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Hi :D everyone,

I believe I have found an efficient way to change water to a fuel.

See Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxnRQ7fkWtE

                                                 This page has been updated October 8th 2008 and is titled:

                                                                   "Ganga Shakti - Water Power"

If this is the first time you are viewing this page I ask you to share this link immediately to everyone you have in your email address list and ask them to do the same no matter what you or they may think. We need to give this back to the World a.s.a.p.

Next I ask everyone to stop experimenting if you can and help with this, since I believe it is the one of the most promising real effect at this time (that I know of) that is fully shared on the Internet. Nothing will be hidden here. You can view the development of everything that is going on.

Now let me give you some background on this. For a couple of years now I was a member of a Yahoo Group called: WaterFuel1978.
At this group user name: s1r9a9m9 claims to have one of his cars working on water and says that one of the parts he uses to do this is an inverter and also some relays. However, no one to date have been able to replicate it and the site dates back since, Jul 30, 2005. On or around June 25th, 2008 s1r9a9m9 posted 2 videos on youtube to show a 18HP one cylinder engine running on water. The video is quite convincing, however he is hiding the important parts to make this work.

After seeing the videos I posted this message to s1r9a9m9 at the WaterFuel1978 Group:

Dear S1R, thank you for the 2 videos which now would make it very hard to say it does not work.

However it is a sad day to think of the years that passed by and our World is getting wasted by these greedy fossil fuel controllers and
to think that all this time you have been a chosen one to put the pieces together that could change all that... and what do you do with it, hide it, just as they do.

All gift of knowledge comes from one place and it is testing man to see what he does with it. All that is good to help keep balance is
meant to be shared with all...just as the structure of the Universe keeps balance and is giving. When one stops the flow that would be
good for Billions of others I would think of that as a great sin and your life could be in much greater danger than you think. All who have tried to control their inventions that could of made our World a better place have lost their life over it or have been bought out just to hide the information. I'm sure Stanley Meyer would do it differently if he had a second chance but it's too late when your dead and the knowledge is lost.

Hiding things will not protect you, sharing will...since you will be welcomed in all the homes of America and the World as a Hero. Now
that is protection if you think you need it. By hiding things you are doing exactly as they want and that makes a small target for them since it is not spread out and can be easily extinguished, 99.99% of the World won't even know it has happen.

You chose your destiny. But I am here to help you in every way I humanly can and I think many others who are here are ready to do the
same. I hope this time we can do it all together, united we stand, divided we

I have hope.



I have believed for many years that water could be used as a fuel.

The next day I posted the message to s1r9a9m9 I started a replication attempts of his system and while working on it I accidentally shorted the DC side of the bridge rectifier and saw a flame spark which made me think of plasma. So I tried many different circuit possibilities to try and incorporate this short circuit effect when the high voltage spark jumped the gap. After 2 days of work I came up with a very simple circuit which is posted at the bottom of this page. I had to work hard to make the circuit so simple since our minds think something like this should be complicated, so don't come to the conclusion that something so simple will not work until you try it. At the botton is my original circuit but I updated the diode part number and the quantity thanks to user name: callanan's added his improvement ideas. His circuit is more complex than mine and could work for you if you are advanced enough in electronics but one way or the other I would recommend (if you want to replicate) that you start with the simple circuit first and after seeing the effect you can add the extra components if you wish. Please note that I believe both circuits give the same effect.

Also, please note that most Spark plug have a resistance in them which needs to be removed. In many models of Spark Plugs you can remove the resistor by heating up the ceramic around the top electrode to unlock the seal and then unscrew it and remove the resistor and spring and replace it with a piece of 10 gauge copper wire or 3 pieces of 14 gauge regular home copper wiring to complete the contact. Make sure the wire you added touches the top electrode just before it sets when you are screwing it back in. Here is a Video Demo of a resistor being removed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J2AHNZUZD0  The gap of the plug can be standard but you could play with it after a successful replication and see what it does. We will be testing all these things and updating this page with the most current information, so keep checking this page for updates.

A note about the video above. I realized only after seeing the video that you cannot see the complete flame that I was seeing when doing the demonstration video. There is an orange red glow around the spark when the water explodes which the video does not pick-up. Also take note that not much water is needed to see the glow and you can kill the effect if you add too much water mist.

Thank you for looking and please remember to Share.


New, added July 26th
Thanks to the great work of Ashtweth of http://www.panaceauniversity.org/ we now have a compilation of all the shared finding in one .pdf file
Click this link to download: http://www.panaceauniversity.org/Water%20Spark%20Plug.pdf

New, added August 22nd
Below is the circuit description that I am testing at this time and the Schematic is (in black) at the bottom of the page. It was drawn for me by user name: Aka from a hand drawn circuit I posted. Thanks Aka for your help ;)

The differences from the original circuit is this one has a Charge Inductor, a smaller uf value Non Polarized Capacitor and 1N5408 1000 volt rated diodes.

It is more advanced and if you are a beginner, I would recommend the original circuit and don't bother using an inverter. Just use your home power from the outlets.


The Full Wave Bridge Rectifier is a standard off the self item 400v  5 amps or more if you wish.

The Air Core Charge Inductor I made is from a primary of a MOT that I cut out and recoiled it. The Inductor center opening is 38mm. The O.D. is 60mm and the width is 40mm. From what I can tell the Mag Wire is about 14 Gauge. The coils DC resistance is 0.4 Ohms and measures 2.23mH on my inductance meter.

The Relay is an Automotive 12vdc relay rated 40A/30A which is SPDT . I did not show the relay coil in the diagram since the black marker I was using is too large to show details. The relays rest position is on the bridge to cap. I use a 12vdc battery to activate the relay coil to discharge the cap to the coil and diode string.

The Capacitor is 6.8uf 250 AC (non polarized). I go this this cap out an old heavy wood 30" color TV unit. I don't know why but this cap takes the best peak charges and gives an amazing bang for its uF size ???  My capacitance meter says it is 6.9uf but gives the same kind of bang as my 22uf 350v polarized, which I also check on meter and it is actually 26uf. I don't understand that.

The Coil is an Automotive Coil made by Accel part on. 8140C. The Primary DC resistance is 1.3 Ohms and measures 6.46mH on inductance meter. Secondary DC resistance is 9.10 K Ohms and I cannot measure H on my meter.

The Diodes are a string of 6 of 1N5408 in series and are rated at 1000 volts at 3A each.

The Spark Plug used for spark gap is from a 3HP gas lawn mower engine that will be used for testing the circuit. Modifications to the plug are: I cut off the J electrode and also filed down the center electrode so both are at same level. With this mod. the Plug now has a 3mm gap. The plugs internal resistor has been removed and replaced with 3 pcs. of correct length 14 gauge solid copper wire to complete the contact.


This is calanan's more advanced circuit to use with a signal generator:

This is my circuit which is updated and very simple to build and can be operated with a switch or a relay:

xbox hacker:

Whats the part number or value for the bridge? I wanna try too  ;D


--- Quote from: xbox hacker on June 27, 2008, 12:10:28 AM ---GREAT JOB LuC!!!! ;D

Whats the part number or value for the bridge? I wanna try too  ;D

--- End quote ---

Hi xbox hacker, It does not matter as long as it can take about 10 amps.

I got to go for some hours, so I won't be available till late tonight E.S.T.


Great work!

Great  job Luc


I am  not sure that I  agree  with you that  radiant  energy is involved .
I do  think   that   your  system is  VERY efficient and  may  be the way to go .

can you  post a  drawing  of  your circuit ?   



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