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Author Topic: GERMAN SCIENTISTS PROVES CHEMTRAILS  (Read 209016 times)

Offline SeaMonkey

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« Reply #285 on: December 05, 2014, 09:17:52 PM »
Cloud seeding experiments (today known as persistent
contrails or chemtrails) have been in progress for a very
long time.

Early seeding experiments conducted to produce rainfall
did utilize sulfuric acid as the nucleating agent as was the
above case in 1949.  The State Chemist covered up the
incident very conveniently by blaming the acid rain on
'soft coal.'

The deception is an ever-present characteristic of 'government

Offline Magluvin

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« Reply #286 on: February 24, 2015, 03:32:00 AM »

"According to new reports released by a 22-member committee from the National Academy of Sciences, “full deployment” of geoengineering aerosols to mitigate the earth’s climate and manage solar radiation intake is far too risky and needs to be restricted to “small-scale experiments”, somewhat acknowledging that programs are currently taking place, without going all-the-way. It’s a form of conditioning. They [the powers-that-be] are conditioning our minds to accept what the subconscious has already seen for years. You see — the experiments have taken place for decades and still continue to this day virtually everywhere you look. However it’s up to you to decipher what the eyes are actually seeing. It’s up to you to process the information forthcoming to your mind."


Offline b0rg13

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« Reply #287 on: February 23, 2016, 10:25:28 AM »
hi..... i am curious which german scientist proved chem trails?....and why the topic name was changed ?....  :o fact the videos in my first post have also changed...  :o

i had some more important info to add and share, but im not sure i can do that if the info is being....changed., sound fair?.  ::)

this is not how i remember starting this topic at all...   ???

Offline FatBird

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« Reply #288 on: March 08, 2016, 08:19:27 PM »
Close Up Video of Chemtrail Plane Spraying.[/font][/size]

Offline daniel73

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« Reply #289 on: December 03, 2018, 11:25:57 AM »
When a new spray occurs, all the good people should do something. United people are a force of that those who do these things are afraid. Only unites we can do something. What could be done? Every man could file a complaint at the police indicating the time and place where the air was polluted with photographs. It would seem insignificant, but at the level of the department, the area, the country, ... there is a volume of work that needs to be solved and how this can not be done somewhere up there is reported. The multiplication of unresolved reports will involve other institutions of the state (environment) and then political. I have noticed that they act on concentrated populations (cities) and when they act they do it from several planes for a certain area. Let us mobilize on social networks to act simultaneously on each of their pollution, only unites we will be able to change things for the better.

Offline geovat

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« Reply #291 on: February 02, 2022, 08:25:18 AM »
Subject:  ‘Chemtrail’ method of military geoengineering for changing the climate. Environmental and health risks and commercial reasons for participating in climate policies   
    Answer in writing

Four employees of Spain’s Meteorological Agency have confessed that Spain is being sprayed nationwide by aircraft that are spreading lead dioxide, silver iodide and diatomite through the atmosphere. The objective is to keep rain away and allow temperatures to rise, which creates a summer climate for tourism while benefiting corporations in the agricultural sector. In turn this is causing very severe instances of the extreme weather phenomenon known in Spanish as ‘gota fría’(1).

The autonomous communities of Murcia and Valencia and the province of Almeria are the most affected, to the extent that not a drop of rain falls in over seven months, catastrophic ‘gota fría’ storms are generated, and respiratory diseases are caused among the population due to the inhalation of the lead dioxide and other toxic compounds. These aircraft are taking off from San Javier military airport in Murcia.