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I have a working Bessler wheel in my simulation !

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Hi All,
almost falling asleep at my PC I finally changed a few settings
with a rod only version and only 2 weights and suddenly I came up
with an endless rotating wheel !
Which also speeds up from time to time.

It uses the centrifugal forces.

It is very easy to setup.
A disc with 200Kg weight, being 2.54 Meters in diameter,
the 2 weights hang each at 1.20 Meter from the axis.
The upper weight has 100 Kg
the lower weight has 101 kg !
the upper rod is 0.600 Meters long
the lowerrod is 0.601 Meters long
The connection rod between the 2 weights is 3.056 Meters long.

It never stops, although I did set air resistance already very strong and
also enabled the friction model.

I will also now post amovie of it  in the next message.
Here is the WM2D file:

Enjoy !

Regards, Stefan.

very cool!

but the link for the wm2d file is not working.
please repost or edit your post. thanks!

thanks for sharing, keep it open source!


AB Hammer:

 Good work, but I have no simulation software to see it. I am a video and hands on type of guy.

If it can be a solid reality, I see this year being very interesting, with what others coming out. ;D

the picture reminds me of a Chaos pendulum with a round disk.

sorry, I corrected the link above.

Here is also now the Movie of it:

It is 5 Mbytes big, codec encoded.

I still have to see, if I will still even find better parameters to get the big disc better into sync.

Regards, Stefan.

the long 3.056 Meter connection rod is designed
this way, that one weight is always 90 degrees out of phase to the other weight...

Well, it is hard to explain, but I saw, that tilted pendulums have a reduced
weight force, as you can see in the Milkovic example.
When the weight is at 90 degrees its weight directly down is almost zero.
So I made the rod this long, that one weight is at 90 degrees out of the wheel
and the other directly vertically down in the start position.

Then somehow I did set the bottom weight wrong instead
of 100 Kg to 101 kg and voila, it was working !

It seems it needs this kind of 1Kg asymmetry !

With both weights having exactly 100 Kg
the wheel will turn a while and then change revolution

I still have to test this with other friction settings inside the
WM2D program and hope, that it is not just a program artifact.

But I guess it is a step into the right direction.

Today is a good day !
First we had the graphite rod overunity confirmations and
now this Bessler wheel.

Now I can go to sleep very satisfied for the day and
have a happy feeling. ;)

Regards, Stefan.


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