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Author Topic: Visit to the "Salon des Inventions", international inventors expo in Geneva  (Read 2709 times)

Offline Koen1

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Hi all,

I have just returned from a little trip that included a visit to the
36th "Salon des Inventions" in Geneva, Switzerland.  ;D
It is an international inventors/invention exhibition with
several different categories, from electrical through mechanical
to houseware and toys even.

Obviously my focus here was mainly on new energy technology.
Unfortunately there were few really extremely interesting energy
inventions on show, but it was interesting nevertheless.

I suppose some of the more interesting devices or inventions
shown in the area of energy and electricity were:
- a 98%+ efficient toroidal transformer (Russian)
- a concept for a high efficiency "Garland" type power station (Russian)
- a concept for a "Garland" based VTOL aircraft (Russian)
- a concept for a "quantum nuclear reactor" that is claimed to be safe and high efficiency (Russian)
- a wind turbine that is claimed to be 150% as efficient as the best pole-mounted windmill turbines,
  and can be built as a ground-level windtrap (Russian)
- a wind/water turbine tower of claimed high efficiency for electricity generation (German)
- an efficient solar-powered refrigerator with zero electrical circuitry (French)
- an efficient non-rotational coil+magnet "dynamo" to convert movement and vibration
  into very low electrical output, for use in wireless handheld devices for example (Taiwan)

Ok, that last one for example is nothing new, it's just a high efficiency version of the
"shakable flashlight" coil+magnet idea, but it was nicely developed by the Taiwanese
developer, and he did have quite impressive little flashlights and wireless pc mouses
on demonstration there. Many of the other ideas are not very new either, just more effiecient
versions of older ideas or designs, but some ideas I could not recognise as such,
or I could but found them interesting nevertheless.

I took pictures as well, and I will post a couple soon, after I get things back in order here.
Unfortunately there is a max pic size on the forum now, so I may only be able to show
you guys downsized pics. We'll see. Maybe Stefan can work something out for us ;)

If anyone has some specific questions, ask them here and I'll see if I can answer them.

Kind regards,

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline wattsup

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    • Spin Conveyance Theory - For a New Perspective...

Stefan has a "Downloads" section on the left column. You can uploads large pictures there and just put up the link here.

Offline hartiberlin

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    • free energy research
Hi Koen,
many thanks for this report.
Please put the pics in a ZIP file and upload them here:;dl=upload

5 Mbytes file size limit.
If they are still bigger you can use several splitted RAR archive files.
But well resized 800x600 pics are normally okay for this purpose
and these fit also in 50 Kbyte sizes, if you make the JPEG quality compression about
40 to 50 %.

Regards, Stefan.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline Koen1

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-modified, files uploaded-
« Last Edit: April 08, 2008, 08:20:56 PM by Koen1 »

Offline Koen1

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Alright people,

I have uploaded some pictures of the Salon des Inventions 2008.  :)

Here's the links:
- Scans of documentation for various inventions, part1:;dl=item26
- Scans of documentation for various inventions, part2:;dl=item27
- Fotos of a few inventions and stands mentioned in the above:;dl=item28

Reactions are welcome  ;D

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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