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Author Topic: Torision Field Generator  (Read 3118 times)

Offline pese

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    • Freie Energie und mehr ... Free energy and more ... Torision Field Generator
« on: December 09, 2008, 11:33:03 PM »
Liebe Freunde Freier Energie, dear friends of Free Energy (English text

es sind Experimente bekannt, bei denen schnell rotierende Masse
messbaren Gewichtsverlust zeigten und andere seltsame Effekte durch
Wände und Decken hindurch auftraten. Auch einige Experimente zu meinen
Vorschlägen und Konstrukten anderer Forscher zeitigten Erscheinungen,
die mit reiner Fluid-Mechanik nicht zu erklären sind. Es muss
´Einkopplung von Raumenergie´ statt gefunden haben.

Nach meinen Ãœberlegungen sind materielle Partikel bestimmte
Wirbel-Strukturen von Äther im Äther. Wenn z.B. Luft fortwährend auf
bestimmten Bahnen geführt wird, übernimmt aller Äther der Umgebung
Bewegungsstruktur. Äther als lückenloses Plasma kann nicht jede
beliebige Bewegung ausführen, wohl aber ist z.B. ´Schwingen auf
Ebene´ ein weit verbreitetes Bewegungsmuster (siehe Sonnensystem). Wenn
Luft oder ein Rotor auf solch äther-adäquaten Bahnen geführt wird, kann
´Resonanz´ aufkommen. Daraus kann mechanisches Drehmoment resultieren
oder gar Strom auf direktem Weg generiert werden (weil Ladung und Strom
wiederum entsprechende Bewegungsstrukturen von Äther sind).

Solche ´Phänomene´ sind Gegenstand eines neuen Kapitels ´07.12.
Torsionsfeld-Generator´ ( ) inklusiv
für entsprechende Experimente bzw. Maschinen. In der ´07.12.
Zusammenfassung´ ( ) sind einige ergänzende
Gesichtspunkte ausgeführt. Beide sind auch zum Download vorbereitet
unter sowie

Wenn Sie Kollegen oder Forscher mit Interesse an diesen Themen kennen,
reichen Sie bitte diese Information weiter (weil z.B. die neuen Rotoren
deutlicher ´Levitation´ zeigen werden). Vielleicht wollen/können Sie
aber auch selbst Konstrukte dieser ´neue Dimensionen´ testen. Für mich
wären auch Kommentare zu meiner Sicht von Ladung und Strom interessant.

Auf jeden Fall wünsche ich Ihnen für den Rest dieses Jahres und darüber
hinaus alles Gute.
Fred Evert

In English:

Well known are experiments with fast rotating masses, showing loss of
weight and strange appearances even through walls and ceilings. Also
some experiments to my proposals and conceptions of other explorers
resulted effects which can not be explained by pure fluid mechanics,
´interaction with space-energy´ must have happened.

By my understanding, material particles are certain vortex-structures
ether within ether. If e.g. air continuously is guided at certain
tracks, ambient ether also takes likely motion-pattern. As ether is a
gapless plasma, not any motion is possible, however ´swinging on
inclined plane´ for example is common motion pattern (see sun-system).
If air or rotor is moving on such ether-conform tracks, ´resonance´ can
come up. Usable mechanic turning momentum might result or even current
is generated directly (because charge and current also are
ether vortices).

´Phenomena´ like these are subjects of new chapter ´07.12.
Torsionfield-Generator´ ( ) inclusive
proposals for experiments respective machines. Chapter ´07.12. Summary´
( ) shows some additional points of view. Both
are available also for download via and

If you know colleagues or explorers interested in these subjects,
forward that information (because these new rotors will show increased
´levitation´). Perhaps you want/can test constructions of that ´new
dimension´ by yourself. I also would welcome your comments concerning
understanding of charge and current.

Anyway, for rest of 2008 and beyond I wish you all the best.
Fred Evert

Above,an copy of an received mail.
Autor: Prof. Fred Evert

« Last Edit: December 10, 2008, 12:02:36 PM by pese »

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy Torision Field Generator
« on: December 09, 2008, 11:33:03 PM »

Offline AB Hammer

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« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2008, 12:20:31 AM »
Greetings Gustav

 That is very interesting. I like it. 8)

Offline PhiScience

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Re: Torision Field Generator
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2008, 04:32:43 PM »
Hi pese

It is good to see others interested in this work.
I wrote this about a year ago and posted it on this forum.


With the exception of radiant pressure, there are only three elementary forces that act at a distance; gravitational, electrostatic, and magnetic forces.
The ether-vortex theory seems to furnish the answer as to how three such forces can act independently of each other in the same space and at the same time.
 According to the latest views, the force of gravity is caused by a pressure of the ether, rather than by a movement thereof.
If there is present only one body, and it is spherical in form, the ether will be in the same condition on all sides of the body. IF, however, there are two bodies close to each other, as in the case of a double star, then the condition of spherical symmetry will no longer exist, but instead, there will only be axial symmetry.

 The ether currents of the two bodies will then organize themselves into the form of a bipolar vortex, similar to the field around an electron; but on a much larger scale.
The effect of this vortex will be to create a difference in pressure on the proximate and remote sides of the two bodies.
The ether in the space between the two bodies will be at a lower pressure than at their remote sides; and such a difference in pressure will push the two bodies toward each other, and cause them to fall into each other, unless they are in orbital movement about each other, so that centrifugal force will keep them apart.

  Electric and magnetic forces are caused, not by pressure of the ether, but by movement of the ether in the form of whirls, or eddies.
These exist on a much smaller scale and are more localized than gravitational fields of force.
Since whirls and eddies can exist regardless of the pressure of the ether, it is readily seen why electric and magnetic forces can act independently of gravitational force; and vice versa.

  There now remains only the superposition of electric and magnetic fields upon each other, either coaxially, or transversely of each other (as we have in the Great Pyramid).
In this consideration, let us consider first, their coaxial superposition.
  An electrostatic field consists of a flow of ether in a direct line from protons in the positive electrode, to electrons in the negative electrode, and then back again to the protons through outside paths.
If the electrodes are made of iron, and are magnetized, with the N and S poles facing each other, then the magnetic field will consist of a rotation of the ether around their axis of symmetry; and such a rotating or spinning movement of the ether can occur simultaneously with the circulatory movement that corresponds to the electrostatic field.
A magnetic field, can, therefore, be superimposed directly upon a coaxial electrostatic field.

  If the magnetic field is superimposed transversely upon the electrostatic field, then both fields will be distorted, but not destroyed. The circulating ether which constitutes the electrostatic field will no longer retain its axial symmetry, but it will, nevertheless, continue to circulate.
Similarly, the rotating ether which constitutes the magnetic field, will pursue irregular and non-circular paths; but it will continue to rotate. A magnetic field can, therefore, be superimposed transversely in any direction upon an electrostatic field, without interfering with the latter.
  An example of the transverse field effect is demonstrated in a pyramid. In this case, there is a shaped electrostatic field due to the structure of the pyramid, and the action of the earth?s magnetic field on the resultant shaped ether flow. The result of these effects would be the formation of a rather large ether vortex in the pyramid.
  The ether-vortex casts some interesting probabilities on possible interplanetary travel.
  Gravitational forces and inertial forces are due to interaction between material bodies and the ether. Instead of trying to control a body by acting upon it directly, it may be possible to control it more effectively by acting upon the ether, which in turn controls behavior of the body.
A change in the state of rest, or motion, of a body is always caused by a difference of ether pressure on opposite sides of the body.
Thus, in the case of two celestial bodies which attract each other gravitationally, the ether pressure in the space between them is less than on their remote sides.
  Such a difference of pressure could be neutralized if some of the ether could be transformed from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side.
Since the ether is a fluid, it should be capable of being moved from one place to another.
An ordinary bar magnet will not serve this purpose because the N and S poles are mirror images of each other; it being now well established that the ether circulates around the magnet, and not out of one pole and into another.
If a series of magnets be arranged end-to-end so as to form a closed ring, there will be an external ether circulating, similar in form to a smoke ring.
If two of these cores be placed face-to-face against each other, in such a manner that their circulating ether currents are in rolling contact; that is in rolling contact with each other, they will form a large scale replica of either the vortex proton, or the vortex electron; depending on whether the ether in the space between them flows inwardly, or outward.
An electrostatic condenser also produces a similar transfer of ether.
If protons and electrons are dipolar vortices with two vortex rings in rolling contact with each other, then in a charged condenser there will be a unidirectional flow of ether from the protons of the positive charge, to the electrons of the negative charge; the return flow being either around the edges of the plates, or between the molecules of the dielectric.

  These magnetic and electrostatic devices can be combined in many different ways.
By the proper arrangement, and by the use of personal controls, it should be possible to maintain a regulated flow of ether through such a system in any direction; into or out of it, so as to change the ether pressure in and around the system.
Perhaps the Egyptians used such a system to transport the huge blocks of stone in the Great Pyramid.

  A comment will probably be that such a system would be contrary to the law of conservation of energy; a violation of the first law of thermodynamics.
This law, however, applies only to isolated systems, and a process that involves the transfer of ether to and from the outside, is hardly an isolated system.
There is much we still do not know about the law of conservation of energy.

  In spite of all the glamour of modern technology, the orthodox science of today is still unable to draw a single plausible picture, or diagram, of even the simplest elementary particle, or to give any intelligible explanation for any of the forces that act at a distance.

  The ether-vortex theory would give us a new method of approach, and may open up a new field for experimental research.
First, we should try to find some method of producing regions of increased, or decreased, ether pressure, and then study the effect of such conditions upon the elementary particles of matter.

  If we merely continue along the present lines of thought, then the problem of producing an anti-gravity device will probably never be solved.
It may be troublesome to change over from a nucleated atom to a vortex atom, but it will be still more troublesome ten or twenty years from now, and eventually the change will have to be made, for there is a continually increasing amount of evidence that is piling up against the nuclear theory.
  It is significant that the physics profession has never made any effort to attack the new vortex theory of the atom.
Any evidence that can be produced in support of the nuclear theory is equally applicable to the vortex theory, and the latter can explain many things that the nuclear theory cannot explain at all.
It is only the vortex theory that has been able to offer any suggestions as to how we may proceed in our efforts to solve the problems of biocosmic energy and of anti-gravity.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: Torision Field Generator
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2008, 04:32:43 PM »
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