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Author Topic: Marks ring of power ..again  (Read 19027 times)

Offline Mannix

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Marks ring of power ..again
« on: August 15, 2005, 02:12:00 PM »
Hi guys,
as I am concentrating on what i believe to be a working device.. There are a number of knowns..among
many other unknowns
Here are the knowns

No metal core
Gyroscopic effect when running
magnet required to start operation

What I have discovered by searching for Magnetic inertia is

have alook ...

This guy is seems to be a  open minded person who also has the courage to admit that our own egos
are what play a large part to prevent us from making new discoverys.

If a magnetic field possesed inertia like qualities, then this "ring of power" could be real

I am building something which is designed specifically to make a rotation magnetic field ...I wonder wether I can duplicate the inertial effects as in the video?

Any Ideas ??


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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2005, 09:49:13 PM »
Hi mannix,

hmmm ,rotating magnetfield?

Maybe something like this should work? Place the coils around an toroid.
Only an Idea...

     |           |        |           |        |           |        |           |        |           |
    ===         ###      ===         ###      ===         ###      ===         ###      ===         ###
    ===         ###      ===         ###      ===         ###      ===         ###      ===         ###
     |           |        |           |        |           |        |           |        |           |

===  = capacitor

###  = coil

-|>|- = diode

plug o1 ando1' together, also o2 and o2'

Each unit should be charged by the left unit and should charge its right unit.
The energy should float forem the left cap. to his right coil. This coil charges its right cap. and so on.
If you place this network of units around a toroid and close the loop (o1-o1', o2-o2') you may have an rotating magnetfield
(but only if you put some energy into this circuit and only if the idea is not extreme bulls*** :-) )

Regards, Gast

Edit: Uh, damn. Placing the coils around _the same toroid_ causes an induction in all coils at the same time. Sorry, my failure.

Offline Freedomfuel

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2005, 11:02:56 PM »
I am glad to see someone has discovered the website of dissident physist Bibhas De.? He may not be a prophet of free energy but what he says makes more sense than what Tom Bearden says.

The idea of Ghast for making a rotaing magnetic field from static components by using a delay line seems really cool to me.? Of course the electromagnets do not have to be assembled onto the same circular core.? You would obtain a rotating magnetic field if the electromagnets were wound on individual cores arranged in a circle each with the same direction of winding and th same polarity when they are energised.? I have made a post explaining how I believe the Steve Marks device really works with reference to this animated giff:

My post is in the Steve Marks Ring Of Power topic at:

I wonder why Marks used an air core for his torroid coil?? I wonder if it is a coincidence that Stan Deyo used air cored coils for his antigravity devices?

Offline BushWacker

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2005, 09:40:13 PM »
 For anyone truely interested in trying to understand how and why the HOPE Generator can function and produce more energy than is put into the system please take a look at the links which I am pasting below. Even though it seems it would be quite obvious that there appear to be "Piezo Stacks" IE: stacks of piezo crystals visable in the photo's and video's of Steven Marks "Ring of Power" some have decided to ignore this component and assume they know how Marks device works. I can tell you without very little doubt that they are way off in their assumptions. I am reasonably convinced that "Harmonic Resonance" plays a large part in the initial functioning of Steven Marks device's. I believe that "Phase Conjugation" is also a factor, and that "Back EM Flux" produced by the collapsing of induced EM fields is an additional factor as well. Now if you consider more than what these guys seem to know about anything you may very well be able to understand the certain similarities of which I refered to in relation to Steven Marks "Ring of Power" device. If the gold/brass colored cylinders in the center portion/area of Marks's device are not in fact "Piezo Stacks" then I would appreciate someone telling me what they are? If the device functions in the mannor and by the means that Freedomfuel is leading people to believe then I will personally appoligize. However I assure you that I am not assuming all things and have actually had a great deal of hands on experience with such things rather than merely theorizing everything. I do not assume that I know all the answers to the universe, and anyone who does restricts them self to extremely limited knowledge. All I ask is that people do the math and research and the experiments before drawing rediculous conclusions. Opinions are fine and everyone should have the right to their own opinion. However whether it is based on reality or fantasy can make a big difference in finding the truth. Freedom Fuel does have one thing right and so I feel I should give him/her credit for that. There is a rotating EM field associated with Marks's device. There is also a vortex like effect present. I have never denied this but there is in fact much more to it all than is being presumed by some. I would like to see someone here besides myself produce working alternative energy devices. That is afterall why I agreed to join this forum in the first place. Please take a look at the few links which I am pasting below for anyone who wants to understand how harmonic resonance plays any part in electrical engineering and/or physics. Anyone who has read any considerable information about Tesla should know but as long as our educators continue to teach half truths and refuse to recognize the major flaws in Maxwellean theory there is going to be a lot of confusion even among some of the best engineers.

Best Regards All,

Concerning over-unity
and ZPE related ... GIF file, uses Tesla's theory of resonant frequencies


Higher order harmonic resonance of electrons with electromagnetic propagation

Wave propagation perpendicular to the magnetic field

Fundamental and Harmonics

Studies of electron heating and multiply charged ion production in an electron cyclotron resonance plasma

Understanding Harmonics

Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Resonance: A Volatile Mix

Offline Mica Busch

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #4 on: November 22, 2005, 04:35:50 AM »
Most facinating.

I recently viewed a documentary on ZPE and such, and I believe it was Newman (?) that stated that after searching for how magnets got current to run in certain directions, he stumbled upon a book about gyroscopic physics. He mentioned that he immediately saw the corelation between magnetic fields and gyroscopic action. Certain forces were acting at 90 degree angles, and that there was no reactive force as long as movement was parallel. He stated that this must mean that a Magnetic field is composed of gyroscopic particles! This starts to explain why magnetic field 'lines' must 'cut across' or intersect perpendicular to a conductor in order to 'create' a current.

I think that by joining this knowlege of gyroscopic motion of magnetic particles combined with our understanding of the 3-space vectors may just give us the clues to link it all together. We have always been thinking of magnets as North and South, and others such as Bearden tell us to look at the 'spin component' and the gradient of the magnets - perhaps this is what he meant. A different orientation of magnetic gyro particle would begin to explain attraction and repulsion effects; Knowing how things work best to add together effects will greatly help us in any course, who knows how many replications were fouled because of a lack of understanding of the forces at work and thereby using 'common' knowlege to say it would 'work either way'. The simple matter of the direction coils must run, which way magnets should be pointed, how they should move, which might seem ambiguous to most of us, might just make a difference if we understand the basic causality of the forces in play.

I do not claim to be an expert in any of these matters, but I hope that by freely distributing knowlege amongst ourselves we can 'brainstorm' a solution!
SOMETHING out there has to work!

Offline Freedomfuel

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #5 on: February 10, 2006, 09:50:19 PM »
I propose that we should consider all forces to be just one force - magnetism and all magnetisms are energy vortices.  Rather than study gyroscope physics maybe we should study vortex physics and in particular try to understand forces between adjacent vortices to explain action at a distance.

Mica's hypothesis that magnetism is really gyroscopic particles may be true but I cannot understand how magnetic force lines cutting a current loop at 90 degrees to produce a force perpendicular to the direction of both can be explained by this magnetic gyroscope idea.

Also I am not sure what is meant by the 'spin component' and gradient of magnets

Offline Elvis Oswald

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #6 on: February 11, 2006, 02:30:58 AM »
Amen to Bushwacker - with the qualification that 'Maxwell's Equations" are not really Maxwell's at all... just a 'reader's digest' version of the original 20 equations explained in a lower form of math.

In response to Mica - consider the theory of Ed Leedskalnin (Stone Gate aka Coral Castle).  He said that there existed tiny monopoles that were so small that they passed through everything.
These monopoles (he called them 'individual magnets') run against each other in a clockwise motion through a magnet as they race to exit  from their own pole (N or S) and to return to the opposite pole.  Or, in the case of two magnets attracting... the monopoles run to the closest opposite pole.

This is, of course, the way magnets work.  The way his theory is different is that rather than the field being a wave... it is a current of particles.  This of course gives the field mass and enertia and jives with many people - including Tesla - who have stated that the physics of fluid mechanics applies to these fields.

As to the position of magnets and currents, etc. in relation to making power... Leedskalnin's theory is that because the earth is a magnet, these monopoles are running out of the poles and back to the opposite pole.

Of course this is how a compass works... but again, his theory is different in that there are there lines of force running north and south (slightly northeast to southwest actually), and up and down (with the same gradient of strength as any magnetic field from a spere) - AND there are weaker forces of attraction and repulsion as the monopoles interact on their journey to find the opposite pole.

If Leedskalnin was right (he did build Coral Castle, ya know), then we can assume the following:
These monopoles are in motion.  In the northern hemisphere, the 'south poles' run north and 'north poles' run south.
The weaker forces from other monopoles would force them to be spaced n-s-n-s... in all directions until over come by the stronger force.  The stronger force being the poles... this along with enertia explains the shape of the magnetic field.

The attraction to the poles is a force that keeps the monopoles close to the core and moving towards a pole.
The weaker force of other monopoles, working to attract and repel each other all at the same time... combined with the motion towards the poles, must be what causes the clockwise twist as they run "one against the other" as Ed say's.

This is along the lines of what you were saying.  I thought it would be useful to know that the man who left more than rumors and untested claims had stated something very similiar to what you are thinking.

I believe that simply understanding that these monopoles exist... and considering all the forces acting on them naturally - including the force from other magnets like the sun, the moon (it has gravity...), and other planets - one should be able to understand how to manipulate them.
And yes - the mass and enertia is what's missing from accepted theories.  Gravity, electricity, and magnetic force are one in the same.

So what makes the flow act like current?  The concentration of monopoles in the metal? 

Ed said that the harder the metal, the stronger the magnet.  He said it was like water in a pipe connected to a smaller pipe... just like in a dam... 
The answer has to be in treating this natural flow as a fluid.

Am I high?  ;)

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #7 on: February 11, 2006, 03:01:01 AM »
Bingo,Elvis Oswald !

            de Lanca

Offline rensseak

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #8 on: March 08, 2006, 11:26:01 AM »

Hallo Elvis,

You imagines an ether and then it could be like this animation shows.


Offline scotty1

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #9 on: June 22, 2006, 10:40:04 AM »
Hi name is Scott...I have completed all the work of Ed Leedskalnin, from his magnetic currents booklet...Before i started i knew nothing about magnets, like Ed so i thought i'd make a good test case...
I work as an Engineering Patternmaker/ modelmaker in a steel foundry.
So i did everything Ed said to do over 2 years....
I can find no error in the results given by Ed.L....
It appears that the Electromagnet in Ed's notes displays the properties mentioned in this topic....for instance..Ed says that if the Perpetual motion holder's N pole prong is put E and the S pole prong W and the keeper is elevated to a hanging magnet needle with its N pole down, then the hanging needle will be repelled in a North direction.
If the needle's south pole is hanging down and the center of the keeper bar raised up to it then the needle will be repelled South.....The same thing will happen if you place the needle over the center of a current carrying bare wire....
The perpetual motion holder will display this effect indefinately, and show a small current in the coils....It is described as an atom...with a big orbit....
Once the keeper is locked onto the U bar will never come off, and the energy will come out the coils when the keeper bar is pulled off. My mate had his PMH supporting its own weight for 1 year with no power input except a 1 second charge at the start with 12v. Even a laminated transformer core as the keeper will never come off..I held a 25lb weightlifting wieght for over 2 weeks with a 1 second charge from 12v
The 25lb  weight was painted too....i had the weights cast myself in iron and i weighed and painted them.....One of my friends pulled it didn't fall off.
When the N/S pole individual magnets are started in an orbit, they will never stop...until the orbit is broken.....

Offline penguin hood

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #10 on: June 28, 2006, 04:24:50 PM »
After I recently did read this Perpetual Holder replication:
Also I did read the Ed Leedskalnin's magnetic currents booklet

If you ask any electrician what is the device built by you, the
answer will be without doubt: a electromagnet.
However when the coils are disconected, the steel bar should be
released but this happens not.

How you have replicated the Perpetual Motion Holder I have same questions:

-If you take off the steel bar, then it is no longer attraction
between the bar and U shape and you must set the experiment again to
repeat the phenomenon. Right?.

-The phenomenon also occurs using only one coil?

-It is measured AC or DC current?

-Where is connected exactly the ammeter?

-When a many turns coil, as those on the Perpetual Motion Holder, connected
only to a DC source is suddenly disconnected produces a high voltage
peak noticeable by big sparks. The Perpetual Motion Holder not?

Offline hartiberlin

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #11 on: June 28, 2006, 05:46:18 PM »
The effect is probably caused by remanz magnetisation of the core.
When you shut down the coils the remanenz in the cores keeps
the magnetisation flux density of the steel core at the B(remanenz) level,
so the cores and U bars keep sticking to each other.
If you remove then the cores from each other, you induce a voltage spike
into the coils, cause you change the flux density level inside the core,
which will induce a current and voltage spike inside the coils ( dphi/dt ).

This is standard electromagnetism with steel cores,
nothing to wonder about...

Offline penguin hood

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #12 on: June 29, 2006, 03:50:42 PM »
Thanks Stefan, I agree with you that a remanence effect ( explains pretty well all tests on the Perpetual Motion Holder. However the experimenters seem suggest (not explicitly, therefore leaving space for doubt) that when the closed magnetic path is broken (taking off the steel bar) the remanence suddenly disappear.

No one talk about sparks when the coils are disconected.
Perhaps the coils are parallel connected such that the back EMF is cancelled between them still afterward the DC source is disconnected... Or really the induced magnetic field not collapse while the magnetic path is not broken?

How you probably know, the Krepelka website is very influenced by the Ed Leedskalnin ideas. Infact the Leedskalnin's booklet ( suggest rotate a magnet inside the perpetual motion holder to generate electricity. Krepelka's generator is also a magnet (rotor) rotanting inside a core closed (stator) ( I guess the stator of Krepelka is equivalent to Pepetual Motion Holder of Leedskalnin.

I wonder really there is something special about the closed magnetic paths or only it is a misunderstanding of the basic electromagnetism concepts.

I hope Scott would answer us some questions with his replication.

Offline scotty1

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #13 on: September 01, 2006, 05:14:39 AM »
To get more out of the pmh you only need to move some iron near it or just take it for a walk with a meter connected...If you move a magnet near it it is a generator.
When the battery is suddenly disconnected a large spark does jump out...
I have utilised this effect in the following way....
I made a trembler switch that is turned on and off by 1 of the prongs of the pmh..
The switch is on the pos input wire....which then goes to the pmh coils.
The neg input goes straight to the pmh coils..
Now i connect 90v neon bulb to pos side of input and the other leg goes to pos input of a car ignition coil....Neg input is also connected to ignition coil....
Pos output of ignition coil is connected to a small flouro...via 4.7uf 400v cap....
Neg wire from ignition coil goes to a seperate load, or can be connected to flouro on the neg side of the cap.....
Now when the power goes on, in this case 3v @ 500ma, nothing lights up at all because no power can cross the 90v neon bulb, but the pmh becomes a strong electromagnet and thus opens the switch....The high volt spike from the collapsing coils crosses the 90v neon and enters the ignition coil and lights up the flouro...
I also use the pmh to run a motor and the light bulbs do not effect it in any way as they only run on the collapsing spike....The loads run with un terminated ends, or open circuits, but of course can be closed like usual.
I also place ignition coil in front of 1 prong of the pmh....(when not running a motor)
Will make a drawing if anyone is interested.....

Offline Magnetizer

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Re: Marks ring of power ..again
« Reply #14 on: September 01, 2006, 02:29:16 PM »
Hi Scotty1,

this sounds interesting, could you please post a drawing of your experiments ?