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Author Topic: electricity from pyramids, and life, require carbon/oxygen/hydrogen/water !  (Read 4272 times)

Offline nitinnun

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the oxygen in sand/gypsum/stone-blocks,
the carbon in carbon rods and glue,
the hydrogen in water and glue,
and the electrolyte electron movement of water,
are all required to get electricity from a pyramid.

that is why all known lifeforms, require those things to live !

because all known lifeforms use those thing, to generate electricity-electron movement,
in a similar way to the pyramid !

the paramagnetic oxygen/sand/rocks, generate excess counter-clockwise magnetism.
which repels electrons away.

because the counter-clockwise magnetism which is generated by the electron, is repelled away from the counter-clockwise magnetism generated by the oxygen/sand/rocks !

diamagnetic hydrogen/carbon/copper/silver/gold/bismuth, generate excess clockwise magnetism.
which attracts electrons.
because the clockwise magnetism which is generated by their excess protons, attracts the counter-clockwise magnetism generated by the electron !

the movement of electrons away from one "charge", towards another "charge", IS ELECTRICITY !!!

the negative/counter-clockwise ground, repels electrons.
the positive/clockwise sunlight/atmosphere, attract electrons.

the counter-clockwise magnetism which builds up around the pyramids base, repels electrons.
the clockwise magnetism which builds up in the pyramids middle and peak, attracts electrons.

thomas thrawager used counter-clockwise coils, as a diode. to make sure electrons only moved towards the center of the pyramid, and from the positive half of his capacitor.

kosol ouch uses bridge rectifiers, to move electrons in one direction.

the human body uses the negative, resistive ground, and the positive, non-resistive sunlight, to move electrons in one direction.

and all of them produce electricity, by allowing the electrons to flow from the negative build up, through the device being powered, and into the positive build up.

i made several importatn breakthroughts in my understanding, a few days ago.
when someone posted information from thomas thrawagers work from 2007, which i didn't know existed.

i would have made these break throughts in 2007, if the information had been made more visible by these forums.

i have promising plans. but i'm not ready to show anything at this time.