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Author Topic: Pyramids. Consciousnes technology  (Read 6823 times)

Offline johnyb

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Pyramids. Consciousnes technology
« on: August 07, 2008, 09:46:56 AM »
I have played around with pyramids off and on over the years. Although it is not extensive, i have read a variety of things and experiences of people experimenting with pyramids and pyramid energy.
 One person i personally met one time, was telling me of incredible phenomenon. He had a look of terror on his face as he was relaying his experiences.  Although he was working with pyramid cone coils, and from that i gather,  eletromagnetic energy.
What i found interesting with all of that, is the varied, experiences. Out of the three people who i read of in their experiences within the Egyptian pyramid, and some others building small pyramids, it seemed to vary. Putting it in context with what i have experienced with pyramid energy in experimentation and discoveries, it strongly points to one aspect of pyramids being a consciousness device. It seems to accelerate or magnify what is in ones consciousness. The reflection of ones beliefs and state of being seem to be accelerated in form.  It is a little difficult to put definitions here, but consciousness i think is most fitting in trying to relay to you how i have come to understand it for myself. I could say that ones thinking, is an aspect of what i referred to as consciousness, but could use other words. Just that i am not certain of explaining it without getting lost in semantics. How does one explain "Being", or ones existence anyway?
Has anyone else had experiences pointing to the same thing, and approached this from a non left brain perspective, rather than "what can i "get" from, control, or mold in the world of form ?

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Pyramids. Consciousnes technology
« on: August 07, 2008, 09:46:56 AM »

Offline nitinnun

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Re: Pyramids. Consciousnes technology
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2008, 07:53:13 PM »
every nerve cell, generates a magnetic field around itself.

the human body is surrounded by a huge magnetic field, generated by that person.
this magnetic field is commonly called the aura.

emotions and thoughts are magnetic energy! and they happen inside this aura!

there are 7 "vortexes" of energy, inside the human aura.
each of thee chakra's is generated and regulated by an endocrine gland.
each chakra houses a certain range of emotions/thoughts.

the root chakra houses fear, anger, and survival concerns.

the sacral chakra houses basic emotions. and the basic awareness of others.

the solar plexus chakra houses willpower, self esteem, confidence, amd what we call logical thought.

the heart chakra houses love, compassion, complex awareness of others, and what most people would call rudimentary wisdom.

the throut chakra houses deeper wisdom, complex listening-awareness, ETC.

the brow chakra houses even deeper wisdom, deeper awareness of reality, complex vision-awareness, and what many people would call psionic powers.

the crown chakra connects the person to their surroundings, to the universe, gives them access to the akashic records, and houses a sense of peace and understanding.

the pyramid has a DC magnetic field. and it flows from peak, to middle, to base.
though i suspect this magnetic field is in a form which must be converted into counter-clockwise spinning hot-electricity, before it can be measured.

the human aura is also a DC magnetic field, which flows from peak, to middle, to base!
the emotions in the chakra's, are also made of magnetic energy!

the pyramids magnetic field, strengthens the magnetic emotions/thoughts in a persons chakra's.
the same way that gasoline strengthens a fire.

do you have other questions?

there is much that i know. or can find.
and i am not shy about sharing.

Offline Drannom

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Re: Pyramids. Consciousnes technology
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2008, 10:43:34 PM »
here my testimony

i have experiment pyramid in my aura and on most of my upper chakras, i use alum crystal pyramid growth in natural form, the crystal structure look like perfection among the chaos, then the crystal get more superlight (astral light from Central Sun (black hole)  ) and then induce that overflow of light in the human aura, and in vegetable, and in many others things

all black hole of all galaxies get power from the Central Sun

i have started a topic on alum pyramids, and now i see this topic on consciousness, i confirm that pyramids will induce consciousness using an etheric vortex over the pyramid

in astral light there is blue and green lights create by the etheric vortex

i got a complete transformation of my mind, my heart had open, the main effect is in the supraconductivity in the brain itself, my heart become a real new way to feel the universe, my consciousness is now observing my own mind, my mental become a sphere all around my heart, my mental mind was not me anymore !

i try a pyramid over my forehead, it's a new chakras ! and then i begin to study science and OU, and possibly get more intelligent

when i was trying a pyramid on my third eyes, it does not work

when i was trying a pyramid over my head, (the corronal chakras) not in the middle on the top of my head but a little bit back, then a got very great transformation, my cold mind begin to be compassion, i start to write poem and many other extatic experiments like crying for anything except for myself
behind my neck the pyramid give me physical energy, like washing and working like a crazy slave
on my plexus i didn't notice anything, i suspect such effect somewhere i do not know, it may be feel like an instrument of the universe serving for the truth, or was it another chakras, anyway i become like a warrior

the theory is that there is only one Spirit and the creation is all alive and full of consciousness
we are all somehow such kind of mirror reflecting more or less of that holy unique consciousness, as if we became able to reflect the Central Sun itself, it is call illumination ? i didn't get illumination yet ! hahahaha

by  inducing yourself with a higher vibrating level, then you come closer to be just like this unique spirit

then we are all brothers, isn't it ?

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Re: Pyramids. Consciousnes technology
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2008, 10:43:34 PM »
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Offline nitinnun

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Re: Pyramids. Consciousnes technology
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2008, 12:55:58 AM »
everything that you typed, feels correct.

the pyramid produces magnetic energy, whcih directly strengthens your aura.
this magnetic energy can also clear blockages from your chakra's.

a chakra is just a spinning vortex in your aura.
a pyramid produces 1 or 2 vortexes.
so each pyramid, newcomes a new chakra, when placed on your body. or merges directly with an existing chakra.

each persons soul is unique.
the body is a vehicle, for the soul to interact with the universe.

but all living things in this universe are connected together, by magnetic energy.
in a great network, called the akashic records.

your crown charka has 1,000 pedals.
these pedals connect to this network.
giving you access to almost limitless knowledge and information.
including technological information, which the pleiadians know.

the pleiadians and other species, can also send information into your crown chakra, to guide you.
or atleast they can, if your crown chakra is not clogged shut!

the compassion that you felt for others, came from your heart chakra.
the self of the solar plexus chakra, is important.
but the compassion of the heart chakra, must always be stronger than the self of the solar plexus chakra.

or else you will become an inflamed bastard, like koen1.
and stay stuck in the 3rd density, until you make your heart stronger than your self.

Offline johnyb

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Re: Pyramids. Consciousnes technology
« Reply #4 on: August 17, 2008, 03:08:34 PM »
Thank you both for sharing your knowledge and interesting experiences.

When first starting the cardboard pyramids, i was doing a lot of meditation, and sometimes affirmations of a self cultivating/ expanding nature. I was experiencing the awareness of my self,  the nature of being, profound wisdom about much, the essence or essential nature of myself, things, situations, and about the nature of reality.   Much self healing, and transformation was taking place over the years that seem to correspond with when i used the pyramid. Only a small number of people have been able to relate to what i was experiencing. I think illumination is the awareness. Out of that self awareness, i was also intuitively working with my field, which sometimes i thought might have been the etheric, but i am not really sure. I experienced different things that i worked with in my field.

The profound awareness, wisdom, and experiences has fallen away over the past few years that i have stopped using the pyramids.  I will soon start it up again, and begin using this as a self cultivation tool. See if it returns. I feel more ready for it now and to move in a more integrated way than before. The last time of use, was for a few days about 12 to 18 months ago with real silver foil covering a small pyramid, and placing it high above my my bed to cover me energetically when i slept or meditated. The essence of silver seemed different to Aluminium. I said "seemed", because i do not know if the difference i sensed and felt, was due to the other variables. I did not record anything, and going purely from memory.

I have used the pyramids in my bedroom, in different placements; next to my bed or study desk sometimes / under my bed / sitting on top of a high bookshelf on a plastic bottle (it was open underneath the pyramid).  One time, the pyramid was on a plastic bottle, high on top of a tall bookshelf. I went to rest on my bed for a few minutes, but the reverse direction of how i normally sleep. I was clearly feeling something different as soon as i lay there. I moved around to feel the pattern of this energy in the room and discovered the pyramid was emitting an energy, as if each face of the pyramid was much larger, and reaching the earth. Imagine there is no light in the room, and then one places a bright light inside the pyramid and hangs the pyramid high in the air somehow; the light continues underneath as if each face of the pyramid is much longer.
  At some point in time I would like to try making four little pyramids. then placing them on a flat floor in a way that one imagines (or draws, or measures on the ground) a square, and places one in each corner of the square. I am guessing, each face continue continue above the pyramid, as i have felt the energy underneath the pyramid.  I found it much harder to feel what the pattern was above, but definitely felt  the strongest energy in line with the centre of the pyramid immediately above and going upward.  I was unable to determine if there was a reverse pyramid shape, but am willing to try this out at a future time.

I remember one time i slept when it was placed immediately under my base Chakra, or bowels. The next day when i went to the toilet, i passed into the toilet bowl as normal, but nothing stuck to the toilet paper. I am not exaggerating at all when i say the toilet paper remained COMPLETELY CLEAN.  I did not keep the pyramid at that position after that, and that is the only time i have experienced anything like that with toilet paper. I can only attribute it to the pyramid.

Drannom,  I came to realize those years ago, that the essential nature of what we are is undivided / whole, and the same nature as all other human beings. Because of that essential nature, i would agree with you that we are all brothers. I think the higher vibration is expansion, illumination or awareness. Interesting what you said about us being a mirror reflecting that Holy consciousness. I have always thought of Holy as whole, but relating to it spiritually.  Spiritually or spirit, i  see as one relating or being receptive to the essence/ essential nature of something or someone. That is what i was experiencing. Although i do not relate to Central Sun, as it is not part of my symbology, i still do relate to in that paragraph in a general sense about consciousness and illumination. Difficult for me to comment more about it in a whole way at this time, so i will leave it for now.

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Re: Pyramids. Consciousnes technology
« Reply #4 on: August 17, 2008, 03:08:34 PM »
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