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--- Quote from: ColdLife on July 08, 2008, 04:22:51 PM ---Everyone stop take in a breath, hold it, release it and calm down. Feel better now?

Have you paid any attention to the ads that are on this forum? Half of them seem to be from the same people that xjet are calling scammers. Stefan has a conflict of intrest here. Hmm. make money or move this section to the scam section. I've been reading this forum for a year now and it amazes me everytime that someone tries and takes a scientific/logical approach to the results that people here are seeing, they are belittled and insultated and told to go away "Shun the unbeliever!!!". Look if you want someone to back up xjet I will. I actually laughed when I went to his website. I use to read his stuff several years back. He always seemed to be legit to me (More so the some people on this forum). Everyone on this forum is so ready to believe and not question people that say that they have done what is seemily impossible, yet anyone that wants to say "prove it" gets squashed into the ground. Even this own forums contest has yet to be claimed. Why is that when everyday there is someone new posting that they have discovered the secret to the universe? And yet everyone jumps on board going ohh and ahh. I would love for even a hundered thousandths of what is claimed on this forum to be true, yet there has never been any real evidence proving it is. The most you ever have is two people getting these wonderful results and everyone else mysteriously failing.

The test that xjet purposes is almost industry defacto for what he is purposing. Why is this so hard to believe? Especially when the people on the forum seem to believe everyday that new things are being discovered in people's basements that defy conventional wisdom, and are done in a completly non logical matter.

Yes he did it is your standard compare the modified engine to the unmodified engine. If the modified engine has more wear that is bad and doesn't pass. Is that unreasonable?

$5k is cheap for this kind of contest as well.

Ask yourself why so many people believe we never landed on the moon? You can always show people "proof", but it's still up to the individual to take your proof and believe it.

Now I open the floodgates to being called names and belittled, as I try and bring some calmness and reason to this great thing called life.

--- End quote ---

I totally agree with you "ColdLife", I realize that human nature takes over sometimes but what has happened in this thread I haven't seen ever on any other forum, where is the moderator walking on water somewhere ??  I'm the kind of person that am prepaired for the snowstorm, earthquake, flood, hurricane especially when I see it coming. I'm not stupid to wait until afterwards saying what happened, I didn't know, they didn't tell me or poor me I was "DUMB". There is a firestorm coming "LIKE IT OR NOT" and from the look of things here on this forum, you all are gonna get "BURNT". Like I said Bruce Simpson may be the first but won't be the last. Just wait someone of fame or stature gets hurt maimed or die from the crap (HHO) devices out there, then what ??? Laws do change .......... "REALLY" !!!!

Here is a story which seems to blow the HHO scammers' claims that the auto-makers are in a conspiracy with the oil companies to suppress this technology.

Electric cars? How will the oil companies and auto-makers respond to a defector in their ranks?

Or could it be that the conspiracy that gets spoken of so frequently here is nothing but hot air?

"will be offered through a lease program to selected customers in California and 10 will be used as show cars."  I'll even do a better one. I live in a small city that has a GEM factory. I see an occasional nice GEM on the streets but never during the winter. It's a jazzed up golf cart with needed improvements but it's actually an American company building them here in America! You never see that anymore. We had this factory for over 5 years now, why aren't we all driving these then? Why can we build 5000 dollar rockets and not an efficient and inexpensive car? Oh wait, we can! Why aren't we driving them?


" The energy required to dissociate the atoms of a water molecule in this way is still more than the energy recovered by recombining them back into water"

The energy required to drill for oil and transport oil and refine oil is still more than the energy recovered
by burning it in your automobile.

Just a thought  :-\


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