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Author Topic: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban  (Read 409065 times)

Offline BEP

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #795 on: May 15, 2008, 02:08:11 PM »

I tried the middle one first thinking the diagram was wrong. It didn't work at core resonance.

The plate coil is a DC short but it isn't shorted when the wave travels from one end of the core to the other and back. Note the magnetic polarity of the two coils on the core.

Offline EMdevices

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #796 on: May 15, 2008, 02:27:53 PM »

Good to see you back.

Are you preferring bare iron wire or tapping over the iron wire before making the 3 loops.

you need to tape over the wire, or use iron wire that comes with some insulation, or just keep the loops slightly apart so they don't touch.   A better approach would be to use the iron wire for the helix, then naturaly the spacing between the loops will keep it from touching.  I think you started a coil in that configuration, and it's what I'm seeing in the FTPU.

Offline starcruiser

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #797 on: May 15, 2008, 02:51:23 PM »

A bit of speculation for a moment... so the next incarnation of SM's device would be using the 16ga lamp wire over the parametron coil(s) as a secondary transformer coil to pick up/ tap the field you think? thus a higher output?

Offline wattsup

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #798 on: May 15, 2008, 05:54:38 PM »

Yes I made one with bailing wire but non insulated and the results are not OK. I will re-do it with tapped wire. But here's the thing. I am no longer that convinced the rings are bailing wire. Or, if it is, I would not call it bailing wire in the sense that it is not one strand of iron wire. It looks more like the wire used in garage doors that has many strands. The only thing that pushes me to say it is not bailaing wire at all is that when the wire leaves the ring, the turns are very tight. Also on the second parts of the FTPU video when he starts putting the meter clamps, you can see how easilly the wires move around. This is not consistent with a bailing wire that would be so rigid.

Also, on the circuit board as I had drawn it, behind the fuse and the resistor, there are three small capacitors. It is these capacitors that gives the spiral illusion when he puts his fingers behind the unit.

I need a little more time to work these out but once I am sure about the control coil windings, I will post a new diagram.


On the lighter side of things, check this little video of the old versus new.

Offline plengo

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #799 on: May 16, 2008, 03:52:13 AM »
Sharing some very interesting project.


Offline jdurban

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #800 on: May 16, 2008, 12:28:27 PM »

-"SM talks to his TV chump and figures out all the "quirks" to make it work, including: special pcb material, raised components off pcb, control unit inside of ring."

--------This was exactly what I thought at the time. Steven likely was in contact with someone who already built one or more devices, likely someone that trusted Steven enough to share the technology with him not knowing he would run with it on his own. Based on nothing more than speculation and a history of doing many due diligence reports for clients, the party who revealed this technology to Steven was likely elderly, infirmed or both explaining why he did not himself exploit the technology commercially.

This supports the idea of having D.D. go to Europe to further the study the works of the real scientist / inventor. If Steven was dealing with the actual inventor, there would be no knowledge of a prior inventor or a need to study his works.

If the party who introduced the technology to Steven did so voluntarily with ongoing tutoring and tech support one could assume that the entire prototyping exercise was not all that difficult. If however the technology transfer were not voluntary as in the copying of processes learned while in the company of the person who shared the knowledge or by outright theft of a sample device, it would explain Steven?s sudden ability to replicate the technology in the form of crude but functional prototypes, yet lack the proper technical terminology to remotely represent a first hand knowledge or understanding of the device?s inner workings. This theory is supported by all of the tortured logic and jargoneering in place of cogent sober analysis based on real or experiential pool of knowledge.---------

so, from the above, which was taken directly from the pages you mentioned, I'd say that the TPU is an SM original. Yep he had help, so there are one or two other chaps out there that know how the thing works, but they're not talking. That's what he meant by "I had a great deal of help". SM is not an engineer, but he had one or two on staff with him to help work out the kinks during the TPU's development. so once out of the tube realm and into SS, things become a little less straight-forward.

--------- Steven established by actions that he did not trust anyone around him including myself. He could not go to anyone for help without revealing the technology and creating unintended competitors. He was on his own.---------

Anyhow take care and keep up the good work shame Jack D is unable to confirm much of anything about the device I would have studied the thing closely if I had seen the results of the unit first hand and am awfully supprised he did not.


---------------A completely fair assessment and allow me to answer why I did not have more to share. After meeting Steven I immediately detected some quirky personality traits and a real sense of paranoia. My original assignment was to, by any means available, come up with some workable form of ?free energy? in his words. Mercury will vouch for this if we are indeed dealing with the real Mercury as he first presented this to me at my lab in Laguna Niguel. I even remember the initial ride to the Lemon Heights mansion to meet Steven where I accepted the project and a large retainer to begin work immediately. I just remembered what type of car Mercury drove!

 No it wasn?t a Mercury!

Mercury if you read this I will accept as proof of your true identity in lieu of my P.M?d questions to you earlier this week if you can tell me the make of the car we drove to the mansion in.

Sorry I digress. Back to my lengthy post?

I believed all along that Steven would become more and more trusting and as long as I delivered on my word as a vendor and eventual full time Extreme Technologies consultant to the CEO along with not showing any signs of being a threat that he would reveal more by the day. He did reveal the overheating problem and I was about to jump into the problem right when, after a couple months of avoiding full disclosure of the so called 3D audio system the time came when Steven finally revealed to me the deep dark secret behind the patent and it was no more than a few E.Q. settings mixed with some various ?gray? and white noise mixed in. I never told anyone about this at the time to protect Steven and the company but the day came when we both had to face the music (bad pun). I?ll never forget this call as long as I live. Steven and I were on representing Extreme Tech along with the new company CEO and there were a couple key investors on the line and on another was an expert representing a large Hollywood interest that was about to pour millions into the company based on demos and promises made.

Unlike many times before when Steven would become ill with stomach aches or heart pains to avoid meetings or calls he was already vested and on the line, nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. After a couple minutes of exchanging pleasantries and biographies the big question came out of nowhere from the Hollywood expert ?well tell me what this is all about?. After some cloudy tortured logic and senseless jargon (sound frighteningly familiar?) The appointed expert grew impatient and blurted out something about having signed an NDA in advance of the call and demanded to know the inner workings of the sound technology. Again there was a long silence and Steven described the technology in vague detail but enough to invite a rather bombastic ?Are you telling me that this technology is no more than some noise and equalizer settings?! I can?t remember the exact response but it was in the affirmative. The conference call ended within seconds of the less than positive news.

What happened next was although interesting does not contribute anything of merit beyond the screenplay! But I will say that we, Steven and I went to work on another sound technology as a bailout to keep investor cash coming in from an investment firm in Canada by Rob Alexander.

At this time I went to work on the new sound device and built one for Steven and kept one for myself. To make a very long story short I took possession of all the audio and video equipment owned by Spheric and Extreme including the infamous 3D home theatre demo room used at C.E.S. My entire warehouse was consumed by this blue carpet covered wood constructed theatre. It had custom captain chairs placed about a terraced elevated flooring system containing the system?s sub-woofers. a ceiling mounted Sharp video Projector provided video and a Carver amp based multi-channel sound system provided audio.

Why go into all this detail? Simply to address the rumor that the much touted Steven Mark 3D sound technology was a bust as posted on Keelynet and other places about the web. Yes indeed the whole thing was a hoax. There were countless speakers strategically placed throughout the demo room to produce the illusion of three dimensional sound.

Now what the hell does this have to do with anything ? It goes to loyalty. Even when I knew Steven was full of cow excrement regarding the sound technology I did not use this knowledge to my benefit. I remained a friend and confidant. Why? Because I genuinely liked the man as I do today and the promise of true, real free energy was so huge that I was swept up in the excitement of what could be if only we could overcome the damn overheating issue. All I could picture was power to run irrigation systems in the Sudan bringing food to starving children and many other Utopian fantasies of saving humanity yada, yada, yada. I?m not even a liberal with Utopian dreams of a perfect world. I am an unabashed conservative who loves people and mostly children as they are perfection until we make them imperfect in our own image.

I was willing to overlook a few Steven Mark ethical lapses if I could just help him get this technology to those who really need it! Not to lower electric bills for people that can already afford electricity but to bring life and survival to the third world. So anyway as I sit here after another 16 hour day designing the same old consumer electronics products day in and day out, year after year, making millionaires more millions I feel nothing but failure and disgust in myself looking back fin failing to get this life saving technology to market all because of greed and vanity.
Steven Mark could have made this technology available at any time he chose to and for some reason did not. It was not because it did not perform as touted. I can assure you it did. It was likely vanity and greed but in actuality it could have been interference by a government entity for all I know.

Why did I not observe more of the inner workings of this device or try to steal it? It wasn?t mine to take. And as dopey as it sounds I was honest and couldn?t muster up what it took to just steal it. And as stated I had no reason to believe that my dealings with Steven would cease.

Now, against my better judgment and the fact that it is very late I am going to elaborate on the break in that was planned by Mercury Marilla and another individual that I will identify only by his initials D.K.

 M.M. and D.K. and I met after the demise of Extreme Technologies and funding to keep the needed cash flow to keep Steven funded. In light of Steven isolating himself after the fallout I expected that we would be discussing ways to replicate the device mostly based on my observations and Mercury?s shopping lists. Not long after determining that Mercury had little memory of what he bought for Steven when going to radio shack for supplies it was apparent that we were up a creek and bye-bye free energy.

Then it was proposed by D.K. that we just break into Steven?s house and steal one. Seeing how comfortable Mercury was with this option it was apparent that they had discussed this prior to our meeting. I made it clear in no uncertain terms that this was not an option and that I would not participate in any way in such a plot. I even said to both of them that if I were to hear of such an event or if ever questioned that I would testify against them. I told them that I was not going to have my kids visiting me in jail in an orange jumpsuit.

I did not hear back from them and just carried on as if they clearly understood my ultimatum.  More than a decade went by and I never heard from either one of them.

This brings us to full circle and why I decided to resurface after a little break.

I have not been completely honest with you guys except for two forum members that I have been fortunate to call friends and confided with that know the whole story.

I still have contact with several people from my days with Steven and the various entities and investors that supported the endeavor. On my own initiative and no one else?s I purposefully with forethought went on a character assignation mission against Steven in an attempt to flush him out of possible hiding.

I was informed a while ago that Steven was ?killed by an international firm that invested heavily in the device development. This person was told this by none other than Mercury Marilla. Her initials are K.T. in case Mercury would like to know.

I just assumed that Steven, if alive would pop up to defend his honor against my groundless personal attacks but I fear that either he is no longer with us or he is not allowed to make contact. This explains why David Doleshal was taken aback by my many barbs against Steven.

This now brings us full circle with a conclusion I promise. Steven was actually a very smart guy but his electronics knowledge was sparse. He was sharp enough to build and troubleshoot the devices you see in the videos. But not enough to be the source of this technology.

I do however have to question the authenticity of the Lindsay Mannix's "SM" Spheric or any other manifestations. I have a real hard time believing that the real Steven Mark would think of putting a high voltage device in water as a means of stripping heat from it! This so lame that it doesn't even deserve a second thought. Here is a guy who is demonstrably afraid of getting shocked in the demos by just touching the wrong components at the wrong time and we are to believe that he arrived at the idea that dunking a high voltage system in conductive water was a possible solution to overheating! C'mon!

The technology is real and it did work. There was a very distinct motor/gyro like feel to the device that felt like there was a motor present and spinning but it was not mechanical. The gyroscopic phenomena you have heard about from more than myself is the result of a massive amount f current being dumped into four quadrant coils one at a time as taught in the Tesla patent we have all come to know.

I wish I could tell you that Mercury Marilla has the ability to contribute something of merit here but he can?t. His opening salvo here made no sense at all and I really don?t think he is who he says he is. Like I provided Lindsay Mannix I put forth two easy challenge questions before ?Mercury? that he would have no problem with and still have not heard a peep from. It is very likely that some malcontent reading this forum created the appropriate looking email and is having a little fun with us. If by chance Mercury is really Mercury and would like to chime in all I need is just one of the challenge questions answered and we are golden. There is one statement made by ?Mercury? that is a fact that I shared with three persons in this forum and that has to do with copying the master while watching it in my lab prior to the break in disclosure. He was incorrect that it was a VHS tape that was copied but that could be an oversight. The statement regarding hiring me for several projects was of course fabrication as he was just a go?fer for Steven and would not ever be in a role to hire or fire for that matter again. Now the crackpot line might be applicable as I am capable of putting myself at risk like I am doing right now. If you notice I do not use any synonyms or ?handles? or ?nicks?. I always go by my real name in all posts. Why? Because I don?t give a shit. You either like me or you don?t. I have no control over your ego or lack thereof. I am not perfect but I wont piss down your back and tell ya it?s raining. (A great line I stole from ?Cool hand luke?)

The device is real. The man behind it was flawed but likable nonetheless.And... If I had it all to do over again I still would not have stolen the device!

Offline zapnic

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #801 on: May 16, 2008, 03:18:09 PM »
hey jack

welcome back

Offline Bruce_TPU

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #802 on: May 16, 2008, 04:31:44 PM »
Hey Jack,

They did not put it in water to try to cool it!   :)  (misinformation)

And hey, thanks for admitting to using us and the forum for public defamation of character to try to bring to surface someone you once called a friend.

It really shows your character.... and lack of it.  IMHO

Also, if someone threatens to break into a friends home, you go to that friend and make them aware of it. 

Sakes alive, man, how were you raised?

And as far as the Sound tech, you were a part and at the conference and in my estimation just as "guilty" of hoax, fraud or whatever.

To put it bluntly Jack, we have all screwed up, at one point or another in our lives.

To put it in the words of the bible, Jesus said, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

And that person who has no sin is not you.  So put down the stones, and experiment and publish and help these guys out.

I have said my piece.


Offline Mannix

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #803 on: May 16, 2008, 05:07:07 PM »
Well said Bruce!

Offline chrisC

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #804 on: May 16, 2008, 05:45:52 PM »

life and survival to the third world. So anyway as I sit here after another 16 hour day designing the same old consumer electronics products day in and day out, year after year, making millionaires more millions


It proves that "making millions and millions" has nothing to do with a good moral character.
You're just jealous of SM because he wouldn't share his real technology with you despite what you say about his "lack" of electronics knowledge. We'll let's put it this way, SM is more believable than you, in my opinion.



  • Guest
Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #805 on: May 16, 2008, 06:06:23 PM »
Well if you ask me then Jack has created his own scenario of the whole thing.
The only thing he does not realize is that it doesn't even come close to what really happend.
Most of the people who are in this for a longer periode of time have no doubt about certain things being correct or incorrect to them it is just a matter of fact.


Offline FatBird

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #806 on: May 16, 2008, 06:48:58 PM »

THANK YOU for all of your contributions on this thread, including the Hi Res Videos.  It is deeply appreciated sir.  There are a lot of us that really value all of your contributions here, especially the ones about the history of SM, his audio business, his friends, his TPU, & whatever became of him.  Historical facts are extremely important in the history of electronics, free energy, & the world.

As you know, there are some here that are quick to lose their temper, be short with people, & sometimes downright rude.  But in the long haul they probably mean well.  Maybe sometimes they just had a bad day?

Please stick with us Jack & share your ideas with us & vice versa sir.

Warmest Regards & Thanks again.


Offline simonmagus

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #807 on: May 16, 2008, 07:02:29 PM »
Why are some here attacking Jack? Most of Jack's technical statements can be corroborated by the SM videos. He even provided a higher resolution video for anyone to look at and discern for themselves. This is hardly the mark of a disinformation agent. I have been around long enough and trust what Jack has presented.

I also question the SM "letters" because its author has never been verified. There are also statements that contradict what we see in the original SM videos or not supported with background research. A simple speech sample or current photo can eliminate all doubts but I believe we will never see any conclusive proof that verifies authorship.

My money is on the evidence that best fits the observations made in the SM videos and that is what Jack has brought to the table. I can understand if the letter's motive is to continue interest in TPU research but we should never blindly accept questionable evidence as truth. That is simply bad science.

Offline wattsup

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #808 on: May 16, 2008, 07:03:38 PM »

I am sure you feel 10 pounds lighter.

Listen, with what we have on hand I am sure that before the end of 2008, we will have a TPU working. We'll even simulate the heating problem. lol
But we won't dunk it in water.

I'm sure you expected to be blasted somewhat, so kudos on ya, and hey, thanks for coming forward and giving us this better video.

We now return to our regular programming.

Offline jdurban

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Re: HIGH QUALITY TPU DVD Video Released from Jack Durban
« Reply #809 on: May 16, 2008, 07:24:19 PM »

Now....Guess who just left a message on my voice mail at 5AM?

You got it!

Steven Mark or at least that the screaming ranting voice I heard. The caller ID says "Steven Mark".

Its a 714 area code which covers nearly all of Orange County.

He says I am a dead man for saying what I said on the "radio show....

More to come but my little scheme seems to have paid off!

I was amazed just how many swear words could fit on a one minute message!