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Author Topic: assistance needed: comprehensive design suggestions on HOD system.  (Read 7850 times)

Offline professor

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Re: assistance needed: comprehensive design suggestions on HOD system.
« Reply #15 on: October 01, 2008, 08:08:49 AM »
Hi jdcmusicman
Thank you for the come back and a great explanation.
Guess there are different Names for the same thing , just as I had thought, you now have confirmed that.
I am not too interested in Brute force and I am taking my time,I feel if Dingle and the Sri Lankan inventor, Thushara Priyamal Edirisinghe were able to accomplish  what meyers did with much less resources and funding then there is some hope that I might be lucky as well. You must believe in something. Belief moves mountains.

To Professor::
yes some call it a stack or a brick...My 31 plate cell holds about 1/2 liter of fluid in the cell....with the whole setup ,reservior and stuff total is about 2 liters and have run that setup for 9 hrs straight and only used little over a cup of water..

The drycells I have my 16 plate has only 3 1/4" holes in the tops of the plates, My 31 plate one has only one hole 3/8" in top center of the plates and I have my gaskets cut in a house shape  to move the gas to the holes..Alot of people put bottom holes for fluid leveling , you loose a little electrical efficiency when doing that ..My future design I am currently working on ,well its still in the design stage, will be a drycell design but without any holes whatsoever..I plan to construct a top and bottom piece that will allow gas out the top from between each individual plate and a bottom one to allow water back in each individual plate...If I pull this off I will have a 100% electrically efficient cell, with no current leakage at all...Less current leakage means more far the highest I have gotten on my 31 plate cell is 6.41mmw ..
I look to improve that by my new design ,If can ever get the extra cash I need for materials ...One thing I have learned about all this hho study is that it cost to play...But hopefully I will have my no current leakage cell built with the next month or 2.....Oh and by the way about the highest MMW I have ever achieved in a wetcell setup is 3 - 4.4..which is not really that efficient...Drycells using get a 5 or higher all
depending on current ,space gap ,electrolyte mix and so on ....

Offline jdcmusicman

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Re: assistance needed: comprehensive design suggestions on HOD system.
« Reply #16 on: October 01, 2008, 08:42:47 AM »
You are right about believing in something,I believe this hho stuff has got some serious potential ..
All I have been doing so far is brute force , But I plan in the future to start playing with trying to find the right frequencies to hit the water with..I am a musician and in my mind I believe the right sound frequencies could possible split the water,you can bust glass and do all kinds of things with sounds .I have tons of ideas just little finances to take that far right now ,but Hopefully in the future , My goal is to find the key ,and If I ever do ,I wont keep it to myself like dingle and meyers and some of these other guys. I will tell it..cause if everybody does it what can they do ......Open source man...

Offline Aveon Blitz

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Re: assistance needed: comprehensive design suggestions on HOD system.
« Reply #17 on: October 01, 2008, 10:27:12 PM »
for a resonant frequency, you want a phase locked loop, which keeps a transmitter and receiver at the same frequency, same stuff you have in your car, but you need it at a much lower level, about 42.7khz. how you want to find the frequency initially, is you want a device that can broadcast a large bandwidth then slowly make the bandwidth smaller. as you make the bandwidth smaller, you could also apply a little calculus to give you less error and reduce the amount of experiments you would have to do. i would actually use this method, but i do not know enough about electronics and where to get the parts for a reasonable price.
after i make an easily manufacturer design, i do plan on experimenting with the Linnard Griffin design, the chemical based reaction is very interesting to me, mainly because of it's possibility to actually power a vehicle on limited to no electricity. large scale applications are also very interesting for the technology.
another thing i want to look into is the fact that one of the members attempted to use sea water and seemed to get an explosion of algae. this is interesting because i have been researching a technology that would allow us to turn algae into high quality crude oil, a system that increased algae production exponentially would decrease the initial required investment greatly, enough to have oil companies invest in the technology. that and the fact that the oil produced would be a higher quality than that pumped out of the ground and be carbon neutral.

HOD systems have great applications, many applications we have not even fathomed yet.