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I believe I have succsefully combinded two of Besslers inportant wheel, and have found an interesting movment, this alone is not the complete answer, but I deffinatly think its part of it...

MT 25 with MT 27

As weight A comes to rest at the bottom, it is lifting weight B, when weight A gets to the top, weight A falls out, lifting weight  B (Don?t forget there will be more of these leavers as one alone clearly wont lift itself...)
Take note how the lever works.

Hey ALex hows the build going, anything yet

I am a big fan of combining 10 and 24, which eqauls 34 so throw that in their also  ;)


--- Quote from: Dgraphic911 on April 22, 2008, 04:09:47 PM ---Hey ALex hows the build going, anything yet

I am a big fan of combining 10 and 24, which eqauls 34 so throw that in their also  ;)

--- End quote ---

Well, If you talking about my swinging wheel, no, I haven?t finished it yet :P I got distracted with besslers wheel, I?m also little unsure about my swinging wheel now, I have learned a little bit though other tests.

I have found a new way to lift a weight with another weight (Not the wheel above by the way)

Here is the video:

When the weight is at the top, it extends upwards!
When the weight is at the bottom, it retracts inward.

Both of these movement are caused through the "second weight", I have even used some blue tack (as a weight) to lift the extending weight upwards, it does not take much to lift the weight either way, basically the weights act in pairs, they come together on their way up, and apart(right angle) on the way down which results in what you see, the mechanism is simple, the second weight applies its weight in a way that causes the other weight to move, levers are very good for appling weights in ways that are stronger than other ways of using weights, for example, if you get a pencil length ways and push a weight, it is easier to push it like that, than to hold the pencil diagonally and push it...

Hey alex, nice vid
But i can make cardboard pop out anywhere i want, it would look like you want us to believe the weight is popping out and that it is in the right places, we don't know where any of your weights are in the vid of the front of the disk, also because you are spinning it their is no way of seeing any real motion, if you make the weight pop out at 11 and it falls by itself to 5 then i'll be a little less harsh, Don't show me the secret, just show me something thats not being spun by hand.

Keep up the work.

I can assure you that it moves by itself, you should know I am not trying to trick you, I will soon reveal the mechanism, soon as I have added more weights it might revolve o its own which will be a better vido still...

one of the weights is riht behind that peice you see popping out.


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