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Title: Possible noobies idea
Post by: myrmex on July 23, 2008, 12:03:55 AM
Hello everyone i have been reading for a couple of week now and altough i do not know much of science i really enjoy reading everything and learning so much information on chemical reaction gravity boundaries etc...

I had a possible idea that sprung looking at the video of gravity wheels and tough maybe i had seen a pattern untried as of yet ( well on here anyway) .

The idea is simple , having a arm with 2 magnet on them on an axis that turn on itself while also turning around the wheel . The magnet are placed based on where the wheel stop , by using repulsion and attraction to get it going, When the wheel turns so does the magnet on the arms so it is possible to aligned and move around the magnetic field around as the wheel moves.

There is 2 thing that can happen either it works or the gate move around depending on where the magnet decide to stop ( like pretty much every other video heh) . I would try the setup myself but i have no magnet around to try it , so if anyone wanna try it I'd really appreciate or if someone has seen such a wheel or know before trying it wont work and why please do so as i am not a PhD.d in anything .. in fact i am pretty illiterate on science facts.

the image is done in 1d in paint ... so it's not the best but the basic is on there the only thing i can see missing is more differently aligned magnet all around the non moving part of the wheel.