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Title: New design
Post by: Alien509 on June 09, 2008, 07:16:35 AM
Hello everyone,
I have created a new design for power generation. I'm not sure if it will work or not because I haven't had the time to test it. I thought I would put it on the table for everyone to experiment with. The design consists of a coil winding with a magnet spinning around the center of the generator, like a conventional generator. The only difference is the magnets are able to move along a path way from the center outward like a "centrifugal clutch". When the generator is spun the magnets move outwards due to centrifugal motion, this engages the magnetic field of the magnets with the coil assembly. When the back EMF comes back through the coil assembly, the magnets simply oppose the force and move closer to the center of the generator. The magnetic field should not exceed the diameter of the coil assembly therefore the magnets are able to fully disengage the coil assembly if need be. I hypothesize that the magnets will generate an electric field in the coil that will oscillate at the natural frequency of whatever load is put onto the coil. The theory is to bypass wattage consumption and eliminate the amount of work that would conventionally be required by a circuit under a dead short condition.... I also hypothesize that this magnetic clutch electrical generation device would engage the magnetic fields around an electromagnet in a way that would possibly allow for faster than light travel and maybe even hydrogen generation on demand. I hypothesize that the generator may switch off the bonding between the water molecules on demand with ease. These are all theories- any people up for testing have at it.