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Title: Time trivial pursuit and the real torsion waves of Kozyrev
Post by: soliris on September 19, 2008, 11:19:58 PM
It's very difficult to make progress in the theory of free energy, because we use time and space units which are trivial... We have to make prior comparisons of measurements to define what a meter is...and agree together with them ! It's the same for defining what a second is ...  !

That's why we cannot integrate, in our solutions,  the time variations, like Kozyrev, Veinik or Shipov could show with their experiences. It's a trivial poursuit; that's why we have to find new non-external units, strictly based on circles geometry and their indices of the curvature for space, and the numbers of cycles to define the gyroscopes time ...

The meter and second are outdated to study the torsion waves of Kozyrev ... Cause these waves ARE time.