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Author Topic: John Hutchison demonstates what the Physics religion tells you is Impossible  (Read 16986 times)

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy


  • Guest
I saw some hutchison-effect videos the last week. This was also the first time I heard from Hutchison and his unbelivable discoveries.
I was really paralyzed! (Uh, I am a bit overextend! It is not so long since I was shocked by the steven Marks device-videos. I think I have to rebuild my world view!)

But now, I saw this video from an small toy-ufo which is floating around in Hutchisons lab.
Okay, one of serveral levitation demonstrations of the Hutchison-effect (mind-blowing anyway, I can't believe it)
I talk about this file:  [1MB]

***BUT*** ! What is this in the top left corner of the video?
Please resize your Videoplayer to fullscreen and watch closely to the top left edge. Is this a thin string? A String which is pulled by someone? Watch the string and the UFO.

I cannot believe it, but for me it looks like a trick. A very cheap trick. But on the other hand all other HE-videos looks very authentic for me.

What do you think?

Regads Gast

Offline TheOne

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 985
    • Amanatsu Games
you are right, the movement is the same as the wire, sound like a scam to me (this one at least)

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline nikola_tesla

  • Newbie
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  • Posts: 33
You're right Gast ... this explains why he is still alive ! ... this guy is a FRAUD.

Offline TheOne

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 985
    • Amanatsu Games
But that can be a video made from someone else to make sure poeple think its a fraud, its maybe not the video of hutchison.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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  • Guest
@nikola_tesla: "...this guy is a FRAUD."

Thats not sure. Look at the other videos. (not on this site, but maybe on this:
These effects are hard to fake, I think.

Perhaps one should ask John Hutchison, to get a comment to these videos from him.

Regards, Gast

Offline Starski

  • Newbie
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  • Posts: 1
I am a close personal friend of John Hutchison. He is no fraud. Take a look at the letter he got from Clinton, and the christmas card from Bush, on in his photo album. Do you think a fraud would have all of them, area 51, and NASA fooled to? He has released technical information never before released, because the governments, wont let him make a buck out of any of his reserch. He has gone through millions of dollars of research money and his own private money, just to help people have freedom from oppression. The Canadian Government took his Cambie Lab! He wont sell out to them, so he, and anyone who personally knows him feels their burn!! Those who would go behind his back without building anything he has released the plans for are numb-skulls, their opinions steeped in hypocracy. If you have not made your own Ark, or Grail, shut up, you look like a fool, and the proof is in writing. If anyone is in the process of building one of his devices, and gets stuck, or it doesnt work, come on the New forum,  and John or one of us who has, will help you finnish! The old forum has been hijacked by a Nazi wanna-be Richard Harris. John's current interest is Life Extension. We think there is a cure for everything, Telomerase, and we are experimenting with methods of producing the enzime, levitation has taken a far back seat, been there done that, so get over it, use the plans, do your own experiments, and lets get immortal, then we will all have time to do everything else.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline nikola_tesla

  • Newbie
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  • Posts: 33
Hi Starski thanks for your post ... how do you explain the fraud in the video ?


  • Guest
Starski, sorry for treading on your toes!
I did not expect such a reaction. Rather a short statement like "No, thats not our video" or "Yes, its our but...[explanation]"

Until last week I doesn't know anything about the HE. My only informations are some videos I found on the net.
And in this special video I found a little odd thing.
But apparently you cannot explain it.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline nikola_tesla

  • Newbie
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  • Posts: 33
I agree the truth needs very little defense ... let's see wait for his response.

Offline nikola_tesla

  • Newbie
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  • Posts: 33
wow wow wow ... the Silence is DEAFENING ... :o

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline heffectjohn

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  • Guest
??? Hey, a funny long text. But that's all greek to me!  ;D

Regards, Gast


  • Guest
Is this text from John Hutchison ?
Maybe it?s just somebody who wants to make a fool out of him.


  • Guest
Yes, maybe.

John Hutchison could answer our question on his own forum:
This would be free of suspicion.