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XBox Media CenterLiveCD and USB stick version for normal PCs really rocks !

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I had not have this WOW
effect since long time,
but as now the new
LiveCD is out of the ported
XBOX MediaCenter software
based on a FluxBox Linux distribution
I tested it yeasterday and it really blows away most
other mediacentersoftware solutions.

The graphical surface is very nice with smooth transistions
and there are many free plugins available so you can also
surf for intanceYoutube or a few other streaming Live videos
and Shoutcast radio stations from the net.

The best thing is, that you can store the installation from the LiveCD
onto a USB stick thumb drive ( you need at least a 2 GB stick)
and then boot the whole software from the USB stick and you don´t need
a harddisk in yourPC anymore, if you only want to play movies from
DVDs or CDs or stream them from the web.

A really great solution has now been ported to the normal PC platform
from the homebrew hackers, that worked already years on it on the XBOX1
It is also available for the MAC and also there is a Windows version out there,
but the best thing is really the LiveCD with its on Mobile Ubuntu kernal with Fluxbox.
So it is fully open source and many plugins enhance this software. Just Great !

Regards, Stefan.

XBMC is great, great media support, skinable, python scripting, etc. had it on my xbox since it came out, bout time they got around to porting it!

Yes,now with the LiveCD and USB stick version or
put it onto a SSD or CompactFlash drive in an IDE slot with an CF2IDE
card adaptor, you can now use the newest hardware
and ITX motherboards to build nice and cheap HTPCs
with a great free mediacenter software.

Have a look at the new Intel Atom 330 dual core motherboards.
( Don´t go with the single core Atom 230, cause it is only 10 Euro less
expensive !)

They come with onboard processor for around 70 Euros ( about 100US$)
only and really rock !

So much computing power for so low money is very nice and they are also
very energy efficient.

Here is a nice video of a guy running Ubuntu and Compiz still on the older
single Core Atom230:

But get a Atom330so you can enjoy even more power...

Hope this helps you to get all a more energy efficient
PC which can alsobe easily run from12Volts DC,
so you can power it from your Solar batteries at home...

Here are a few videos of the XBMC software:

Check it out.
It will blow your mind with also all the available plugins
to surf Youtube and other streaming media stuff with your
remotre control.

Great stuff.

Regards, Stefan.

It is a nice build indeed but the cheapest solution for video is still the original xbox itself......

Get one with a DouX2 Cornwell Linux edition.

And enjoy a friggin movie/Arcade Jukebox limited to the space you wish to install no more CD's just pure awsomeness and entertainment.


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