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Title: demonstration that the creation of kinetic energy is possible
Post by: raaaid on October 30, 2005, 11:04:09 AM
imagine two counterotatory tetherballs unwrapping around the earth,
they have a mass of 1000 kg each, a initial radius of 1000 km, a final radius of a million km and the initial speed, the same than the final speed, of 1000 m/s. someone may say that because of conservation of angular momentum the speed in the end will be 1000 times smaller than the initial one because the radius has increased a thousand times, but then consider that it goes from a radius of 1 million km to a radius of 1000 km so the speed of the tetherballs would increase 1000 times without having apported any energy to the system

so once the tetherballs have a radius of 1 million km you send one away to meet the universe cutting the cable and to the cable of the other tetherball you add a component that transforms the cable into rigidness, now being the cable rigid, the speed of 1000m/s and the distance of 1 million km the linear speed of the ball will be transferred to earth as rotation

you have started with a given linear kinetic energy and you end with rotational kinetic energy 1000 times bigger than the initial one