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Author Topic: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....  (Read 22500 times)

Offline Pegasus

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #15 on: December 17, 2007, 12:49:26 PM »
Yes,this is my source.But there was somewere on the Net, a detailed schematic with drawings,also.But seems disappeared....
By the way Idont think that people are not able to replicate this simple device....


Offline pese

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #16 on: December 17, 2007, 02:42:20 PM »
That what Mr Siemens feel on the top of pyramide ...

This is no sensation. Another static electricity charge has the water in the wine, because this was not filled on the pyramid in the bottle. However, Mr Siemens has accepted by mounting the pyramid another static load. This difference forms an unloading spark.
Quite normal phenomenon

Offline wile_coyote7

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #17 on: December 17, 2007, 07:30:46 PM »
 ::) When I first read the description of this device, the first thing that popped into my head was "Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Accumulator". Specifically the alternating layers and then the "wet ground".

I found this:

In particular, this quote from the article above:

"Accumulating Orgone Energy

Reich found that organic materials attracted and held orgone energy; and metal attracted and then rapidly repelled it. By designing an enclosure, similar to the Faraday cage, lined on the inside with metal and made with alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials, he discovered that atmospheric orgone energy was accumulated and concentrated inside. He called this device an orgone energy accumulator. Within the box-like enclosure, the orgone energy given off by an inside metal wall is attracted to the opposite metal wall which again repels it. This creates an oscillation of the orgone energy particles inside. The layering of organic material with metal creates a higher concentration. He experimentally objectified this discovery by observing that the temperature inside an orgone accumulator was higher than inside a control device or outside air temperature. Also, an electroscope which is a device that can be charged with "static" electricity, discharged more slowly inside of an orgone accumulator than outside. These two experiments confirmed that there was "something different" about the atmosphere inside of an orgone accumulator that didn't conform to standard physics. Through many years of careful, experimental research, Reich was able to define the basic properties of orgone energy: (6)

* it fills all space and is everywhere
* it's mass free and is the primordial, cosmic energy
* it penetrates matter, but at different speeds
* it pulsates and is observable and measurable
* it has a strong affinity and attraction to/by water
* it is accumulated naturally in the living organism by ingesting foods, breathing, and through the skin
* the mutual attraction and excitation of separate orgonotic systems result in the merging, or superimposition, of the systems; and the emergence of a new system
* orgone energy is negatively entropic: highly charged orgone systems attract lesser charged, which Reich described as the orgonotic potential
* orgone energy is excited by secondary energies such as electromagnetism and nuclear energy
* when it is concentrated, orgone energy often has a blue-to-violet color."

I also found this while off on a tangent:
"Modified Orgone accumulator (HYBORAC) as drive for low delta T Stirling Engines"

I dunno, it sounds hauntingly like the same thing. I am now trying to research any application of the above device and converting it to electricity.

Just my two cents........

Offline hansvonlieven

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #18 on: December 17, 2007, 07:57:23 PM »
G'day Pegasus,

In your first post you state:

Two copper probes are then inserted into each side of the box, from the top down to the center and running against the outside edges. This fellows' diagram shows one probe coming in from the upper left ending at the bottom center of the box.

This is where the problem lies in a replication. How were these probes inserted, do they touch each metallic layer? Are they insulated from everything inside the box, does one probe touch the innermost metallic layer and the other the outermost and so forth. There seem to be a number of possibilities here. Can you recall how these probes interacted with the "box"?

Hans von Lieven

Offline jeanna

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #19 on: December 19, 2007, 06:13:20 AM »
This is going to be too cumbersome to quote the several of you that I need to so here is what comes outta my mind with this talk about caps and pyramids.

The Pyramids strung along the Nile are 2 stroke "ram " pumps. I will find the US patent that describes it and give the number for reference. Ed Kunkel got the patent in 1953. His dream was to save the world by getting pumps like these into large rivers and harnessing the energy. Well we know he died an unhappy man. However his investigations and replications showed the patent officers that the design works. They traveled to his place and granted the patent because he proved it to them!!

The "pulser pump" that Brian White developed is a single stroke pump using similar forces in similar ways.

Basically water drops to a deep level and brings air along with it and the air compresses until it cannot compress anymore then it burps up to a level above the input level because the pipe is thinner in diameter. In the pyramid this happens in the 'well' and  the so called queens chamber. Then by vacuum pressure this water is drawn into the grand gallery . Each cycle the water is drawn higher until it fills the grand gallery with water. Ed Kunkel showed that a small fire in the air above the grand gallery was able to cause this vacuum pressure.

The problem with Kunkel's plan was that there had to be a "fireman" hidden above the kings chamber to do this.

What happens in the grand gallery is that the vacuum is so intense that it is able to pull HHO as a gas out of the liquid water. That ,as we know, is a very flammable gas and a periodic spark is all that is needed to flash the HHO gas and recreate the vacuum to keep the pump running.

So, yes, indeed the pyramid has this ability to create capacitance, as shown by the wine bottle, and all those quartz crystals in the granite being squeezed by the weight of the pyramid structure direct a spark into the Grand gallery right at the top.

Ed Kunkel said he saw a perfect "teardrop" shape of soot at the top ot the grand gallery. He showed this to the Egyptologists to prove his point. When he returned to Egypt he found that the soot had been whitewashed!

We know this is an old story. We see this over and over.

The point is that the pyramid IS AN ELECTRICAL DEVICE. This is the reason that pump was housed within it, to provide the all important spark!


Offline Drannom

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #20 on: December 27, 2007, 12:11:47 PM »

that story of implosing gas was very interesting Jeanna, i have never imagine that level of technlogy

when an implosing gas occur there is no heat,

there is a another story that i will shortly resume to you, it's all about telluric current rushing in the pyramid and reflecte back down rigth by the central axe

positive cosmic ray accumulate in the earth, as negative telluric current

the Cheops pyramid collecte the negative part of those positive cosmic ray

it was called the green-black negative ray, the king chamber was not rigth under the central axis to collect only the positive part of the green-dark negative ray

the tomb was a way for human to be expose to the positive green-dark ray and be transform in a new level of existence (mind supra conductivity)

i may find some links on that, but not sure

Offline Drannom

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #21 on: December 30, 2007, 07:19:29 AM »

on the other topic (TT pyramid), someone gave us a fantastic link from David Wilcock,

he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce !! i have a picture of him and he really look like Edgar Cayce, i will try to attach this picture in that post

so this is an extract when someone successfully charge a capacitor over a pyramid !

TWMCHAPTER NINE: HARNESSING TORSION WAVES AND CONSCIOUSNESS David Wilcock A COLUMN OF ?UNKNOWN ENERGY? APPEARS ABOVE THE PYRAMID In the third of Golod?s experiments, the Joint-stock company ?R&D Institute TTR? conducted studies of the air above the pyramid with a Russian instrument similar to radar known as a ?military locator.? A column of ?unknown energy? was detected at a width of 500 meters and a height of 2000 meters. Further studies confirmed that a larger circle of this energy surrounded the area above the pyramid in a 300-kilometer-wide range, with the highest concentration being directly above the vertical fulcrum of the pyramid. Golod?s team calculated that if such an energy column were to be produced electromagnetically, it would require all the energy of the various power plants in Russia combined. Furthermore, less rigorous was the observation that after the pyramid?s presence was established, an ozone hole that had existed over that area of Russia was seen to repair itself in only two months? time. This column of unseen energy did have other immediate uses and effects as well. Electrical energy from the pyramid could be harnessed by a capacitor that was placed at the apex of the pyramid; the capacitor would spontaneously take on a charge. Furthermore, pieces of the capacitor assembly were seen to break away and rise into the air on the energetic column that the pyramid was producing. It was also discovered that people working near the top of the pyramid might start to experience dizziness and nausea, and need to be taken some distance away from the pyramid for these effects to subside. 

i suggest to every one to read the full link it was a very instructive one

i have also read all about Pajak, and his pyramid never worked, for sure it was an imcompleted plan from telepathic communication , so it could not be the Accu - Loader that i am looking for

here a short extract

   Daniela Giordano & Jan Pajak
   Treatise, Dunedin, New Zealand, 1995
   ISBN 0-9597946-5-4

Copyright ? 1995 by Daniela Giordano and Jan Pajak.


One night around the summer 1978 I was sleeping in my bedroom. Unexpectedly my dream was interrupted. And as it sometimes happens when a film breaks during the projection of a movie, only a big black screen without borders remained in my view.
On this black screen a "Being" appeared, possibly of male gender. Actually "He" was a little bit strange. He had a head quite big and round like a billiard ball. His skin was milky-white and it was possible to see thin, clearly blue and pink capillary vessels on His cutis. The pattern of these vessels reminded me of delicate wrinkles on the facial skin of a prematurely-born baby. The nose was just outlined, the mouth was only a short, horizontal cut on a little chin. But the eyes were big, clear blue in colour, sweet in glance, placed on very high cheekbones. It didn't appear that the skin of His face had ever known a beard. He had no hair at all. The neck was thin but not very long. The thorax, the arms and the hands were white-grey, maybe only a half-tone darker than His head - as if He wore a very thin and tight suit. I don't remember having seen nails or ears.
Between His hands He held a pyramid of about 27.5 [cm] high (see Figure 1). At the outside it was of lacteous colour and looked made of opaque plastic or perspex ("perspex" is the commercial name for a material made of "methyl methacrylate resins"; popularly it is also called "organic glass" or "plexiglass"). The inner space was not visible. With the open palm of His right hand He supported the pyramid's base while the open and tight palm of His left hand rested on the cusp of the pyramid.
He was facing me as in a half-length photograph. He did not seem to be very slim nor fat. Surely you could not define Him as a lean guy. It gave the impression He had never done gym exercise in His life.
He let Himself be watched by me for a moment before beginning to talk. He didn't move the mouth and His words arrived directly to my mind in Italian - as if I have had the ears over there rather than on the sides of my head. When He talked the pyramid emitted an intense and soft white pulsating light following the same rhythm as His words and emotions.
"You must build a pyramid like this one", He said.
"Why?" I replied. (I don't like strangers telling me what I should or shouldn't do.)
"To talk better to each other", He answered.
It looked a good reply. I considered for a moment my 'technical capability' and said: "It is impossible. I am not able to do it. I don't have technical knowledge in my background".
"Don't worry, it is not difficult", He answered with reassuring tune and with the emotion of a smile transpiring between His words.
"Listen to what you have to do", He continued. "Take a phial and fill it half with mercury and half with salt and put them in the vacuum...".
I interrupted Him asking: "What kind of salt?" (I was thinking in my kitchen I had two pots of salt. One with thin salt for dishes and the other one with salt of bigger grains - just called 'kitchen salt' because you put it directly in the water when boiling spaghetti).
"Kitchen salt will be good", He answered. "Then you connect the phial to a spiral and the spiral to a pyramid {frame}, then ...".
I interrupted Him again - now slightly troubled because I had lost the 'thread' of the argument: "It is too difficult!".
This time my interruption came to nothing. He continued unperturbed as if He had not heard me: "... Place quartz inside the spiral over the phial ...".
"But I am not able to!", I repeated.
"... place an aluminium disk on each face of the pyramid. One of them must have a hole in the centre ..."
The more He talked, the more I became troubled. He did not give me the time to think. He provided me with too much new information and I had no time to assimilate everything. Already I almost forget what He had told at the beginning of the speech.
I shouted: "Stop, please, stop!"
"... build a pyramid {frame} and the spiral with copper and connect them together ..."
Now I was really angry. My interruptions were ignored. And if the other person doesn't hear you, it is not a dialogue but an imposition. So I shouted again: "Stop, I don't understand!". But by now He was 'gone'. He looked like He was video-taped: "... when you connect them, remember that all must have a ratio: that one between the pyramid and the spiral must be the same, the quartz and the frequency must be harmonic. Even the inner volume of the pyramid must be in the vacuum ...".
I don't remember what else He said. He continued to talk and talk ... I was no more listening. At that moment all my efforts were concentrated on the attempt to break off that contact. I was aware that a part of my mind was connected with His, but His 'panzer-kamikaze' will (strong will) had really disturbed me. And I wished with all my strengths to come out of that situation.
When I was a kid I had found out that to interrupt a bad dream or a nightmare it was enough to get angry with the character of the dream, or with the situation, or with myself. It worked also this time and I woke up still breathless and with my heart beating wildly. I found myself in my bedroom and it was still night.

Offline Pegasus

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #22 on: December 08, 2008, 03:26:34 PM »

I have found this video showing a guy with pyramid/capacitor generating some electricity....

Offline TinselKoala

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #23 on: December 08, 2008, 05:12:59 PM »
I missed the part in the video where he actually shows a pyramid/capacitor generating some electricity...

But here's another video by the same guy.
Even more interesting, don't you think?

Offline sparks

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #24 on: December 08, 2008, 05:33:10 PM »
   This rock inside two differential models and the glue look alot like a planet.
Something like a gravity splitter.

Offline TinselKoala

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #25 on: December 08, 2008, 06:20:49 PM »
I see.

What does a gravity splitter look like? Have you got one?

Offline sparks

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #26 on: December 08, 2008, 06:28:42 PM »
      I think we live on one but please don't mind me I'm just a dreamer.  But there are those that believe that gravity is a flow from the vacuum to mass.
Mass and Vacuum are definetly polar opposites.  There may be a communication between the two and expressed as gravity.   

Offline froarty

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #27 on: December 16, 2008, 03:08:28 AM »
limestone is a gravity splitter courtesy of casimir cavities and formedinto a pyramid will sort gravity to the outside faces and time to the centerline...

Offline spacetrax

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Re: Capactors inside the Pyramid.....
« Reply #28 on: December 16, 2008, 09:23:55 AM »
Do you think that limestone already has some gas trapped inside the calcium spheres, or it must (and can) be enriched with some hydrogen gas through known means?

limestone is a gravity splitter courtesy of casimir cavities and formedinto a pyramid will sort gravity to the outside faces and time to the centerline...