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Author Topic: Pulse Generator  (Read 32070 times)

Offline slayer007

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Re: Pulse Generator
« Reply #60 on: December 14, 2008, 03:06:03 PM »
:-* :-* ;)y i tried your new circuit and its working .grate ;D ;D.  but i am facing a new problem i.e. my reed switch which i have kept parallel to my coil after 3- 5 min it stops vibrating (i have also soldered another reed switch perpendicular to my 1 st one as you had said earlier size of my reed switch is 20 mm by 4 mm) after it stops i wait for 5-7 min nothing happens  ,so i take away my magnets and i again bring back the magnets to the same position where i had placed earlier , now again my reed switches starts to vibrate and keeps on vibrating for another5 min or so. ???
Another  thing i wanted to ask was that to increase the charging rate can i place an ignition coil in your new circuit from the collector in your circuit i had mentioned in my earlier post or should i add the ignition coil from the collector in your 2 transistor design . ???
also i wanted to know what all i can do to extra to increase my charging rate(i should increase my winding on my bifilar or i should increase the no of wires or the gauge of wire ). ??? ???

Hello jas_bir77

Did you try moving your reedswitch to in front of your coil?
With mine I have it in front of my coil.
It could allso be that your trigger magnet is eather to small and not keeping the reed contacts togeather.
Or It could allso be to strong and not allowing the contacts to open.
Try to move it around a little more.
You could allso try two reedswitches in parallel.
The reeds I'm using are 3 Amp reedswitches and they are about 4 inches long.

As for the coil yes you can add more coils And it will add to your BEMF but it will allso take more power.
Just add coil - to the collector and then the + to the +of your source battery.