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Japanese Company Has A Car That Runs On Water.

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Anyone seen this?

From a company called Genepax:




I need to learn more about it.


Leave it to the Japanese to thumb their noses at the NWO!  This is awesome!  Of course the car looks like a motorcycle with walls, but it is totally a "proof of concept".  Bye bye gasoline!  It kinda looks like the Smart Car.  Great for a runabout in a big city.  Unfortunately where I live there are Monster Trucks everywhere, this car would get squashed like a bug.  But now with a water car going into production we know this concept is going to work.  I'll just have to make a Monster Truck powered by water...

I feel like getting sushi tonight!

Viva La Japan!

Yessssssssss SUSHI all the way!!!!!

Indeed the car looks like a trabant and a smart that ran into each other LOL :)

This really has to be a blow to the powers that be!

In the future, you probably hope for rain if you have to drive really far.


I don't quite undestand how that would ever work. They don't give any details on the build, which is always really frustrating with these kind of claims. One thing that caught my attention was that you have to actually keep adding more water in. Why would you have to do that? Supposedly it breaks up water by some chemical reaction, then runs it through fuel cell to produce electricity and not at all surprisingly, water. Heh, I mean there's your water, why do you want any more :). Maybe the chemical stuff consumes the hydrogen so you can't burn it back to water.

Second, needs air intake, for what purpose? Maybe runs on ambient heat? I don't think any chemical reaction could do that though. Maybe just for ventilation or something.

Heh, even stirling engine could run on water, provided it's either hot or cold water, as in different temperature than ambient.

Or maybe it's just another scam...

Daniel Dingel invented an independent (HHO) system already in 1969.
So it is possible!!
a battery to start the HHO production on demand,
an engine running with an alternator recharging the battery...

air intake is for the combustion in the cylinders...


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