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Bible Scripture and the Nature of the Aether

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the big bang started when God spoke, if you dont believe it is hidden from you from the wise in their own hearts.
 This energy comes from God


Your hope, Neolystic, is evident.  Conjecture about the possibilities is a natural extension of Faith!   However, I would warn you that your user photo denotes a character which is portrayed as a 'messiah', in one of the most antiChrist movies in recent memory.  The enemies of God, who own the cwhoreporate media, use movies such as the 'matrix trilogy' to wage spiritual war AGAINST the Children of Yahweh, and those who might yet become so.

Blessings in Yeshua, Jesus Christ,


Yehweh cool!


I am very interested for this post.This site is so helpful. So i want some information for sharing this side with some of my friend. Thanks.

Efficient Energy Lighting

Neo please continue with this thread.  Where is this info on the Tesla Pierce Arrow antenna found?  I was recently notified that science found neutrinos traveling faster than light speed.  Nature shows us what works if we but listen. 


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