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Title: Schematics central store?
Post by: waterhouse24 on August 01, 2008, 08:44:15 PM
Was wondering if there was anyway the site could have a central store for schematics, which can be updated with the latest working version of any project
I don't know if it''s just me but I find it hard work having to read 50+ pages, of everyone's comments, to find out how to replicate something. If I knew there was a central store, I could know within minutes of looking at a schematic or examples instead of spending days of read, to find out there is nothing useful.

 I know it would rely on the builders/inventors to use the new section but if informed and encouraged, it could be a very useful feature and a god send, to anyone who comes along as a new member.

Anyway, just a suggestion to help others with easier replicating..
Title: Re: Schematics central store?
Post by: z.monkey on August 01, 2008, 09:13:17 PM
Howdy Waterhouse24,

That's a good idea.  A central repository of technical data which has all revision levels of each device.  Like a software safe, except public access.  I like it!  Make it so!

Blessed Be Brothers...