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Title: Need advice on building electro-magnets
Post by: Omaha on July 07, 2008, 10:33:36 PM
I am building a Bedini style motor using six 2 inch x 1 inch neo magnets and five power coils. I am pretty much new at this and am not sure what to build my power coils out of. I will be using a 12V car battery for the power and eventually using two additional batteries for recharging purposes. (After I get the motor to run)

I need help with a few questions:
What type of wire should I use.
What gauge of wire.
How many wraps.
How long should my coil be.
What should I use for my core.

I have built my rotor using the six magnets and built a circuit board based off of the Bedini diagram.
It seems that most motors in the examples I have found use smaller magnets and fewer in number as well.

Thank you for your consideration in helping.