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Title: Brushless 4 coil bedini fan
Post by: dklyne on March 26, 2008, 01:49:38 AM
Hello Overunity.  :)

I have researched via youtube among other forums for some good information regarding a fan style bedini energizers that have been built.  I know i've seen the discussion with regard to the number of coil windings and their applicable guage on a 4 coil fan motor, the problem is i don't know how to reproduce that information.  :)  It could have been a youtube video...?

I've researched all of the most pertain ate sites bearden's, bedini's and the wiki's as well as yahoo groups and still i'm unsure of a clear answer to how i should wind my 2 trigger coil poles.

Even the move - "Bedini Monopole Mechanical Oscillator Energizer Presentation" by Rick Friedrich fails to address an approximation of windings and wire guage.  He disassembles one and explains the winding arrangement but gives no specifics.  I feel like i might be missing the obvious somewhere.

I have a smaller motor that could only support 100 windings of 30 guage on the trigger coils and 60 of guage 26 on the power coils.  I guess wondering if i'm completely mad to believe it should operate on two separate but conjoined transistor circuits.

I'm getting a bit lazy here and have decided to just ask for help.  ( not like me )  :P

Title: Re: Brushless 4 coil bedini fan
Post by: ashtweth_nihilisti on April 04, 2008, 05:26:16 PM
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Our replication

Video over view

here is the Schematics