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Author Topic: Post your UFO sightings here...  (Read 8303 times)


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Post your UFO sightings here...
« on: April 26, 2008, 10:40:07 AM »
I will start this off with a UFO sighting I had a couple of years ago.We were at Karikari beach, Northland ,New Zealand.It was a beautiful clear night and because the beach is situated away from any towns or cities you could see the universe there were so many stars.A glow behind a ridge  some distance from the beach caught my attention and at first i thought it was a flare and I observed it for a while....then all of a sudden it took off flashed over head ,across the sky and over the sea to the horizon.It was an orange light and it moved in a constant speed and direction very quickly, no more than  3 secs to travel out of sight from ground.It was amazing -before then I had seen some slow moving stars, possible satelites,but this was a UFO.
ps.  This was witnessed by a group of people and all raved about it...but in the morning everyone couldnt remember which was even more unnerving....
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Re: Post your UFO sightings here...
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2008, 06:13:40 PM »
This is a cut and paste from a document I put together concerning my peculiar experiences....

The first time I saw a UFO is while driving over the Gautier/Hwy 90 bridge during daylight hours with my wife and two children.  I saw a small craft flying about 10? to 20? above the river and following it north.  I told my family where to look but they could not see it.  I now understand if they do not want you to see, you will not.  The second UFO I saw was at 10:00 pm at 2400 Avendio Del Pinar, Gautier MS during the spring of 1996.  I snapped to while already sitting-up on the living room couch and looking into the dining room.  Hovering about 2? to 3? off the ground just inches from the sliding glass door was a craft estimated at 12? to 14? wide and 4? to 5? tall with a small antenna on top.  The craft had a ring of yellowish white light on the bottom with a lip surrounding it of maybe 1.5? tall and 4? to 5? across.  The saucer was to close to see the edges.  I starred at it for perhaps 10 seconds, stood and walked toward it?I was full of fascination and wanted to touch it.  When I was within about 10? of the craft, it started ascending through the ceiling of the covered patio.  At closest, I was within maybe 5? of the saucer.  And yes it penetrated solid matter.


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Re: Post your UFO sightings here...
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2008, 07:02:36 PM »
ok my first ufo sighting where in 2007 white light(neon) in the cloud`s hover about 30 min. then  disappear very quick :o


if you need location (serbija-vojvodina)


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Re: Post your UFO sightings here...
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2008, 08:24:02 PM »
Back when I was 10 or 11(1973/4) I looked out my window and noticed an white ball of light following a commercial jet. I could see  the marker lights and strobe on the jet. It was at altitude. The ball of light was much bigger than the jet. It followed the jet out of sight. I've always been interested in planes. In fact I have my pilots license now. I have seen helicopters, blimps in daylight and lit up at night, all kinds of aircraft. To this day I don't think this was of this Earth.


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Re: Post your UFO sightings here...
« Reply #4 on: July 27, 2008, 03:15:28 AM »
Night time Classic saucer. 200-300 feet diameter high dome and bottom was shallower inverted dome ie upside-down bowl sitting on shallow bowl.

Little ?tight group? of 5 red rim lights spinning around two times (disappeared on ?backside then reappeared twice) at maybe 4 seconds per turn, then out.
Then, millions of red ?sparkles? over the entire upper dome surface.
Then the red group again two times then the sparkles then out.
Then, ?pulling stars? toward it (upper and lower surface, but more on steeper upper dome) as it flew past them(bending light or space/time) ,
As it flew along at 500 feet and a half block away at maybe 100mph.

Pill capsule daytime, morphing between that and two almost touching spheres, cycle about 7 seconds.
Speed 20 mph height 100 feet.
Parallel to road and houses traveling east , then tight left turn north and a bit latter
Climbing at a 45 degree angle, also at 20 mph

One red and one blue ?eyes? perfect color and disks, 10 feet in diameter each, spaced
A little more than eyes. Range 150 feet , stationary.

Sun ?setting in reverse?. Nighttime. (like a speeded up video of the sun moving)
45 degree even decent angle ,color of sun, a bit bigger though. Range 2 miles.
?set? in about 5 seconds into  river behind houses. (could not see ?splash?).

Night time, double white light, 2 sporadic flashes. Stopped right behind a evergreen tree ?tip? when I said, I know your there, immediately (.5 seconds or less)reappeared in a reversed direction, retracing its approach path. Aprox 200 mph.

There?s more but those are the good one?s.
All in maple ridge BC, loughheed and 232 st. 1993-1995


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Re: Post your UFO sightings here...
« Reply #5 on: July 27, 2008, 03:16:03 AM »
double post
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