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Title: Energy from Aether : idea and schema
Post by: MASSINISSA on August 31, 2008, 07:39:05 PM
Hello the world !
The Aharonov-Bohm effect proved the existence of the potential vector A, the question that tapped me the spirit since a long time is: how to extract energy from this potential of Eather?
I have grouped below some studies and experiences to unmask physical demonstrations of this potential :

 1) Aether control via an understanding of orthogonal fields by Rick Andersen 
 2) Toroid coils and Vector Potential by Telos,Dokumentenarchiv/30,Wissenswertes/,Gravitationstheorien/Telos_Experiment.pdf
 3) Telos' toroid coil experiment replicated by David Mason (CTG Labs) 
 4) Jean-Louis Naudin's A-Vector Toroid Tests
 5) Tests Verify A-Vector Gravitational action by Jerry Bayles 
 6) The Motional Electric Field by Nils Rognerud   
 7) The Moving Charge Sensor circuit designed by Thomas B. Jones 

The document of Rick Andersen "Aether control via an understanding of orthogonal fields" finishes by a suggestif entitled schema "A difference in aetheric pressure create a partial vacuum an may generate lifting force" : I humbly think that this idea can be a base for developing a true and effective device for the conversion of the Eather field in free energy. 
Thinking about the usage of the alternate current instead of the DC used in those experiences;
Let us hope for the best : Injecting alternate current in two toro?dal coils will perturbe more the aether field so as to collect more energy from the interior and the exterior of these coils. 
The excess of energy will come fom the conversion of the A-field, the energy will not appears from anywhere and the principle of conservation of the energy would be respected.
I simplified this 'crazy idea' in the picture accompanying this post, I have liked to carry out the experiences myself to be able if necessary to readjust the mounting, use more toroids to form a conical one almost closed in the summit, find adequate tension and intensity of the input current, but for lack of means : the best i can do for the present is only publishing this post . I wish that you excused me for this breach. 
Summarized of the procedure:
Two toro?dal coils of different radius powered in AC. This coils has not ferromagnetic core, all their air gap is occuped by the flat coils ?B?.
1) Coils 'B' inside the air gap of the toro?dal coils, the form UUU of these coils allows reducing the effect of the Lenz law, this flat coils produces scalar waves, according to Bearden the scalar waves perturb the field of the Aether. I think that this flat coils are inspensable and are the key to perturbing the A-Filed requisite to rob his energy. The coils ?B? will not be saturated since they are an open circuit and in consideration to their configuration Foucault current will not appears, but they may generate excess of heat.
2) Coils 'A' to exploit the A-Field at the exterior of the toro?dal coils, equally for the coils 'B'; these ones must annihilate the back EMF. Certainly, we need electromagnetic core for the coils ?A? like in transformer.
A big question remains : The currents induced in the coils 'B' and 'A' will they surpass in tension and intensity the current injected in the toro?dal coils (Over Unity) ? I hope to collect your opinions on this subject. 
In any case i will pass to experimentation as soon as i will obtain the necessary means.