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Title: None megnetig motor on Hildenbrads Design
Post by: JackH on November 06, 2008, 12:15:39 AM

This was Jack W Hildenbrand patent,,,,,, Just simpn up up by billding a set of steel  shale around.

How do you think there will be under getting a patent in the  the USA.

They just liteted it up by puting a coler around it.  This does not make it a new motor, this just makes it a fake.

Title: Re: None megnetig motor on Hildenbrads Design
Post by: gyulasun on November 06, 2008, 10:41:07 AM
Hi Jack,

It is possible I misunderstand something but at this genesis site you gave the link above:  they describe a different setup for their motor what you have shown us on this Forum with your magnetic valve principle?

Here is their principle and some further info  and they have Japanese patents on the hybrid magnets and motors JP2000150228  JP2003017314 JP2003264106 and JP11214217 and US patent 6,369,479  "Hybrid-type magnet and stepping motor including same".  Also a European Patent application EP0932167 on the same.

Your magnetic valve (as you drew for this Forum and at Peswiki) is not shown in these patents. It is possible you have had similar ideas like they showed but then you did not disclose them at this Forum. Or your magnetic valve and their permanent magnet -- electromagnet combination can be considered as the same?

I also wonder: what is the present state of your motor (or valve setup or whatever) patenting status? I read with interest your mail here:

Jack, I am not against you, I simply would like to understand your situation.