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UPDATE: Harvesting the Telluric Potential using the ZPOD - Part 2


Doctor Whodini:
Hello all,

I ran some tests today and updated my ZPOD test webpage with the results:

Shown in Fig. 8 and Fig. 9 is the ZPOD operating in my car. I drove around my neighborhood and neighboring towns with the device operating. I observed NO significant change in amplitude or frequency during the entire trek.


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Hi Bill,
how much energy does such a 12.6 Hz pulse have compared to the energy
you put into the ZPOD to generate or detect it ?


Regards, Stefan.

Doctor Whodini:

The "chirp" signal is an energy pulse. I'm presently developing software that will sync the ZPOD to this signal.

Stay tuned!


The Zpod doesnt power the cars engine? does it??


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