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Author Topic: Building my first Lawton/Meyers Cell. need advice.  (Read 2342 times)

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Building my first Lawton/Meyers Cell. need advice.
« on: July 11, 2008, 09:36:36 AM »
Hey all, love the site.
I am currently designing my first cell, i will try to document as much as i can.
a few quick questions tho.

I notice alot/ALL of the meyers cells i have seen are built with clear tube.
Looking for acrylic tubes in NZ the only ones i can find are over $200/m.

Does it need to be round, or will a box column suffice?
I have some acrylic sheeting here and can make a box 120x120x900mm
i know it's a big sucker.

using the box i have worked out how much tubing i can use.
using 304 stainless:
Outside tube: OD12.7mm. Lost the wall size so can't give an ID
Inside Tube: OD 9.5mm. 1.2mm wall

Tube spacing is 1.2mm
the box can handle 64 tubes 800mm long.
giving me a total reactive volume (water between tubes) of 1.876 Litres

now because of the sheer cost of all that stainless, i can't build the hole thing in one hit, but that will be the final hope.

I will be using the 3rd circuit in the D14.pdf
will the lawton design hold up to so many cells, and that much workload?

thanks for your time and i would appreciate any feedback on my design idea.

Questions again:
Do i have to use a tube, or can i use a box column?
how many cells before the lawton circuit can't take it?
will the Lawton circuit handle the 800mm tubes?