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Author Topic: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !  (Read 221442 times)

Offline newton2

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #375 on: November 30, 2008, 10:38:07 AM »
Hello Honoured Profiles
The Honoured Administrator
of This The OVER-UNITY-Forum  !!

Might I kindly briefly interfere into Your interesting important
continued-going-on Discussions
per my few mere sentences :

**********It is possible to make a SMOT in surden Functional "Ways"........
"Ways" per Classical Mechanical Functionings of a kind of

>>If-when "having" a Classical Mechanical OU-Device functioning per
>>some "Point-Size-Objects" expressing Force to Surroundings and
>>being "acted-on-by-an-other-Object´s-Force"............
>>i.e.  "like"  "Ideal-Mass-Objects"........
>>i.e. "like"   "Ideal-Electro-Statical Q-Charges".........
>>THÉN might somehow be "expected" ,
>>that the socalled "Regular-Sized-Rods-Ends-H-Poles" might be
>>arranged to act in a "Dual/Twin-2-Devices"-SMOT.....
>>for if the Permanent-H-magnetes-Rods are "long-enough".....
>>THÉN the H-fields-gradientes of Rods-Ends "form"
>>a seemingly "local"-Space´s H-"Charge" (in Means of Elder Magneto-Statics-Theses)...
>>SUCH might be applied for surden Classical-Mechanical OU-DEvices functioning
>>per Classical Mechanical Forces (in Means of Original Classical Mechanics Founding Theses)

Often" a SMOT-Action is "claimed" per involving Gavitational "pull/push-away"......
SUCH might be "substituted" i.e. per a "Spring"..................


WKR & have Yourselves a nice Day and Weekend and a pleasant Winter and
Joyfull Seasonal Happenings.........
and For Whom It Relates : Merry Xmas 2008 & Happy NewYear 2009 !

Offline newton2

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #376 on: December 01, 2008, 01:36:55 PM »
Hello Honoured Profiles
and The Honoured Administrator
of This The Honourable OVER-UNITY-Forum !!

Might I kindly briefly per a few mere Wordings-Sentences
just mention about a SURDEN Aspect related to Elder Classical Magneto-Statics :

A Regulary Shaped Properties-Isotropical Cylindrical
allthough depending on the mu-r-value
DOES NOT  "JUST"  "take-away" from a locally surrounding
Space to The Rod  "All" of Exterior H-Magnetical-Fields.......
"for" to "let"  "through"  The Rod instead.......
(with kind References to mostly per Sketches depicted Situation in
  Physics/Technical Litteratures Publications ).............!!

For some OU-Experimentators & OU-Theoretics THIS is a WELL-KNOWN
Circumstance :
>> to would attempt to "make" a LOCAL SPACE  "surrounded" by
some  N pcs of  "Same-Signed" H-poles......
for to let surden Positions-in-Space be  COUNTER-OUT-BALANCED by
summarizing the TOTAL of H-Fields.........

AND "HERE" THE  OU-"Alternative-Physics/Technics/Maths"  DO THE
>> If THÉN some of the "Same-Signed" H-poles  are translatorically MOVED
>> as referenced to some of the OTHER  (perhaps-as-STILL-STANDING)
>> "Same-Signed" H-poles ==>> "would" THÉN STILL be a In-Total-
>> Out-Balanced H-Magnetical-Field in the Positions of
>> Compared-to
>> "If-All-Same-Signed-H-poles are
>> NOT moving referenced to Each Others"...................

Might I kindly mention about,
that "in MORE CLOSE" Details to would describe
such a Physical Situation of "Same-Signed-H-poles"
ASpects of Elder Classical Forces-Theses and
of Elder Classical Magneto-Statics-Theses and
of Elder ElectroDynamics-Theses....................

to UN-VEAL in a soon Near-Future
 will be in Aims of to would HONOUR
The OU-Researches
The Alternative Physics .......!!

Many really important Practical & Theoretical Results have appeared
per Hardlabored Researches in OU and in Alternative Physics during
many Years-Decades.........!!


WKR & have Yourselves a nice Day and a Pleasant Winter´s Time
and Joyfull Seasonal Happenings Events
and For Whom It Relates : Merry Xmas 2008 & Happy NewYear 2009 !!

Offline timmy1729

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #377 on: December 01, 2008, 10:05:50 PM »

Because of your bickering on who has done/got what first, and patenting fiasco, we (the rest of the world) are still running things on oil/coal and line governments big fat wallets.

Get your grip together and let free energy into the world. Screw patent and claims and whatnot.
If you intend on hoarding the knowledge and wait on the grace of your wonderfull government to grant you patents, then we are never seeing free energy, because too much money is tied up into energy business. No way in hell they will grant you a patent you can make any money off. Youre in their playground now and youre after a piece of their pie.

Its gonna play out like this:
• You develop a device
• You file for a patent
• You go on youtube and demonstrate your device
• You get a bit greedy and you try get some investors in to get the "bussiness" rolling
• Time passes, world yaawns (1 - 8 years)
• Patent office writes back and informs you either that such a device allready exists under a different name and you would have to reformat your claim or some such, causing another delay.
• You get some investors or government assasinates you and we forget all about that wonderfull device you "sommebody" (yes we cant even recall your name anymore) was working on.
• We still run appliances and homes on oil.

The way it should play out to get a world in a better shape:
• You develop a device
• You proove it works to the people
• You make contengency plans if something was to happen to you or the device
• You publish papers online with diagrams for evey Joe out there soo he can build it on his own

• Government is screwed with this new FACT and has to addapt
• There is either a revolution, or mankind opens up a new chapter in human history on how we beat powerty, war,...
• And yes, you will be remembered as a man who freed people from this slavery to energy moguls.
• And yes were damn sure to make you ritch. Just immagine, a man that saved Earth opening up a donation page.  You would get millions upon millions of donations. If indeed economy would exist as such that is. But still, you wont go hungry or anyone else for that matter ever again.

Its either that or you keep worrying about your precious device and your BILLs and hoping you will get a patent granted, you will get investors and a fat big wallet.

I appologize for vocabulary quirks, as I am not a natural English writer.  ::)

First, don't worry about the English writing. It's my native language and heaven help me if I have to write a paper. Anyway...

I totally agree with you. This is one thing I hope to achieve in my life: helping to restore the balance between humans and nature, starting with clean and free energy. Should I be so fortunate as to come up with an original idea or build something already invented but forgotten that will free people from the shackles of greed, I would put all my work in the public domain and start a donation website too :-)

I would, however, make sure I had moved somewhere else BEFORE releasing the work. I would send it to as many people as possible and have them put it on their servers and at a set time announce it all at once and make the biggest stink I can until everyone knows.

Offline Doug1

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #378 on: December 01, 2008, 10:21:49 PM »
  Do you still have your PMH,the big one?

Offline BEP

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #379 on: December 02, 2008, 02:18:58 AM »
Besides, you gave that statement not thinking first.

 ??? ??? ???


Invent something of this nature and proceed as you stated. Be my guest, PLEASE!   ;D

I hope you succeed in your plans. I really do!

Just remember you were told - reality has a nasty habit of biting you from behind.

I'm done with this conversation.

Offline newton2

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #380 on: December 02, 2008, 11:14:45 AM »
Hello Honoured Profiles
and The Honoured Administrator
of This The Honourable OVER-UNITY-Forum  !!

And my especially mentioning about welldone Attentions-/
Warnings-Notes  from i.e.
the Honoured Profiles   timmy1729   and   BEP  !!


Might I kindly briefly merely just mention about The SMOT
in Circumstance of  : 


to would realize about...................

IN "VIEWS" OF OU...........!!

Might I kindly frankly merely mention about ,
that "I Self" did "start" with "Own" Researches about
"Matters" of Energy-Generation and OU.........
many Years-Decades ago...............
for by "my" aiming per "Strict Science/Technics-Evaluations-Methods"
"I" "got"  CLEAR  Results about ,
that surden Physics-Theses about : "Conservation of Energy"-etc-etc
are "just" meant as "Theses"..........!!

And without UN-VEALING any "Secrets" :
"my" "first" Results about Energy-Generation and OU in
"fact" were closely related to "Classical Means of Space-Drive".......!!

THÉN "followed" the "more" of possible OU-Methods
per   "ELECTRICAL CURRENTS-"-Actions and per
"Electro-Dynamical"  Actions..............!!

And by "having" thus "my" "sure" "own" Results of "OU-Methods
per Electrical Currents-Actions  and per ElectroDynamical Actions.....

THÉN "I" could "allow" for "some" further "researching" into the
OU  per  THE SMOT  and  THE  GRAVITATIONAL  WHEEL and Alikes Intended Methods...!!

"I SELF"  still AIM for realizing and constructing SMOT & Gravitational Wheel  Actions
from a "Point of View" like ==>> "The hardlaboring former Times many experimenting
Persons´s Idealisms might be PRAISED & HONOURED by "MAKING" such

are NOT "DOGMES" of The notorious too-well-established Dogmes-Physics & Maths-



Might I kindly briefly merely just mention about :
>> FOUNDING  THESES............
>> a selected Ex. of possible Discussion :
>> "The Circumstance of THE CLASSICAL MASS in Classical Electro-Dynamics=>>
>> HOW is THe Classical Mass INVOLVED in Classical Electro-Dynamics (and by
>>  "more" than "just" to would realize the p.t.-forgotten "Electro-Dynamical Mass-Action"..)


YES....there have been surden "most Personal" Discussions in The OU-Forum.....

might such "Discussions" perhaps be "concerned" as a Circumstance of the most
important Aims for OU and gaining MORE of "well" Knowledges to Mankind...!!
WKR & have Yourselves a nice Day and a pleasant Winter and
For Whom It Relates :  Merry Xmas 2008  &  Happy NewYear 2009  !!

And my Thanks to Your All for Your All of interesting important Contributions to
              The Honourable  Course  of  OVER-UNTY....!!

PS :
Also to be "remembered" about ,  allthough this is The Honourable OVER-UNITY-Forum :
The socalled 2.nd.Degree of "PM"-Action per "Thermodynamical Heat converted
into "Mechanical/Electrical-Energy"........!!
(A selected e.g. as for Discussions about the Magnifying-glass and "Random ThermoDynamical
 "Temperatures-Equivalent ElectroDynamical Radiation......)......!!  

Offline timmy1729

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #381 on: December 02, 2008, 02:38:08 PM »
Once again.

Yes i would wholehartedly decided to let the information loose.

Once the genie is out of the bottle,.. you know the rest. It would be kinda pointless for the government threats then right?
Besides, you gave that statement not thinking first. If the inventor is true of heart and is trying to get this out, dont you think hes allready in their sights?  If the inventor knows that, then why is he wasting his time on getting this thing out when he knows his family is threattened and he will never be permitted to get this thing out?

OK said that,... he can give the technology to someone else anonimously, and he gets it out as long as it gets out.

THEY (by this I mean the oposition, corporations and governments, oil cartels..) are genuinely screwed if this gets into public domain.
Killing one lone inventor and his whole family and close distant relatives is not gonna help them. Once the genie is out of the bottle, the revolution can not be stopped.

As they are, but a few in control of many. Once you loose that control youre as good as dead. Their time is comming.

The inventor I am reffering to is SM whos invention is known to you allready. Allso I see a nice movement in free energy bussiness in Australia. This is comming out and no idle threats are gonna make any difference. They better buckle their bellts, write their wills, get their affairs in order, ...

Patent office is nothing more than a filtering system on what people should and should not know.
Its a body for control. Who else likes to control their subjects? (fill the blanks yourself).

I trully admire SM if his invention or rather adaption works. We all know 95% of todays free energy comes from none other but Nikola Tesla work. But I dont mind that. Humanity has been put on hold for 100 years, its time these things come out.
They made enough fortune through controlling the technology to suit their vision of the world.

How about 95% of today's electricity period comes from the work of Nikola Tesla? IMHO, anyway.

I think that something as important to the balance of nature, ending world hunger, and ending war as free energy is, people would see exactly how important it really is and not be so greedy. I see where an inventor wants to patent his work(I don't agree with patents, but that's another post), find someone to produce whatever, and he get paid his royalties and his name stamped on the invention. But I think that if I came up with something so important, such as a radiant energy device, I would not hesitate to put it in public domain. Knowledge belongs to the world. I think that Elnorel is right in that, if you set up some kind of donation system, you would never have to worry about $ again. Personally, giving humans a way to help restore balance in nature between us and the environment would make ME a fulfilled person because the world would be better off because I was here. But, that's just me. Most other people have different purposes in their lives. I just hope that someone who already has this kind of technology working stops trying to make a buck and starts saving the world.

Offline Thaelin

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #382 on: December 04, 2008, 08:38:15 AM »
   I just have to ask newton2, where is that avatar from?


Offline newton2

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #383 on: December 04, 2008, 11:13:12 AM »
Hello Honoured Profiles and
THe Honoured Administrator
of This The Honourable OVER-UNITY-Forum !!

Might i kindly briefly just mention about :

The socalled "90degrees" Action of H-magnetical Fields........
allthough there"IS" such a kind of Action ,
THÉN to would attempt to use for OU
though would involve to "should"
realize about the Classical Mechanical Founding Theses
& Related like i.e. "The Integral of FORCE x Way"........!!

The Importances and Circumstances of Classical Mechanics TORQUE....!!

It IS possible to make Actions of surden SMOTS by respective Methods & layouts ,
though eventually "NOT" as thén ALSO  with "associated" OU....!!


WKR & have Yourselves a nice Day and sooncoming Weekend and a pleasant winter;
 and For Whom It Relates : Merry Xmas 2008 & Happy NewYear 2009 !

Offline newton2

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #384 on: December 06, 2008, 01:25:57 PM »
Hello Honoured Profiles
and The Honoured Administrator
of This The Honourable OVER-UNITY-Forum !!

Might I kindly briefly per a few mere Sentences just hint about
this Aspect.......:

***********The Situation & Circumstance of an isotropically-homogeneous Properties
Mu-r-permeabilities-material formed as a Closed Ring
to place "through-around" an Electrical Currents Winding
in such a fashion ,
that the Winding´s Inner-area is NOT completely , though only some partly ,
filled out by the Mu-r-permeabilities-Material (in Rings-Shape...) ;
THÉN further to state a Criteria about ,
that the "Ring" is SHAPED to "FOLLOW" the Original Winding´s LOCAL
H-Fields-Gradientes =>
(to say: NONE of oblique angles between "air-cored Winding´s" Original
H-Field´s Classical Thesed "H-Lines" and Mu-r-Material´s local Parts´s

these OU-discussive Matters´s Aspects of these few elementary
Examples-Given : 

##To tresspass/circumpass the Lenz´s "Law"-Theoreme.....!

##To state about possible Interactions-couplings between separate Windings
    per H-fields"  "guided-through" Mu-r-Materials......!

##Surden SMOTS-Circumstances  (the H-gradientes of Mu-r-materials....) and
    (the Kind of SMOT without any Mu-r-material involved.....).......!

##Might 2 separate Windings interactively-H-fields-couple per diamagnetical
    Materials placed inbetween the 2 separate Windings.......!

##The differences in Properties between "common" dia-magnetical Materials and
    The "Dia-magnetical" Super-Conductor.....!

##The Problematics of Practically-applied Maths  if-when to would determine about
    "very-small" Movements of Mu-r-Materials "used" for H-fields-couplings
    between 2 (or more numbers of) separate Windings.........!

##"Also" the Mu-r-Material might be "used" by being "wound-around".......!

These few mere Examples are of course NOT fullfilling of "explaining" "All" of
Problematics & Situations of
[ INTENDED OU ] -Ideas
per Classical ElectroDynamics and Classical Magneto-Statics.....!!


WKR & have Yourselves a nice Day and Weekend anda pleasant Winter´´s Time...

and For whom It Relates :     Merry Xmas 2008 & Happy Newyear 2009  !!

And my Thanks about Your All important interesting significant Contributions
to the  Honourable  Course  of  The OU.....!!


Offline scotwhite

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #385 on: December 07, 2008, 01:57:10 AM »
You know i agree to a great degree to what Elnorel is saying.
There are hundreds of experimentors that have accomplished OU and anti grav and so on but none of it is on the market.why?
Simple the system is not designed to profit from this type of tec.
So seems to me if you want to establish these principles and give this new tec to the world then someone or many need to sacrifice something like time, money, ego, knowledge, gain, recognition and so forth.
Not like you aren't doing some of that already it's plain to see.But maybe we need to unify some how and really do for others as we would do for ourselves.
I can hardly understand electrical and electronic circuits but i can understand mechanics and i have a few machine tools and i am willing to build whatever for whom ever if it is well thought out and there is an agreement as to possibility of it working.
I will do it for free and I will pay for the materials unless I just can't come up with the money then I will pay for as much as I can. If I need to do more just ask.
 my name - Scot    I live in Indiana  Fort Wayne

Offline Elnorel

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #386 on: December 08, 2008, 11:04:03 AM »
(do not comment if you have not read it in its entirety)

The point we are at now is the following.

OK lets say you're a scientist or just simply a practitioner in mechanics/electricity and you are experimenting with some old work from lets say Tesla.

One day you come to a breakthrough (finally find that necessary frequency) that makes the device work (produce OU).

You feel like you just hit a LOTO jackpot, you feel ecstatic, you just want to tell the world.
Then the rational part of your brain hits in and you start to think.

Thoughts that arise (depending on the what kind of a person you are)
• I could proffit from this / How can I make money from this
• What should I do next I don't know anyone who could help me push this out
• I wonder if there is any patent preventing me from making this a reality
• If I release this in the world, my life is pretty much forfeit !?!
• Monday I'm off to the patent office and I'm gonna make some inquiries

OK once you've sorted yourself and you have your patents pending and whatnot, you feel more comfortable getting this out. You give little tidbits of information on some forum or similar just to get people on track. You wont give out any relevant info because your patent is PENDING and you don't know if anyone is gonna beat you to it (fortune, money, bling-bling).

Giving out this info (to the people)  is like donating a winning LOTTO jackpot to the world. At least that's how you feel about it. (human nature I guess).

All the big cartels that make trillions of dollars know psychology of people all too well and are playing on that card.

First they come to you, offering you large sums of money to buy this from you and a promise you wont say anything ever again, go live in Miami in a style, raise a family, have white picket fence and a dog (or whatever makes your fancy).

If this approach fails, they use a alltogether different approach. They play on all your fears and intimidate you. You would for example turn up dead in a sewer or similar, or your family (loved ones) would get it. You offcourse being human play this game according to standard human psychology which without a doubt makes you listen to them and you grow silent, never speak of it again.

If even this approach fails (the intimidation), they make your life a living hell. They have the power bankrupt you/your company, frame you with some crime,... you name it, they can do it. Your life turns to hell.

If even this doesn't work, they call in the sweep team that erases you from the world. (tragic accident if you have a family or a downright assassination).

Lets say you screw them by releasing the information to the world via proxy. In other words, through another person who has a certain immunity to all of this.
You're asking yourself "OK who is immune from them?".
A just question I sadly don't have an answer too, well at least not a complete bullet proof one.
If It were me. I would do the following:

A: Its clear by now that you and your whole life is being monitored, in other words you have been put on a MAP. They have you in their sights.

B: In order to give this info out, you first have to make some failsafes; which include compiling info and opening up safes in different SMALL banks that are not a part of some big conglomerate, giving an envelope to the postal service safe account to be delivered to some news media in the event of your untimely death or delivered in a certain time (1 year from now).

C: Now you can start really thinking how you can give this out and hopefully earn some cash in the process. Luckily for you we live in the information age and internet is freely available to us. Sure its monitored, but we have a way around this, at least those of us that are a little more computer savvy you could say. Onion proxy approach would be your best bet, from a public library even better. If you're not into computers and have none of the required skill, these things will be next to impossible to you.

D: Your best and only defense is the trust in other people. First your immediate circle of people in the family and later on-line comunity (this forum is a great example).

E: It may seem to you that you're in controll of your life as it is and all of this is a bunch of nonsense and that I am exaggerating. But keep in mind the following to be a fact in today's information age. First time you make your device known and it is prooven that it works (telling and proving it on the forum, youtube and in patent office), you're in the tracking system. You will not see or hear them, but they can hear and see you, trust me.

As I was saying, in order to screw hem completely and utterly is to distribute this information on the internet in the widest possible way.
Forums, youtube, google video, news media,.. I mean just hit it full throttle. So it cant be deleted, censored and your life threatened.

Make yourself open to the widest degree. Give out your full name, address, homepage info and how people can contact you.
Why would you do such a "dumb" thing you ask? Simply because it will make you untouchable. If you're in the media, everyone knows who you are and EVERYONE knows if anything happens to you, proving that your info is something to kill for.
Sure its a gamble, but that's only 2nd approach if the first approach I mentioned earlier doesn't work.

Steps: Compile info, get a camera and film the prototype if you have one, digitize the media, prepare upload accounts previous to redistributing the info. Accounts for free picture upload service, video service like youtube, google, make a forum, livecam portal.
Find out what are the emails of journalists in news media news media (don't think only in your country, think abroad. If you're in US think EU, If you're in EU, think US, Russia, Asia.

Once you release, all hell will break loose in the next hour or so. Your mobile might start to ring, email will get flooded,.. you will be the man people will want to get in contact with. Getting media exposure is your protection. Don't make dates far ahead,.. like yes sir I will show in your studio on Friday,.. etc. Say you want to be in the evening news, gather momentum, get this thing wide open to the world.

All this can play out quite differently. If in the next 24 hours nothing happens, you're in trouble. It means you didn't try hard enough, or didn't contact nearly enough people or you missrepresented yourself to them.

If all goes right, at least 3 major newsmedia would be ringing your phone and/or be at your doorstep. It would be wise to go there personally even before you make an announcement making it additional safeguard.

If It were me, I would Upload all media to proper places on the internet via proxy offcourse. Make a website (offline). Make a bot to release the information on a certain time, date etc.
Having this timed and prepared I would walk to newsmedia building, meet an editor, explain and prove everthing to him and try to get him to make an evening special. Explaining to him the fact that info is going on-line at lets say 7 in the evening and if he doesn't want to air you, you would go to the competition giving them exclusivity. Either way, he will see your proof, he will want to air you if his not in "their" pocket.
Just make it certain you show it to him that this is history in the making, a new step for humans all over the world. independence from energy.

Offline Mr. M

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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #387 on: December 08, 2008, 03:10:55 PM »
If it were me I would make archive everything up, upload it to as many places I could and not take any credit for it at all... Watching the ensuing chaos would be reward enough for me.

Sadly, though, I'm never going to discover OU.

Offline PaulLowrance

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    • Global Free Energy
Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
« Reply #388 on: December 08, 2008, 08:12:01 PM »
Elnorel is thinking! I love to read great thinking. Elnorel, I commend you, as there's nothing wrong with be cautious, especially when something as grand as global "free energy" is at stake. Such precautions are inexpensive, you could say they're "free."

Over the years I occasionally think of what to do if I had the "smoking gun."  It depends what the device is. If it's difficult and/or expensive for people to replicate, then one needs to take a different step.

Here's what I would do if I had a "free energy" machine that was easy enough for common people to replicate and affordable -->

Find people, anyone who may appear open-minded. In Los Angeles, California, there are places such as Venice beach walk where there are plenty of open-minded people on weekends. This is a place where anyone can bring their own stand and sell whatever they want. Typically you find anything from new age crystals to tatoo artist.

I would ask him if he's open-minded and interested in seeing a "free energy" machine.  If he's interested, then somehow you need to take him to an isolated location to demonstrate it. Tell him that you're not selling anything, and that your sole interest is in getting as many people replicating it as possible. Your goal is to get the person to replicate your device, and have the person do what you're doing.

You could think of this as a pyramid scheme, except you're not making money. The idea is to get people to replicate your device, and get them to find replicators, etc. I would have a small set of rules on paper, that each person would in turn copy. One rule is to never give information that would allow anyone to track you down. Your goal is to help these people replicate the device, and encourage them to do what you're going. Once you accomplish that goal, you'll never see the person again. That way, nobody could track you down.

So this would only work if it's a device that *obviously* produces usable amounts of power, and that's inexpensive and easy to replicate. This method will not work for my diode array, even though I have the proof.

This method would explode across the nation. There's nothing anyone could do about it. I've seen far more than enough to know that anyone who tries to make money from a "free energy" machine will not succeed. Trust me, you'll make money with the above method, but not on the devices first version. Once the word gets out across the world, then you can begin improving your device, version 2. You can sell version 2, 3, etc.  A lot of people don't want to build a machine. They just want to buy it. You'll have more customers than you could possibly keep up with.


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Re: Magnetic OU principle, You should really take a look at this !
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I forgot to add:  Get a provisional patent on your second version devices, but wait a bit for the first version. Wait until the replicators spread across the world. Then you can get a provisional patent of the first version if you wish.

That brings up the issue with encrypting your full name, address, and info in the replication xerox sheet. I would provide the hexadecimal text that encrypts this information on the replication sheet. Hex text is -->

7F34A9ED710BCA89FE5C ...

That way you will have your full name, address, and info on thousands of sheets that the replicators will have.

Also, I would offer my replicators a CD or DVD that I made that would contain videos of the device operating, how to make it with every detail. Also, you could include your full information, your designs how you came up with the invention, etc., and you could encrypted name and address.