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Author Topic: The Original Pyramids..How they worked a possible explanation  (Read 10306 times)

Offline Rocr

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If you want to understand the real pyramids as they were originally intended to function the story of Dr.

Raymond Browns crystal Which was the real thing and was determined to exhibit some properties of a

synthetic crystalline monopole with what has been called a microscopic metallic latticework embedded in its

structure ...[clearly tech way beyond our capabilities] in the 1970's and would seem to be to this day .

The story of Dr. Raymond Brown is the key to understanding this remarkable ancient technology . While

diving for treasure of the Bahamas near a location called the tongue of the ocean Dr. Brown came upon a

pyramid structure at 22 fathoms the structure was smooth and mirror-like the stone just as the Great
pyramid at Giza was in its prime . The capstone was described to look like lapis lazuli  . Brown found an

entrance and when in although he had no light source the room appeared lit and he saw a brassy metallic rod

approx. 3 inches in diameter hanging down from the apex at its end was attached a faceted red gemstone in

the middle of the room was a stand of carved stone topped by a stone plate with scrolled ends . On the

pillar rested a pair of  metal bronze ? hands which appeared blackened and burnt [clue]  4 feet directly

below the ceiling rod gem point was a crystal sphere 3-1/2 inches in
diameter the crystal appears to have three pyramids in graduating size as part of its structure [this also

with variations is seen in Egyptian representations] .


From the side view appears thousands of tiny fracture [?] lines that Brown felt may be electrical in nature

. A compass needle placed next to the sphere
spins counterclockwise while moving it further away produces the opposite reaction .Metals are temporarily

magnetized in close contact and the crystal Repels metal placed above it ! .

The professionals that briefly studied the artifact were baffled as to its construction but one thing I

heard was that it displayed the properties of a monopole ? .One person that handled the crystal directly

reported that the blood in his fingers rose to the surface of his skin making them bright red .[attracted

the hemoglobin perhaps ?] .

See and Hear Dr. Brown discuss his find and displays its repulsion of metal here ...go watch this


While many have theorized on the crystals properties and function lets take this one step further and see

what we can learn from the Ancient Egyptians themselves .First do we find correlations within the records

of the Egyptians to support Dr. Brown and indeed we do .  . The polished surface that once covered it and

is documented and still seen in the structures that it was stripped to create . The pillar and the hands

are also documented ...But what we need is a schematic of the complete device ...And we have it !


This is not just art it is the basic design of the device stylized yes but as you will see that was the

Ancients way of doing things they used representations especially creatures to give you a perspective of

the item being described . As you can see in this representation the hands are horns . The crystal some

refer to as the solar orb is perched atop it on the pillar and above it the generated field  . Now what is

that at the base of the column a box with two falcons heads ?
I'll tell you .. there is a well known account of a man who was taken into the Royal court by a member of

Pharaohs family adopted as it were who grew up raised in the priestly class to know the secrets of the

Elite of his time and although the technology was in a degenerated state by that time one thing that still

remained and was the source of the power probably still in limited use but as the true function had no

doubt been lost.
That power source we know that was removed was by Moses and was known as the Ark of the Covenant and as the

description of that objects appearance along with the descriptions of it ability to strike people dead at a

distance are part of the record . We can draw a basic conclusion from that when applied to the schematic

above . We also have the "burned" hands described by Brown to me that screams one thing electricity !

This is another representation what does this pillar suggest to you electronics buffs out there taking into

account the the information so far ?


We have a probable high voltage power supply I'm thinking one hell of a battery the ARK [arc ? makes you

wonder about the origins of that word] which was quite easily build-able from common materials of the time

and we have found them going back to Babylon .The stylized workers [gods] who maintained the power supply

obviously had to be protected with some sort of non conductive tools and isolated from ground .

Take this for instance Budge says "Baboon on bank of lake of Fire with flaming braziers "

I say its a depiction of the Energy flow of the Ark They knew Energy and it was depicted as a triangle wave

symbol or a serpent when flowing .

The baboon god was Power get it Power source Here is what they wrote of Babi the baboon god from the Old


"He controls the darkness and will open up the sky for the king since his phallus is the bolt on the doors

of heaven. " also known as "eldest son of Osiris" he is also known to 'Kill on sight"..

I think that is something that many who got to close to the Ark without the proper insulation found out the

hard way .

That is fed through some sort of material that in some way modifies the original power into something

usable to charge the crystal to optimum performance .

And if you were creating a device that was on this scale you might dress it up to look like this ?

That in turn is attached to a metallic material on the other end and that cradles a chunk of SIO2 that has

some very strange properties and was engineered to create a specific effect and one that is still beyond

our technology . ?

What was the sarcophagus in the kings chamber really for ? Did it house the power supply ?

Here is something else you may find interesting the tools of the trade so to speak .


Notice that the stylized representation of these "gods" and Pharaohs with their implements .

The rod has dual purpose to it the hook is used to move the crystal balls and their were many in the

ancient days it seems a whole technology was based on them . If you want to move a crystal ball with out

touching it which may be deadly in a functioning device it is the perfect design ..
Then notice the angled end if you need to lift the lid on and off to service perhaps the electrolyte in 

power supply in a box [ARK] to service it you'd want a non conductive tool of this sort would you not ?

Slide the angled end into a notch or hole and lift ..

That brings us to the Flail which was a traditional tool for thrashing grain made of wood and wrapped in

metal but in an era that had descended from a high tech on to one of superstition a crystal such as the one

Dr. Brown found would supply you with the opportunity to dazzle the general public with a display of your

godliness by doing the same thing Dr Brown did and make it float above it . And in doing so prove your

right to rule .

So it seems the once perfect device was rendered into a side show for the Pharaoh to take a crystal and

make some metal on a flail float the arms of which moved as if by magic on the EM field . A far cry from

the original intent .. they also used it to enhance things like water and them selves believing that it was

 giving them power ..and maybe it did ???


So Lets build it .. now the crystal you know some of its properties we have a power source and current

modification and we have a transmission of the field produced and introduced to a structure by way of the

rod above it to a structure made primarily of SI02 rich stone weighing some approx. 6,300,000 tons

[Pyramid] which may have been cast according to some how about in an electrical field to enhance the

materials ability to convert ambient EM oscillations ?

 Once the entire structure starts to resonate sympathetically with the crystal such as the one Br. Brown

found which remember was not electrically charged in his demo .

What do you get ? I believe you have created what amounts to a synthetic third pole on the Earth located at

the very center of the land mass of the continents . This is why all true pyramids found around the world

and on the ocean bottom [and there have been many reported] are found within a certain distance from the

equator . Why ? You Really don't want to destabilize the entire planet while you tap into the plasma sphere

do you ?

Now if this is as our North pole it will provide and EM field path way to draw down to Earth a stream of

plasma like the aurora Borealis .
We also know from the Inuit people who say of those it touches nothing is left not even a tooth in short

they are vaporized .

Now I will not go into the dimensional effects of what being able stand directly underneath this stream of

energy can produce when you are shielded in the chamber below it but modern science has and it is mind

blowing to say the least .. the old hole in time /space thing some very wild theories are floating around

about this and it is also verified by the Egyptian myth and lore .

But you guys are interested in Energy right ? Do you get it now ? Unlimited free energy from the sun spit

out for the taking ..


You could power a World with this and that is no exaggeration think about an average lightning strike ..

not plasma and not spread out over thousands of square miles like the aurora ... One positive lightning

strike could power a large city for days . What could a controlled positive flow of this energy from the

plasma sphere power...Everything !

Why did each Pyramid have a covered entrance that was a long way away from the structure ?
To protect the people coming and going from what could be a very quick death IMO .


Why is there two pits on the South [positive] side of the great pyramid that have at least once been

reported to have traces of having been filled with mercury ? was this part of the process of harnessing the

flow of energy ?

The great white pyramid in China also had mercury pools in it.. [verified]

The big problem with this tech aside from creating such crystals would be triggering an uncontrolled

cascade event which would be catastrophic to say the least .

as an aside ..

The really cool part if the technology is the dimensional field effect on time/space itself it would be

like opening the door to the universe ....
and yes the Egyptians verify this too .. as have experiments that are ongoing today in high energy physics

as to the possibilities along with reports that have observed time dilations at altitude above the poles


The Egyptians believed that to facilitate becoming a star with a light body the Priestly class consumed

what we call white powder gold Research its reported very unusual dimensional and superconductive effects

and some real hard science verifies this .Bristol Myers Squibb research that demonstrates that this

material interacts with DNA by correcting it and it is clear the ancients were producing it and consuming

it .

What is clear to me we are not as advanced as those who lived thousands of years before recorded history

perhaps tens of thousands if you consider how long Dr.Browns pyramid has been on the bottom of the ocean .

Why is another very good question that deserves some serious thought .

Well those are my thoughts and observations . I hope someone will perhaps grasp what I am suggesting and

even take it to the next level in theory of course as a practical model seems nearly impossible unless the

crystal Dr. Brown found can be located and tested further .. or someone replicates them independently ...



PS sorry about the spacing I transferred from a text file .. ???



Offline amigo

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Re: The Original Pyramids..How they worked a possible explanation
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2008, 05:16:24 AM »
This is very intriguing, good work.  ;)

I'll have to come back and re-read it again several times, some of it "resonates" with other things I'm familiar from elsewhere. Then perhaps we can start a discussion on the subject...

Offline Koen1

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Re: The Original Pyramids..How they worked a possible explanation
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2008, 03:25:43 PM »
Yes this is interesting,
and extremely similar to the "technology" of David Hamel...
Hamel also linked a lot of ancient Egyptian depictions to scientific
concepts, was also fascinated by the Egyptian Djed pillars,
the baboons, the magnetic granite pillars of Egypt, etc.
He even wrote the book "the Granite man and the Butterfly" to try and
describe the visions he had as to how this was supposed to work,
and spent the past 10 years slowly constructing parst of his
granite plated, permanent magnet driven "antigrav" ship based
totally on those insights... His prototype magnetic "engine" device
was claimed to have started self-running, then whenit came up to speed
became surrounded in an electric blue aura, and at some point ripped
itself loose from the bolts with which it had been attached to the floor
and shot off straight through the roof never o be seen again.
Or so the story goes. ;)

Anyway, interesting stuff, perhaps you could post the source?

Offline Rocr

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Re: The Original Pyramids..How they worked a possible explanation
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2008, 05:13:02 PM »

I'd appreciate that amigo

I'm looking to spark some creative theories among the tech savy people here to flesh out and correct the concept .

 I basically just had a kind of revelation back in the 80's and the supporting information just keeps adding to the whole concept of tapping the plasma sphere ..

Take the forth illustration look at the base it looks like some type of resister to me and that makes sense if the crystal needs to be charged and the observation of the burned appearance of the hands reported by Brown fits this line of thinking .

The English word  Pyramid evolved from the Greek word Pyramis or the plural Pyramidos and the root  Pyr in Greek was originally Pur and pronounced Pyr which means Fire .

And that would also fit the description of something which was drawing down this Energy from "Heaven" as describes by the Egyptians .

The descriptive phrase "Pyramids of Light" has long been part of our worlds cultures and is seen in art and described in thousands of ways . but what is the true origin of this concept ?

A device such as this drawing down a high energy stream from the virtually limitless pool that surrounds us and is replenished by the sun constantly Is IMHO the source of this constantly repeated theme .

It would light up the skies for hundreds of miles in all directions .

How did I first make this connection ? It was NASA's release of the fact that a volcano on IO had a continuous stream of "lightning" flowing into it and that this was the product of the immense gravitational anomaly that the volcano's sheer size created .

Well isn't that exactly what you would have here ? ..  if the exotic field generated by this crystal was amplified and the entire structure became resonant with the crystal and the properties were taken on by the entire structure ?

You would have the equivalent effect .

This anomaly would interact with the EM fields of the Earth itself  ...

The volcano story is . . . required only because electrical
discharge effects are denied by astronomers. What kind of volcano
has a vent that glows at the temperature of a lightning arc? It
was described as the hottest spot in the solar system apart from
the solar photosphere!

The Io torus, which is five times larger than Jupiter, glows with
a power greater than all the electricity generated on Earth, he

This is an Electric Universe after all .

Come on science guys throw me a bone .. I'm starting to feel like a Daniel Jackson here

can I clear a room or what ;D

You guys want over unity right ?... Well....

Offline Rocr

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Re: The Original Pyramids..How they worked a possible explanation
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2008, 05:20:48 PM »

And Thank you for the tip  Koen  ..I'll start researching David Hamel right now

To bad he died in September 2007 i'd have loved to speak to him about this ..



Offline Koen1

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Re: The Original Pyramids..How they worked a possible explanation
« Reply #5 on: July 25, 2008, 03:47:47 PM »
I thought you might like to hear some other thoughts concerning the Djed/Tet pillar;

if you look at the picture of the Djed with the Ankh and the two arms pointing up,
this shows a cut-through of the internal structure in the bottom half of the pillar.
The picture you posted is not the prettiest one I've seen but it does show the internal
setup which seems to accord with other Djed depictions.
What we see there is a central rod surrounded by a stack of slabs of several different
materials, which appears to support another, thinner, stack of layers of different materials
again. On top of that we have another, larger, stack of different materials with larger circular
plates sandwiched in between them, and on top of that we have the hands/horns around the orb.
Now, we know the Egyptians had what is nowadays referred to as "the Baghdad Battery" which was
a fairly crude galvanic cell, we know certain ancient Indian vedas and manuscripts give a very clear
and detailed description of how to make a galvanic battery "to release the power in the materials",
and we also know they made and (ritually) used tubes made from various metals filled with various
materials such as carbon, sand, hematite, etc, nowadays known to some as "Rods of Ra"...
So we know the old Egyptians knew about that kind of stuff.
Keeping that in mind, and keeping in mind that the Egyptians were the ones we inherited the word "paper" from,
what I see when I look at that bottom section of the pillar, the part with the central rod, is a galvanic battery
of the old "dry" type. Think along the lines of a plate of zinc sandwiched between two pieces of papyrus,
this sandwiched between two plates of carbon, this sandwiched between two pieces of paper and again sandwiched
between two plates of zinc, with one zinc or other metal rod connecting all the zinc plates. (The paper in
this case is used as "dry" electrolyte and needs to contain a certain amount of water, look up "dry cell" batteries
of the first generation for more on this.) So that would appear to constitute a battery. A slightly different version
is possible where the entire stack was coated in gypsum/plaster and when needed addidional water could be
poured on to the outside of the pillar, which would seep through the porous gypsum/plaster and moisturise
the inside paper and carbon layers, thereby allowing for continued galvanic reaction. In fact, a few different
versions are possible based on the Egyptian depictions and taking into account the materials available to them,
but I just named the two that seem most plausible.

The second 'section', the stack of thinner layers resting on top of that bottom central rod, seems different.
Where the bottom section consists of black layer- white layer- white layer- white layer - black layer - repeat,
this section consists of white layer - black layer - white layer - black layer - etc. So there's only two different
materials in this stack, and the bottom layer appears to be in direct contact with the rod underneath it.
Now what do we know that is stackable, made from two different materials, and could play a role in some
sort of electrical setup? We know the concept of the capacitor, which is two metal plates seperated
by (and isolated from the surroundings by) a layer of isolator. And we know the "Zamboni dry pile", a sort
of dry and electrostatic version of the Galvani pile, which is basically plates of silver, copper, and paper,
stacked atop eachother and pressed together quite hard. It can, depending on the size of the stack and
the plates used, produce voltages into the kilovolt range easily, but it produces only nanoamperages
so basically it does generate a fairly strong electrostatic field but no current.
This section looks like it could be either. So does it make sense to have a capacitor at that spot,
connected to the battery rod? Not unless half of the 'capacitor plates' is connected to another
electrode, and I don't see one in the picture. Of course, the outer coating could be made of metal
which would then act as electrode, but the pictures tend to look like all of the different layers of
material connect to the outer coating, and if some of these layers are oppositely charged the entire
thing would short itself if everything were connected via the outer coating, so I assume that is not the case.
And so, since the pictures don't show such a second electrode, let's just assume there isn't one,
and that it is not a capacitor. Could it by a "dry pile"? ... well yes it could. But how does that connect
to the galvanic battery at the bottom?
Well, I don't know. I could hypothesise that the galvanic part was intended to produce the main flow
of electrons, and the dry pile intended to produce a very strong electrostatic field, through which the
electrons would be inclined to move (in contrast to a situation without strong electric field)...
But the truth is I'm not sure. Could be something like that.

In any case, the top section is yet another stack of different materials with clearly visible large plates
in between, and I would suspect the plates to be capacitor plates and the different materials could be
anything, they could be gold and carbon which would give a nice difference in resistivity/conductivity
between the two, and that might have an effect if the plate charges are pulsed by the pillar. They could be
special ceramics or simply powder mixes of things like carbon + sand + iron powder + gold or really
any combination of known materials, but I suspect some specific electrical characteristics that lead
to diode-like rectification which could cause charges to be "pumped" to the top plate...
But of course it is also possible that strong magnets were used, either in combination with a magnetic
metal or alone, to obtain something like the claimed "Leedskalnin magnetic battery" effect...
And I haven't even mentioned he possibility that mercury could have been used to fill the chambers between
the plates of the top section... Not sure why exactly, I'm just guessing here. ;)

Well, I haven't figured the entire thing out yet, but the bottom part does look like a battery setup.
One may consider the use of quartz slabs in the pillar as material sandwiched between two metal layers,
since we know the increase and decrease of pressure (the weight of the pillar pressing down) produces
an increase and decrease of the surface charges of the quartz, so any variations in pressure and/or
gravity will be transduced into electrical charge motion inside the pillar. So perhaps it's not just electro-
chemical, but also piezoelectric, this 'battery' of ours. ;)

In any case it seems too simple an explanation, and also of little practical use, to conclude
that these devices must have worked using a mysterious "crystal orb". Could be that there
were such things, but since we don't know what they are or how to make them it does not
seem very usefull to get hung up on that. Could also be that there were such things but that
they did not need them to make the Djed pillars work. Who knows?  I'm certainly not going
to search the world for another sunken pyramid temple in the hopes of finding one.

No, I personally like to think the old Egyptians and their somewhat contemporary ancient
civilisations actually had knowledge of what we nowadays call electromagnetic theory,
and that they built devices that function on principles most of which we nowadays do know
about and use. The symbols, terminology, and models they used for this were not the
same as our current systems, they used a much more literal and pictoral language for
things we nowadays describe as "free electrons", "conductivity band", "metallic crystalline lettice",
"electrical resistance", "back emf", etc. But the underlying reality is still the same, no
matter how differently you describe it or how many gods you tie to it. ;)
And so I do think certain old Egyptian depictions show old technology, like the Djed pillars,
the "light bulbs", the caduceus, etc. (not to mention the golden model of a glider plane found
in Tutankhamon's tomb which turned out to fly like a charm when it was replicated in wood)
And although there is quite some room for doubt and interpretation, the biblical story of Moses
does indeed appear to give us clues along the same lines: a boy raised and educated as
royalty, very wise and learned, gets involved with Jethro, an Egyptian high priest in the
southern metallurgical complex, somehow the two of them strike it off so well he even gets
to marry Jethro's daughter. A Rabbinistic tradition story I was told describes how Jethro
had posession of a magic staff that had been handed down from God to Adam to Seth to
finally Jacob, whom it had been taken from later when the Egyptian nobles confiscated
his assets. That story continues to describe how Jethro has planted the staff in the ground
and anyone who came near it was struck dead or "smitten". Lightning used to come down
onto the staff often. Moses rocked up, talked to Jethro, and was warned not to get close
to he staff. He did anyway, and somehow was able to lift the staff from the ground without
getting himself killed, which greatly impressed Jethro who rewarded Moses by giving him
his daughter in marriage. Interesting story eh? :)
Now the biblical story never mentions how Moses got the staff, he just had it all of a sudden.
But he did use it to perform miracles; he made his staff writhe like a snake on the floor,
although with all the translation errors and all it could have originally been versed "from his
staff he made serpents writhe on the floor", which can be interpreted as something entirely
different if we recall the Egyptians used serpents to symbolise sparks and arcs.
It could just mean Moses magically conjured electrical sparks on the floor that sprang
from his staff...
What else did he do? He knocked on a rock in the desert and water flowed from the rock,
talked to God, and made the sea part... And that's just about all the miracles done with the staff.
Other miracles were performed by using the Arc of the Covenant, such as striking people dead
where they stand, producing enormous amounts of light, causing waters and rivers to part
around the Arc, causing the mountains to tremble, and then on a crucial moment very magically
it did nothing at all and was captured by the Filistines.

Clearly, both the staff and the Arc are Moses' magic tools, and I suspect both of them to have
been electrical devices. The Arc was probably a large capacitor and antannae array combined.
If the staff was as I suspect the same as the staff of Hermes which is the staff of Mercury (and
several other holy staffs in mythology) then I suspect it was a form of self-oscillating transformer-
transceiver setup not dissimilar from the type of technology and ingenious design as that of the Djed
pillar itself.

Offline Rocr

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Re: The Original Pyramids..How they worked a possible explanation
« Reply #6 on: July 25, 2008, 09:31:52 PM »

That was an awesome breakdown and the perspective you bring through your information adds a lot of things to consider .

I hope a few of the other people here can add even more perspective and info ..

What do you think of the properties of that crystal ? ..if this is a technology it should be replicateable that gives us a lot to think about if these properties exist which the evidence supports .

But what do you think of the concept that they were tapping the plasma sphere ? even if energized by the basic systems you described the entire mass of the great pyramid if in resonance with the focusing crystal should be able to get you some lightning bolts  ;D
That makes me wonder about the mercury reports could it be used in some way to to absorb large charges or step them down ?
I'm not aware of the possibilities there ....any thoughts on the possible management of a power flow that large ?

Thanks for the great reply ..




Offline greendoor

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Re: The Original Pyramids..How they worked a possible explanation
« Reply #7 on: July 26, 2008, 07:15:24 AM »
The pyramids are fascinating to speculate about.  I believe there is plenty of historical evidence to suggest that the pyramids were originally surround by water - and the most basic purpose of them was to irrigate the land of Egypt.  This was a huge water pump - on a scale similar to a hydo dam.  (Sure - the Nile would flood now and again, but you can't support a huge civilisation on a river that floods now and again.  They needed a constant supply of water and energy - just like any modern city needs.)

At the simplest level - the pyramids could have been used as a ram pump.  A constant flow of low pressure water (the Nile, which originally ran right past) can be stopped with huge valves (the doors in the chambers) which causes a pressure spike to send water surging up a ramp - gain in 'head' of water pressure.  There seem to be unusual vortex designs in some of the chambers - modern photos of the chambers certainly look like they are inside a huge hydraulic system.

There is also speculatation that the output of the pump could be boosted by burning fuel, and creating a vacuum to lift the water. 

I have no doubt that the purpose and features of the pyramids changed over time - and probably the original secrets were long lost.  I have no problem considering there were some cool electromagnetic energies being exploited.  But I think it makes sense to view the pyramids as being primarily designed with the pumping of huge volumes of water in mind. 

(It also helps to explain why they were/are water-tight construction - remarkable precision that wouldn't otherwise be necessary.  Also, the stones could have been floated into position - making the mystery of their construction a little less mysterious).

Offline Rocr

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Re: The Original Pyramids..How they worked a possible explanation
« Reply #8 on: July 26, 2008, 07:27:20 PM »

 Thanks for your input Greendoor

.. but I find that the preponderance of the evidence leads to to the conclusion of manipulation of  power from the Earths own magnetic field like a huge generator in space ...
The water angle is in some way no doubt part of the larger picture and one that I have speculated on with others .ie .. if you wanted to convert salt water into fresh for irrigation vaporization of immense quantities of it would require a vast power source and one that functioned as the result of consuming some natural resource would not be a viable solution .

 The water pump idea does not explain the need to create this huge EM anomaly that taking into account all the material I have posted leads us to conclude is a likely scenario .

I also support the contention of some that the Great Pyramid was constructed long before accepted time frames and prior to the Great Flood as the salt deposits on it having been documenedt by earlier cultures to reach the 400' level of the structure both interior and exterior . Those deposits were removed by earlier cultures as they investigated  and rediscovered the technology and succeeded in reproducing the same effect as the original .. and that led eventually to yet another catastrophic event that is evidenced in the observations of some here .
I believe that this partial submersion is the evidence that has led to the false assumptions of the "water pump " theory which is one that totally disregards the bulk of the material we have to indicate the true original function of the device .

Regarding the precision of the structure it has been shown by numerous investigators that the entire pyramid is designed to be a resonant structure and this ties very neatly into the EM theories which are supported by the anomalistic Browns crystal and the historical record that also indicates the use of electrical energies and a crystal based technology .

Remember throughout the Egyptian culture the purpose of the structure was to "open the gates of heaven" not to pump the water of the earth .

Thanks for the reply