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Title: UPDATE: Excess energy (overunity) shown in latest GMF release
Post by: Doctor Whodini on August 19, 2005, 10:04:22 PM
I uploaded another release 3.6 of GMF:

On page 105, I show N. Zaev's reported results and Fig. 1 showing excess energy production in his device. Keep in mind the diagram ONLY shows the excess energy, and he's NOT necessarily harvesting this energy in any practical manner. The key is that he just shows it exists. I'm actually harvesting this energy in the ZPOD device, and I will quantify these results using the SmartPAK control system. The SmartPAK/ZPOD system will actually harvest and provide this excess energy as a working source, which will power a real load. This is the point I'm trying to get across here.

So, during the development of the ZPOD, I had to overcome certain engineering challenges to get the device to work correctly, or as intended.

I also uploaded Alex Kaivarainen very interesting papers about the Bivacuum Universe, which augments Paul Dirac's work and the Sea of Negative Energy.

Leaving out the imaginary component effectively removes what I call, "all the cool stuff" (pun intended) such as FREE ENERGY, Antigravity and Time Travel from having any theoretical basis. Put the imaginary component back in, and guess what???

What I'm personally calling into question in regards to Dirac's work is this notion of "time-reversal". At the moment, I don't see any evidence, and quite the contrary, it isn't time-reversal, but just the opposite, or "time-future" and "time-advanced". In other words, poistive imaginary functions result in "time-future" magnetic and electric fields. Imagine yourself being a tiny electron moving at time-future velocities. The universe would appear to be slowing down or red shifting. The electron is "time traveling" into the future, in this case. Then, what about the case of negative imaginary functions???

Comments welcome?


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