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Author Topic: Cavitation Bubble Fusion  (Read 9203 times)

Offline Pseudoscience

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Cavitation Bubble Fusion
« on: October 29, 2008, 06:00:57 PM »
I posted this in half baked ideas but i don't think that was perhaps the best place as the effect is real and its not being noticed by the right people, it can be produced by spark, mechanical means or even sound waves, here's a video clip you may all be quite interested in seeing!

Please take a look at the original thread...

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Re: Cavitation Bubble Fusion
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2008, 08:43:32 PM »
the effect is real and its not being noticed by the right people

There is no honestly defensible doubt that the effect is real.  The pertinent question then becomes, who are these 'right people' aside from the odd lot of optimistics that gather in the fledgling eagle's nests such as this one, that Stefan so selflessly supplies?

It has been my observation that in many cases, the apparent 'right people', turn out to be exactly the wrong ones.  A good number of us have extolled the virtues of various logically viable alternative energies for decade upon decade.  The masses prefer their hive matrix distractions....the powers that be prefer the near global stranglehold on the masses, which they currently enjoy.  No, I'm afraid the 'crazy train' must reach the end of the tracks long ago laid down for it, before a new atmosphere, one conducive to appreciation of truth above complacent, willful ignorance is to be established.

I, for one, think cavitation bubble fusion is a capital idea! 

And there's the rub.



Offline ben8807

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Re: Cavitation Bubble Fusion
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2009, 10:13:40 PM »
Cavitation fusion is real. Can it be used to generate power? Not with what we currently know.

Kinda hard to explain unless you have a mental picture of it. Take this for example. When ice forms the crystals expel the heat around them untill all the energy that is expelled is enough to prevent further freezing. The same happens as a cavitation bubble collapses, the energy is expelled from the newly forming water untill it's focused in a single point in the center of where the full bubble used to be. This causes superheated steam which has been proven to cause fusion. Hence sonoluminescence.

So you have fusion, now what? It takes large amounts of energy to create the cavitation. The amount of fusion is minuscule compared to the heat losses to ambient of you experiment. Perhaps with the proper resonance chamber you can get a near continuous formation and collapse of bubbles, but cavitation is destructive and you'd loose the chamber rather quickly.

That said, if you can come up with an idea that can cause more energy out than in go for it! This is not over-unity it's just plain physics, and well documented at that.

Maybe arc fusion is the answer, maybe not. Any way you go about it though you need a resonance chamber where the cavitation itself feeds not hinders the reaction.