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Author Topic: Meyers sparkplug  (Read 2538 times)

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Meyers sparkplug
« on: May 27, 2008, 06:44:30 AM »
ppl seem to have fallen in love with waterboys theory at

the simplest way to ever get a motor running on water would be a modiied sparkplug/injector called an ELECTROSPARY SPARKPLUG

google : electrospray ionization

the sparkplug acts as an injector and sparkplug , the water is held by capilaryty gets reloaded with amazing stability at very high speed ,( this thing will never break unlike a fuel pump.)

as per us patent ########### 7198208

who needs gas intake anyways? water holds hydrogen,oxygen and nitrogen, just round-off the air intake camshaft or weld it shut .This setup needs the vacuum created by the motor to facilitate electrolysis, . Timing must be perfect , as the piston goes down , the fuel chamber gets hit with enough voltage to instantly vaporize the gas .When this thing comes out, its ionized and atomized  , the molecules or atoms search  to distance themselves (this is a good thing).Next phase ,the piston compresses the ion gas , then zap it again with much higher voltage then was used to turn the water into gas-vapor . then BOOM . Thermal ignition shockwave or w/e you wanna call it . The few drops of water get refilled instantly by voltage , very simple .Exhaust that the steam out and start again. Im not sure if the motor would run cool enough that this would work. The ignition timing is the same , the only that changes is that a second voltage pulse is needed before the ignition in order to blast out the water in the expanding vacuum.

Maybe install a laser in it or w/e , might not even be needed. Ppl have got to thik how to apply it to an engine, not just making lots of bubbles

So what is needed basically ? a modified sparkplug , a second pulse .... i think thats pretty much it