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Title: Searl effect generator and the wave function
Post by: Esa Maunu on November 16, 2005, 03:50:34 PM
There is a experiment used in physics education,called double slit
experiment to demonstrate that the light is a wave at it`s nature.This effect
occurs,because there is created a interference pattern from a single
coherent light point source.

This same system occurs also with a SEG,because there is a slit in
between each rollers.Microwave radiation from the stator magnet
created by electron spin precession radiates through slits and
creates an interference pattern in nested cylindrical form outside
the SEG at given distance,depending on microwave wave
lenght.Properties and stability of this pattern depends on microwave
frequency,distance between stator magnet and rollers,distances
between the slits.

SEG is a one kind of antenna,radiating microwaves to outside from the
with a created nested cylindrical fields PPP:s ( zpe ) are
collecting to this nested field.Every transmitting antenna is also
reciprocal,it means that it can receive and transmit as well.
This means,that collected PPP particles outside the SEG are directed
to middle of the SEG in a rotating form.This causes "gravity"
forces against the mass (rollers),making them to rotate and this keeps
rollers at given distance from a stator.
The coherent microwave radiation from electron spin precession is
needed only for a startup of the system,once the weak field is
formed,system comes to self feeding from the zpe energy .

There is available an 3D Java applet to demonstrate this formation
of nested cylindrical fields at :

Select 3D Waves applet,select setup:Triple slit,remove selection
show sides.
Rotate cube with a mouse to see pattern from various angles and you
can see the nested fields created in a same form as Roschin & Godin
measured in their experiment.
There is also 2D applet available with the slit arrays,also you can
change frequencies , dimensions and radiation angles.