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Author Topic: Adams magnet heater  (Read 4833 times)


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Adams magnet heater
« on: September 06, 2005, 02:20:27 PM »
Hello everyone!

Recently I stumbled (again? ;D)? across this: "Dr. Robert Adams (NZ) has developed astounding designs of electric motors, generators and heaters that run on permanent magnets.? One such device draws 100 watts of electricity from the source, generates 100 watts to recharge the source, and produces over 140 BTUs of heat in two minutes!"
It is an excerpt from dr. Lindermann' article/essay about free energy. I'm interested in heaters these days, heaters that are more efficient that those you can buy (resistive ones). So I tried Frentte's design and it works. But after reading this (in bold letters), I'd like to try this one more? ;). Unfortunately, except this quotation I can't find anything about Adams magnetic heater. Can you help me? Do any of you know where I can find out more about his design? Or better yet, can it be bought?

P.S.: I just found out that this device is most probably Mark 024 Thermo Switched Reluctance Motor, just to clarify things  ;).
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