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Author Topic: An analysis of Dingel  (Read 4777 times)

Offline Barbicane

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An analysis of Dingel
« on: July 01, 2008, 05:01:00 PM »
Queries re: Dingel vid.

From as much as I can interpret the words from the video.

“The hydrogen comes out” (electrolyser) “and goes here” (apparent coolant tank), “then it goes to the limitation, then to the soleniods” (but I thought it was an injection engine?) – but it goes to the solenoids {the bank of devices beneath the perspex shield never revealed}.

“so it goes on operation to solenoid”

The oxygen appears to flow into the same coolant tank, but from a different outlet from his reactor and likewise, a different chamber. The internal of the reactor appears to show a honeycomb of stainless mesh, laid out in bath form, ergo an electrolyser in some form, similar to Xogen.

“And then the oxygen goes into the intake manifold”

From the video it appears that his four (four cyl ICE), inlets lead into the discreet solenoid bank and then who knows?

Also indicated in the delibarate writings on his hood are many phrases.
(H-comb separator) – (Automatic lubrication) _ and it’s a Joe-Cell operative, but using the convntional apparatus of the ICE engine!
Also on the hood:

Hydrogen      Oxygen
H2 fuel    +   O2 support

I would asssume that Dingel is only aware of the effect, as is common to most discoveres, whose inventions are parallel throughout the world.

Daniel’s indicators are both indicative and quite complex; it is obvious that he wants to reveal his structure, but under a form of disenformation, I can only call odd.

He indicates that the solenoid bank distributes the hydrogen into 1 point ie, 4 divided into one (as his 4 cyl ICE).

Other minds can I have no doubt, pick up  the missing puzzle pieces. I am only inputing what I feel may be useful.

Likewise as gotuluc has indicated otherwise, his group has lost focus

Behind H20 Honeycomb Separator (therefore his key code is about how to separate H0 and oxygen inside the same cell – and then to recombine them via a phased soleniod driven split, into provisional, controllable form.

Each of his 19 honeycomb separators is of six angles, the exact proportion for both bees (now nearing extinction) and the sixty degree fundamnetal of Fuller.

In other words, the requisite harmonic of 120 divided, to recombine with fundamental sixty Hz.

You see everyone has tried either round or flat plate but no-one has tried a sixty degree pattern in mesh. Stan’s problem was that he had to introduce induced voltage components to the ICE and this mean’t huge complications. It was his brother who realised that the plasma components once liberated from the plug, provided all the capacity of integrity already incorporated in the ICE; but such a magnitude of information in today’s world simply could not be expressed, without ramification, so he had to bury it within Oxigen.

I almost feel sorry for him.

Now, take the honeycomb of sixty degrees and understand the injection of solenoid phasing + the cell separation of HH0 & oxygen into the intakes of the ICE – and it is there for you – complete with all existing battery + coil + alternator components.

Those of you who can see can begin a new thread – and liberate us from combined knowledge.

The ICE already has all required keys – good old H.Ford knew this – and so do you.

More info regards vids etc, if required


Offline danieldingel

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Re: An analysis of Dingel
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2008, 01:54:32 PM »
Look at the way he explains other things on his website: