Isotope

Pierre Chambrin device

"Saure Erde"


p.s.: I think I will organize an applied technology site : ollipedia  ::) ;)
STAR PEACE or STAR WARS : how to .....handbook online

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