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Author Topic: Better way to organize all this electrolyzer info  (Read 2398 times)

Offline that0n3guy

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Better way to organize all this electrolyzer info
« on: July 02, 2008, 12:33:41 AM »
Hey All,

I've been digging through the different yahoo groups and forums that deal with hydroxy gen. and I am very excited and impressed with all the info.

That said, it seems that "the info" is somewhat difficult to find, or can be for the newbie that knows nothing about boosters. 

That is why I made is still rough around some of the edges, but has LOTS AND LOTS of features and thought it would be good to get it out in the open and start organizing data.

My goal is to get a database large enough that if anyone want to see if there vehicle has been 'boosted' (referring to hydrogen boosting) they can find there vehicle, and read how someone did it.


Here is a quick overview of what it is:

Site Sections

    * Electrolyzer Database -  Users can post and edit an unlimited number of electrolyzers they have built.  All the specifics about the electrolyzer can be input and displayed.
    * Vehicle Database - Users can post and edit an unlimited number of vehicles they have tested hydroxy boosters on.  All the specifics are stored in one place and can be easily sorted through.
    * Forum - Post any question you have about Electrolyzers or hydroxy production
    * Wiki - The wiki is to be a collection of all information compiled by users for users, any registered user can create/edit information.
    * FAQ - A Frequently Asked Questions section where questions and anwers to the most common questions will be displayed.
    * User profiles - Every user will have there own profile where all their electrolyzers and vehicles can be seen.
    * User blogs - User can have there very own blog so they can post all their personal electrolyzer info.
    * User Uploads - Users can upload and categorize files and information.  They will also be able to upload private files that is only seen by them.
    * ...and MORE...

Site Features

    * Private messaging - Send a private message to whomever you like.
    * Contact Form - Users have the ability to send each other emails through the site.
    * Advanced Notifications - Users can select which forum posts/blog posts/wiki pages/etc... they want to be notified about.  Users can also choose whether they want to be notified via private message (pm) or email.
    * Rich text editor - Easily format your posts to make them very legible.
    * ...and MORE, just check it out yourself!