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Title: electrolysis of skeletal catalyst could produce so called hydrino
Post by: froarty on November 28, 2008, 08:57:09 AM
I am trying to produce hydrinos using clues from black light confirmation by Rowan University. Presently using the Nickel from a AA hydride battery while waiting on order for  raney nickel as used in Rowan confirmation. If anyone knows of a another source of  skeletal catalysts I can try in the interim please advise.  I do seem to get a whoosh VS a pop from the plastic water bottle of hydrogen using ni from the AA as opposed to other electrodes but I am new to testing and the difference could be just the greater surface area of the ni electrode. I cut out the toe of a nylon sock to wrap the weak membrane and ni paste from diffusing during electrolysis.
-my theory and animation are here