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Title: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: libra_spirit on May 24, 2008, 11:22:35 AM
Deyo states that gravity comes from spin, and that it is a wave phenomina.
The waves move outwards, rebound off the density of space and then reflect back inwards, much like ripples in a circular pond of water.
The waves comming back in create an interference pattern with the ones moving outwards, and then standing waves are the result.

He says that planets orbits can only fall where there is a dip in the Aether pressure, basically.

From this we can assume that the distance from the earth to the moon would have to be one of earths special distances where a nodal ring exists for the gravity wave.

Now if we want to find the gravity waves basic form we take this distance 384,403,000 m and do what with it?

Well with torsion fields we discovered that we can divide distances by whole numbers and often get fractals that will act the same as the longer lengths. This is based on Neishem Harrimens physics, and moving to infinity towards a smaller size fractal.

Gravity may very well have a 12x fractal at the tempic field level. This means we can take this distance and start to divide it by 12 repeatedly until we get to a workable length for use in experiments, and that these shorter lengths will also be resonant for earths gravity field. If they do resonate gravity they may produce some intresting effects.

Distance of Earth to Moon, a known nodal distance for earth gravity / 12 x.
384,403 km [start dividing by 12 repeatedly]

10.728 m
89.4 cm
7.45 cm

Here is the complete breakdown for both 8x and 12x fractals in meters
384,401,000 meters

/8      /12
48,050,125   32,033,416
6,006,265                   2,669,451
750,783      222,454
93,847      18,537
11,730      1,544
1,466      128.73
183      10.7279
22.912      0.89399
2.864      .074499
0.358      .006208
.04475      .00051735

Earth moon fractals

Ok, so I have taken the 7.45 cm distance and fabricated some rods of various materials for testing. The results are very intresting.

For iron wires : Hold the wire between the two index fingers of two hands and slowly alter the angles, see if you feel something?

For Stainless steel wires : Do the same

Copper tube 1/2" ID cut to this length, slide a 1/2" diameter bolt slowly down inside it and hold in one hand for a while
Very intresting energy sensations, is this a gravity vibration?

For the headbangar of all time make one of an Aluminum rod and pour it full of bismuth! Grind off the excess bismuth to the exact length, set it down next to you and may have to destroy this one if you get an intense headache from it.

Wow, all that from the earth moon distance and fractal geometry!

Dave L
Title: Re: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: tishatang on May 24, 2008, 03:32:06 PM

I like the way your mind works.  Here is some  info on the harmonic ratio of 34560.  Maybe it will lead to more discoveries?

Go to paragraph 7.8

I am no position to replicate your experiments, but I want to hear more as you move forward.

Title: Re: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: libra_spirit on May 24, 2008, 09:10:16 PM

34560 is the fractal constant of the spherical universe [Divine Cosmos 7.8]

[384,401,000 / 34560 ] / 34560 = .32183779 m  = ~ 32.18 cm

This would however be the only one appearing anywhere near what we could use for experiment.
It may also have a 12x base, will have to cut one and see.
If the gravity wave moves as a sphere it would make sense.

Thanks for the excellent link.

Dave L
Title: Re: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: tishatang on May 25, 2008, 04:03:26 AM
Several  things come to mind:

You have a rod based on the distance of the earth to moon.  I think we also need a rod based on the sun to earth distance.  It might be more energetic?  One might think of moon energy as being female and the sun energy as being male.  (-,+)  What would happened if a wire were connected between them?  Maybe the distance between them should be the 32.18 cm length you came up with?  I wonder if the three rods would then form a standard triangle for what it is worth?  Maybe an angle of one of the platonic solids?

These rods also represent wavelengths.  What are the frequencies represented by these lengths?  Maybe harmonic relationship to the musical scale?  "Music of the Spheres" of the ancient philosophers?

These rods will probably be direction sensitive, i. e. which way they are pointing.  Maybe highest polarity when the moon is opposite side of earth from sun and rod in alignment?   Or, maybe with rods pointing to center of Milky Way Galaxy?

This is fun.
Title: Re: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: libra_spirit on May 25, 2008, 09:30:47 AM

Good thoughts, you are very perceptive.
It is not hard to cut these and try them. If you go to the hardware store and get a roll of tie wire, used in cement work. It is soft iron.
You just roll some out then slowly hammar it flat using the side of some diagonal cutters, and then cut it using a tape measure. You can try triangles squares, stars etc.... (
Here is where this started for me.

Aligning them with the earths East West line fires them up stronger, and then you can turn them by 15 degree angle setps to a wheel of 24 directions where they will peak at each one. I call this the wheel of 24.

From my studies I realized that the resonance of torsion fields is simply lengths of iron and copper perfectly cut flat on each end if possible, but not even necessary for trials. These lengths set up nodes, or energy points along them showing a fractal breakdown of even segments. If you find a length that has an exact even breakdown you can cut them up on the nodes and another smaller set will immediatly pop out of the shorter ones having the exact same pattern.

There is just too much here for one person to explore in a lifetime! Let alone start using these resonant lengths in other kinds of experiments, which needs to be tried.

The discovery of the 7.45 cm one was a very good addition to the others we have already discovered along the way. I would use it in the iron uprights of the Deyo three layered system if I get that far with it.

Today I tried three more of these:

35.8 cm      14.0945"      [3/32"]      24x fractal present   [8x Earth gravity system, verified nodes]

32.18 cm      12.6693"      [10.7/16"] or [21.4/32]     6x fractal system  [Earth gravity node - subtle but present]

20.1881 cm   7.94807"   [15.1/16 or 30.34/32"]       16 - 24x ? - [not linear not a valid fractal that I can feel Sun gravity calc]

Not absolutly sure on the last one.
I believe since we are setting on the earth, its field will be most consistent and strongest. While the Sun length did have a nodal system somewhere between 16 and 24, and hard to detect, it was not exactly linear, not evenly spaced, so I would personally avoid using it in an experiment. This is however very close to 8" the distance of one of the successful Joe Cell builds. Now it has a Sun gravity connection!

As to frequency:
When a fractal system resonates on the tempic level, there are a multitude of frequencies produced, using square waves or DC pulses, you can tune these rods to vibrate up almost anywhere between 10Hz to 20Mhz. Wrap a coil on them and slowly turn the frequency knob to find the peaks. It is just amazing how they will fire up with almost any frequency band.

It gets fun when you also cut the wire of the coil to match a longer fractal of the core rod inside it, and even better when you get the diameter of the coil right also.

One of the things we see studying all the AG devices is that some have done it with sound frequencies and others with Mhz, yet others with pulsing magnets with physical motion. I believe that while the frequency must be tunned, it can be almost anywhere in the spectrum.

Dave L
Title: Re: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: libra_spirit on May 25, 2008, 09:49:12 AM
Frequency has been a puzzle with torsion fields because they are not exactly linear energy forms.
If you look at a shallow pond, drop a stone in the middle the waves moving outwards shift frequency, that is, as you move outwards the waves tops move closer together until they match the ponds charcteristics. Water depth, distance to sides, etc....

When the wave meets the resonance charactistics of the medium it travels through then it will stablize I believe. Any impulse distrubance will have to eventually match space, or the Aether density. At this point it will still have a multitude of possible sub fractal frequencies present within it. I have not had time yet to even chart this to see if it is a harmony or not. All kinds of speculation that it may come out to a phi function of some kind but I have yet to observe any such phi functions.

The fractal system takes us to infinity, or at least into the conscious arena. The torsion devices thus have side effects on the spiritual parts of our being. But it also allows us to work from any frequency base to stimulate torsion fields, from audio to nuclear resonance rates.

On the Sun fractal rod length:

I just realized that this rod probably needs to be pointing at the sun, or one of its wheel of 24, this will make it much harder to work with.

Also I would mention that Joe Cells often go dead at night, they have a cycle of 6 hours like the tides where they drop twice a day and peak stronger twice a day. We have had one designed now on the golden light fractal of 1.89" the tubes were made to twice this length and the cell has been reaching higher levels of water conditioning and voltage following this daily cycle.

Now this makes more sense because as the moon sets the earth turns under it and shifts the gravity center of the earth accordingly along with all the water on the earth. This proves a connection with the lunar gravitational pull. Amazing!

Dave L
Title: Re: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: tishatang on May 25, 2008, 11:25:42 AM

I can not access the link you supplied.  I am in China and behind the China Firewall of info.  Thank goodness overunity and youtube get though.  Although youtube was turned off for about six weeks.  Google video and wikipedia was off for a long while, but currently coming through.  Also, no hardware stores here in China.  Everyone lives in large condo like complexes.  No one has tools to fix anything.  They call the maintenance dept.  Even if I found the supplies, I have no place to experiment.  Sometimes very frustrating.

In regards to your detecting the nodes, are you using your body as the instrument similar to dowsing?  Are there instruments to record the nodes?

I didn't realize the large number of variables until you mentioned it.  Let us focus on the 7.45 cm length and explore some possibilities:

Does a rod seem to have more energy than a flat triangle 7.45 on a side?
What happens if we go three dimensions like a pyramid either of rods or  flat stock?
Have you tried it as an antenna  and measured voltage between it and ground?
Put a tunable tank resonant circuit between the antenna and ground using an old fashion air capacitor out of an old radio.  Slowly sweep the bands and hopefully a resonant point will be reached boosting the voltage way up?


Finally, try to fashion a rod out of bismuth and magnesium.   

Title: Re: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: libra_spirit on May 26, 2008, 12:52:52 AM ( Oz site ( Alaska site

Here are some mirror sites around the world of our experimental data base, hope you can get one of them over there in China.

Why would you use magnesium? I have not worked with it as of yet.

Yes palming is the method of sensing the torsion fields that is fastest once you are able to sense them. We do have one device now however. I understand over there you have access to some large quatrz crystals. Have you run into any?

If you can get on a site go to "Theory section" then "Measurements section", the one at the top will often give you ability to meter a strong torsion field in metals. You take two high speed doedes into a small capacitor and then to a meter. It only has one sensor pickup rod. Some of the Joe Cell people have been getting it to work well.

The energy has a "propagation" ability, through metals mainly, that we have studied in depth. Angles are criticle, and yes in the platonic shapes it does different things. A 60 degree angle I believe shifts it drastically. The pyramids are a good method to get a loud rod quieted down. A triangle inside a circle converts the energy to power at the chi level. The gold would be to get some EM comming out of a torsion field without having spining wheels or flywheels. As far as I know the connection has not yet been made on exactly how to do this.

Do you have good access to the net there?

Dave L

Title: Re: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: tishatang on May 26, 2008, 03:18:16 AM
Hi David

Yes, both these links work for me.  You are into this much more than I realized.
I don't know how much you have looked into the link I gave you.  If you have not had time, go to the following link and eventually read all the free articles there.

I guess this could be called David meet David.  To me, both of your works seem to dovetail together.   Although David Wilcock is a psychic, he has a great scientific mind, and these articles are a synthesis of years of research.  I have a feeling little bits of info there could help you in regards to AG and harnessing torsion fields  to meet our energy needs.

The big problem for me here in China is the language barrier.  I don't speak Chinese and my new wife does not speak English.  Interesting relationship,  we have no arguments.  I don't know how I can go about finding crystals?  I did see somewhere some crystal balls, but they did not seem as large as yours.  Nor do I know what they were made of.  Could have been glass for all I know?  Although some were obviously natural, being marbled and yellow in color.  I am in a Northern coastal city which exports mostly industrial supplies.  Not in the center of things like Beijing or Shanghai.  I have an Egyptian friend who speaks both English and Chinese.  I will talk to him about crystals for you.  Did you want crystal balls or natural quartz crystals?

Maybe about ten years ago some metal parts (allegedly from a crashed UFO) were analyzed.   They were made up of thin layers of bismuth and magnesium.
They did not understand how they were made because there was no bonding agent, yet the layers would not separate.  When subjected to high voltage, they flew off the table and across the lab room.  So. there is something special about these two metals in combination.  And, they are related to anti gravity.  Be careful with magnesium, if it gets too hot it will auto ignite and burn in the open air.  I think powdered magnesium is what they make sparklers (fireworks) out of?  Once ignited, you can not put it out.  I don't think this will happen by gently hammering bismuth onto it.

My connection is DSL, but sometimes it slows to a crawl or just dies.  I think it is because everything gets funneled through the China Firewall?


Title: Re: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: tishatang on May 31, 2008, 10:08:36 AM

It came to me that you may find this site interesting.  I can not access it.  It has been several years since I visited it. 
Has to do with spherical shapes and resonance and more.

Title: Re: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: slapper on March 20, 2009, 06:45:51 AM
Looks like Stan is starting to get around to releasing some antigravity information on his website. (

Take care.

Title: Re: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: libra_spirit on March 20, 2009, 08:13:43 PM
This is awesome news. Thanks for the URL.

The c_s_s_p site has come a long ways since this thread started. Been using vibrations of the earth recently, the platonic vibrations based on its dimensions. They vibrate up very strongly also. (

Dave L
Title: Re: Deyo Antigravity and fractals
Post by: JoppeG on May 06, 2009, 01:17:51 AM  watched this and recognized some of the characteristics Deyo talks about. Around 45:00 and forward. However there are more in this that might be interesting.