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Author Topic: Electron spin precession / coherent microwave radiation emission  (Read 7951 times)

Offline Esa Maunu

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Electron spin precession / coherent microwave radiation emission
« on: November 05, 2005, 02:03:59 PM »
ESR,electron spin resonance is used in spectroscopy to detect presence of the materials,that have a ODD number of nucleons,materials that have a half integer spin structure,they are called paramagnetic materials.

In a homogeneous magnetic field with this method we can find sharp microwave resonances in a given magnetic field,and the resonance with reference frequency/magnetic field strenght tells,what paramagnetic material is observed.Also this radiation,when it is
coherent, gives rise to Maser effect,when in standing wave mode.

One of the paramagnetic materials is magnesium.When we have very pure magnesium in a homogenous magnetic field,we can have magnesium to emit weak coherent microwave radiation.With lot of simultaneously spin precessions in a paramagnetic material,
 this can lead to spontaneous magnetization.This magnetization is what we need in MEC systems to form the nested cylindrical EM fields to compress planck particle pairs (zero point field ).
MEC systems,that uses only ferromagnetic materials,probably does not radiate to it`s environment.

When the cosmos underwent rapid expansion of inflation at its origin, the process fed energy into the vacuum. This energy manifested as the smallest particles the cosmos is capable of producing, namely planck particle pairs. Each planck particle pairs has a negative and positive charge, and spinnig gives a magnetic field to planck particle pairs.

Now, with a external magnetic field ( nested cylindrical EM fields created by coherent spin precession radiation )we can collect or
compress the density of the PPP:s that have a magnetic properties.

Speed of light also depends on the PPP density.
When lightwave travels through the space,the photon feels PPP density as hurdles,same as a runner feels hurdles, a runner must jump over the hurdles,and this slows down his / her speed and his / her time is increased on a given distance.

Now,under time a density of PPP has increased slowly,increased PPP density means for the photon more "hurdles", this can be seen as a decreased speed of light measurements made under the years.
This locally compressed area of PPP should also lead to repulsion from the mass.
It is the same system,that in a large scale makes the universe to
expand with an increasing speed.PPP density ( zpe ) blows ( push ) mass away.

If we have a system,that compresses PPP density locally,it also leads to antigravity effects,to repulsion against the mass.
Some thougts about construction of nested cylindrical electro magnetic fields on my web-page

This is only a very short description,but i hope you can find what i



Offline lanca III

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Re: Electron spin precession / coherent microwave radiation emission
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2005, 01:50:56 AM »
Hello "esa",
I like your sensitive description from our 4D-Nanoscale world .
But I "critizise" your descripted relation of Planck/Zero energy field.
From my point between the Planck/Casimir-field is a difference like vektor/scalar-determination ! 
Your description in solid state is more/less the Thomas Townsend Brown Motor(GB300311).
To realize the "Planck-Generator" we must go to Fermi-level,
and instead/or next step  of the "amplified-Magnet-Force-transformer" will be the
Robert Henson-IDEA (US5252176)of an Silicium/Antimony-Cristal-"Piezo"tron !

Offline Esa Maunu

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Re: Electron spin precession / coherent microwave radiation emission
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2005, 08:49:02 AM »
Hi, Lanca

Can you descripe more , what you mean as difference between Planck / Casimir effect?

TT Brown system ( Biefeld-Brown effect ) is a electrokinetic apparatus, high voltage device and i can not see so much similarities with my description.



Offline Kator01

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Re: Electron spin precession / coherent microwave radiation emission
« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2005, 04:26:55 PM »
Hi Esa,

very interesting description of the nested magnetic fields. Do you like to tell the community here what your profession is ?
Anyway back to the nested fields. I can confirm part of what you desribe ( independent from the description of  the SEG-Fields) and I do so not to start an additional discussion on this subject. It is just for information only

A friend of mine ( high frequency laboratory ) had to examine a phaenomenon in a german small village where a person living there experienced strange electric shocks in his house  from time to time which almost brought death to him. Magnets in electric devices changed  polarity etc.  too many phaenomena in order to list all of them.Many of  inhabitants of this village which is situated near a power-tranformer-station is sort of sick and nobody knows whats going on. The problem started when the technical transmitter-system of the power-station was changed from air-cables to earth-cables running in star-ray-like arrangement from the power-station away to the different customer-locations.

So there - I figured out- is a chance for interferring magnetic vortex-fields in rectangular allignemet leading to lorence-force-reaction causing high frequency Ultrasound vibrations directly within the soil ( ground) and thereby releasing radon-gas normally bound within deeper layers of the soil.( makem the people sick)

On one of his trips he found a very strong magnetic wall within the building which seemed not to care about normal field-distribution-laws. The fieldstrength was the same from bottom up to the roof ( 6 meters) and this magnetic wall did not care about a 2 cm thick steelplate : it went right through without any loss of intensitiy.

The affected person said that on one occasion suddenly all phaenomena vanished. It was a flash hitting the power-station out of service for a day.

So the phaenomenon was directly linked to the energy-flow through earth-cables, and as you know the german system uses 50 Hz but have other control-frequencies up to 27 Mhz riding also along the powerlines.

Question : what arrangement would you suggest ( combination high epsilon-dielectic,. Paramagnetic metal ? ) for creating these nested fields ?

To lanca III : concernig your magnetic-amplifier : I did research for almost a year now to find
Info of an old magnetic-amplifier-system the germans had in the fifties or sixties which was named :


Any information on this ?


Offline Esa Maunu

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Re: Electron spin precession / coherent microwave radiation emission
« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2005, 10:01:44 PM »
Hi Kator,

Thanks for your reply / information.

Here in Finland we use sometimes system in electric distribution power line? ?called "Ring line"? this means,that electric power line is? designed to loop system ; if cable is broken in one place so the system can still distribute electric power from the? other side.I don`t know,if this same system is in use in Germany..probably.Also with a electric power transformers are grounding loops used ( uninsulated copper cable in a loop form ).Earthing potential adjustment loops are usually in a loop form around the houses in a ground.

This possible Ring / loop design gives rise to a standing wave creation at 27Mhz, and number of waves can be prime numbers.On the other hand i don`t know if this 27 Mhz control line is a carrier wave and if it is on all the time ?

 Wave lenght at 27 Mhz is 1110 cm. If we look this system? by my Excel table ( you can download it from my page,, it gives possible? diameters for the loop in? (cm ) :


and so on..

Area for influence for ?those loop diameters above is in ( m ) :


Can you get more details / dimensions form this Electric? power distribution system in Germany ? It could be interesting to see,if these things match.
Also this can be one kind of "Tesla wireless transmitter effect",it means that part of the transmission power ( 27 Mhz) is transmitted by using earth conductivity with a ratio about 60/40 .I think? it requires a differential type, "floating" transmission device.

I quess this phenomena is caused by interference of 27 Mhz control signal in a grounding loop around the houses.

One more interesting phenomena you mentioned, was observed magnetic field penetration through a steel plate.This resembles me when i? once heard about Russian scientist,who reported about spin radiation,that goes through all the matter.I try to find out what? it was..
One possibility is that this magnetic? field penetration through a steel plate is a property of the space itself.. Randomly fluctuating Planck particle pairs are re-arranged on this area ?


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