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Title: Victory on a Diesel with a Water fuel for all Booster!!
Post by: ashtweth_nihilisti on September 08, 2008, 07:25:34 AM
We all know Diesel emissions are more carcinogenic then nicotine and worse then Petrol ones, I can state that the results are OUTSTANDING, MPG results are also below, here is a sneak peak of the video to come, and with some RUFF MPG results.

Booster used was Wouters super Delux truck booster (3LPM at about 30-35 amps) This was a brand new one (takes at least 30 hours of run time to reach peak gas out put) We only ran this at 25 amps, will have full MPG at peak gas soon. The results are still impressive despite us not running the booster at peak!! john said he ran up hills like there was none, and he is in a big vehicle :))))

Results so far are:

Vehicle Details.

1988 Toyota Dyna Pantec
Tare Weight ? 2380 Kgms ( Vehicle was empty)
Engine ? 2446 cc  4 cylinder  diesel (non fuel injected)
Tyre pressure at commencement of journey was 60 psig in all tyres.
Side view of the truck
Front View

Super Deluxe booster installed with heavy duty safety bubblier and a water trap
Very compact and efficient!! Wouter has really kicked Ass!

Air intake shot

Napkin, guess which one is the before and after?

John's original comments

On Sunday 7th September 2008, a Wouter Hydroxy Cell was fitted to a diesel truck. Before fitting, a visual smoke test was done.
The engine was warmed up and then revved several times with a square of typical kitchen paper towel roll held over the end of the tailpipe (see photo). The paper was covered in a black film of soot.
The booster was then fitted and another similar test done. This time the paper appeared to be clean. (see photo).The test was repeated an hour later with similar results.

Before being fitted with the booster, the truck had been driven for a distance of 235 kilometres over long flat country roads, some hilly terrain and about 10 kilometres of stop/start city driving. MPG was ??.. for this journey.After fitting of the booster, the return journey was undertaken.

Truck ran very smoothly with increased power. Normally on the climb over the hills, 4th gear is used a  lot of the time and sometimes 3rd in places. This time 4th was required only once for a particularly steep part. The remainder of the journey was negotiated in top (5th gear). It was going up hills as if they weren't there.
The ammeter said I was pulling about 25amps but because the cabin light isn't working I couldn't see the gauge till I went through a village. The fuel needle barely moved and by the time I got home I estimated it had used about one third. On the outward journey it used one half a tank.On the return journey it used about one third.

A more accurate calculation will be carried out when the fuel tank is filled tomorrow.


We will have a full install how too of this, you will like the video of the pollution test! Thanks To Andrew and John from Panacea, plus Wouter!!!! More to come, just got the materials ordered for Bob's/Larry's/Jeff's center tap, will have a walk through of that when we get the materials.

More MPG on the WFA booster is coming. We will have professional Dyno and emission done on this for TV to plug the open source hydroxy engineers and support all.EFIE emission test in the way too.

Here is the booster info for those who have never heard of Wouters
Wouter is an open source engineer, so please support his research if you can.

open source design is posted in the groups hydroxy course