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Author Topic: Stainless Steel plates configuration weird problem...  (Read 2547 times)

Offline sigmaX

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Stainless Steel plates configuration weird problem...
« on: June 28, 2008, 01:12:38 AM »
Hi Folks!

I had my HHO cell ready to install (tomorrow is saturday, so I had some time to accomplish such task on normal daylight hours)....

The configuration I was using was rather dangerous (it seemed to me, at least): 16 SS plates, in the following configuration: +-+-+-+-+-+-+- separated about 1 / 1.5 mm each one from the other.

I was NOT SO HAPPY with this, because (I dont know if it is justified) I kept imaging a shortcircuit among any of those plates, that would in turn burn the protective fuse in the circuit but also quite surely create a spark inside the HHO cell, and even if the cell is submerged in water, I am afraid that it anyway would make an explosion ... or even, maybe water would be somewhat consumed, and level got down, and the spark actually happens on open HHO gas.

So, being reading about the Smack HHO generator, with its +n nn nn n- configuration, could deliver 1.5 / 1.7 L of hho with 20amps, I reconfigured my SS plates into this other way.

I got 5 pairs of SS plates, three of which are "neutral" comunicating the voltage between each pair by ss bolts, and two pairs, one in each extreme, have their outmost ss plate bolted into + and - terminals with the same PSU (13,75volts, 12 amps / max 15 amps) I?ve been using to test my first configuration.

NO bubbles. No amperage consumption.

If I leave for a minute or two, I can see some bubbles form.

I shortcircuit plates pairs from 2 to 4, thus having only 1st and 5th pair actually working, and I get some noticeable bubbles, and amperage goes up to 1.6 amps.

I shortcircuit everything leaving only ONE pair of working plates ( a +- config) and I get 2.5 amps and more bubbles.

This is consistent with my other config, wich where 8 pairs  of +/- which used up all my amps, and made the psu to lower into 11.9 volts (obviously my earlier config would go to 2.5 amps x 8 in consumption, as it was power hungry).


Shouldn?t I get significant bubbling with the smack  + nn nn nn nn - config ?

I measure voltage between any of neutral pairs, and I get a difference of around 2.5 volts which seems ok (voltage is passing thru every neutral pair, and SUPPOSEDLY DOING HYDROLISIS while doing so, and there are even some guys taht state that anything over 2 volts if going into heat).

I already saturated water with baking soda (yep I know, not the best, but it is only for testing purposes) and things do not get an inch better.

I Got to install this tomorrow. Shall I go back into +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- config ? Is there anything I might be overlooking ?



Offline sportcoupe

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Re: Stainless Steel plates configuration weird problem...
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2008, 10:38:42 PM »