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Title: Twittlers?
Post by: Spewing on October 01, 2008, 11:15:12 AM
About 2:30 Am, around that time i opened the shop door to release exhaust gases. The door is big and hard to raise. As i raised the door its common to look up into the night sky as you raise the door.

I would like to report that on Oct/1/08 in alabama i seen what looked to be happy dancing sparkles in the sky threw a tree and over the tree. It only lasted not even a second, its like they seen me and left quickly. It looked much like a firecracker but there was no sound, and it was not a firecracker. I feel as if something was playing, or perhaps a sign of some sort.

Sometimes when you see stuff, you doubt you seen it and therefor your not sure you seen what you seen. This morning, today, I am 100% sure of what i seen was out of this world, and it was not a reflection. This was seen above a field threw a tree and over a tree. I have no more information, just white sparkles that looked to be playing.